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Digitized manuscript collections

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Digital Islamic Humanities Project. I am grateful to Dagmar Riedel and Maxim Romanov for several of the suggestions on this page, which is a work in progress.

Digital Islamic Humanities Project

If you have suggested resources to add, please feel free to leave a comment below. Textual Databases Al-Warraq: A searchable database of several hundred classical Arabic texts. Al-Maktaba al-Shamela: Homepage for this downloadable library, comprising thousands of Arabic texts. Digital Persian Archive: A database of Persian historical documents from Iran and Central Asia up to the 20th century. Al-Maktaba al-Waqfiyya: Scanned PDFs of Arabic texts.

Multaqa Ahl al-Hadith: Scanned PDFs of Arabic texts. Searchable database of dozens of classical and modern Arabic exegetical texts. Qur’anic Arabic Corpus: An annotated linguistic resource which shows the Arabic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran. Al-Mishkat: Searchable database of classical Arabic texts. Index. Fihrist - Home. Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana. Shii News and Resources » Manuscript and book sites. (Neither the University of Edinburgh or the site author is responsible for these links’ continuing viability.

Shii News and Resources » Manuscript and book sites

Please, however, do inform me if the links fail repeatedly and they will be removed. Suggestions for additional links, and new categories of links, are very much welcome!) Majles Library (Tehran) Free, on-line translations of the Qur’an Encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. (Encyclopedia Iranica, free access) Adventskalender (Türlein XI) - Islamische Handschriften online. Nnähernd vollständig dürfte die folgende Linkliste zu komplett im Netz digital einsehbaren islamischen Handschriften keinesfalls sein.

Adventskalender (Türlein XI) - Islamische Handschriften online

Schon allein Sprachbarrieren sind dafür verantwortlich. Aber ich habe keine andere Linkliste gefunden, die annähernd so umfangreich ist wie die hier Präsentierte (weitergehende Links zu islamischen Handschriften allgemein bietet etwa die kanadische McGill-University, einige Link zu Museen mit islamischer Kunst hier). Man trifft meist nur die "üblichen Verdächtigen", nämlich bekannte und seit Jahren im Netz befindliche Angebote an. Es mag ja sein, dass ich für Islamwissenschaftler Eulen nach Athen trage, aber dann sollen sie doch gefälligst eine Linkliste ins Netz stellen und sei es nur in delicious. Ergänzungen sind also willkommen. Viele der digitalisierten Handschriften bieten sehenswerte Kalligraphie oder Illustrationen, die man genießen kann, auch wenn man keine Silbe Arabisch versteht (wie ich)!

Bei habe ich nichts online gefunden. Tokio, Daiber. British Library Search - مربع. Islamic manuscripts. Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources (AMIR): Alphabetical list of Open Access Islamic Manuscripts Collections. BNCF - Lista completa. Manoscritti islamici digitalizzati Lista completa Collezione Manoscritti islamici La collezione di manoscritti islamici della Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze è costituita da 137 manoscritti in lingua araba e 14 manoscritti in lingua persiana.

BNCF - Lista completa

I 137 manoscritti in lingua araba sono distribuiti nei fondi Magliabechiano, Nazionale, Palatino e Nuove Accessioni. Al fondo Magliabechiano, che costituisce il fondo originario della Biblioteca Nazionale, appartengono 59 codici tra cui quelli provenienti dalla Stamperia Orientale Medicea fondata nel 1584 a Roma dal cardinale Ferdinando de' Medici, e diretta da Giovan Battista Raimondi, allo scopo di pubblicare testi religiosi e scientifici nelle lingue orientali e specialmente in arabo.Di particolare rilievo è il codice magliabechiano Banco Rari. 41, sia per la sua antichità che per la celebrità del calligrafo Yaqut al-Musta'simi (m.

I 14 manoscritti persiani appartengono ai fondi Magliabechiano, Palatino e Nuove Accessioni. Digitized Arabic materials. Endangered Archives Programme: Item Overview. The main goal of this project is to preserve the historical manuscript collection housed at the Al-aqsa Mosque Library in Jerusalem.

Endangered Archives Programme: Item Overview

The Al-aqsa Library located at the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem serves as a primary research center for Islamic studies and as a reference library for scholars and students from Jerusalem and other Palestinian cities. The library’s rare and most valuable collection consists of approximately 2000 manuscripts. The manuscripts were acquired by the Al-aqsa Library from prominent scholars, private collections, and from libraries in Palestine that have ceased to exist.

The materials selected for this project represent 119 manuscript titles in the most immediate need of preservation. Digitisation is planned primarily as a means of preservation in order to create high-quality archival digital copies of the original source materials that are at risk of deterioration. Caro Minasian Collection of Persian and Arabic Manuscripts.