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39 Reasons Studying Abroad In Italy Ruins You For Life. ARCHITECTURE. Architecture & Design. Architecture/Design. Tiny Houses. Traditional building Architecture and Urbanism. Maisons Minimalistes. Arch News. Arquitectura. 20 siècle. Arquitectura. Ref. Architecture sites. Architectural Elements. FLOORPLANS. Renessanssi. Design. 19 Iconic Everyday Objects and Their Amazing Design Stories. 1817 was the year the wellington first made its appearance.

19 Iconic Everyday Objects and Their Amazing Design Stories

At this time men's fashion was going through major changes as gentlemen everywhere discarded their knee breeches in favour of trousers. This however, led to a problem regarding comfortable footwear. Design inspiration. Design inspiration. GRAPHIC DESIGN. Graphic Design resources. GRAPHIC DESIGN. Using Photoshop Features. Tutorials. Editing. Britannia. What have the Romans done for us? Worldwide Design Fest. Petites boîtes et grands studios. Package Design. Package. Infographics. Charts. IDEA, MAGAZINE & BLOG. Inspiration print. Design world and news. Veille GFX. Free image banks. PowerPoint Templates, Transitions & Animations.

Drawing. Drawing Basics. Research Sites. Copyright Patent. Copyright and Fair Use. Florence, Italy. As any other ancient city, Florence has a lot to offer to tourists.

Florence, Italy

However, its distinguishing feature is not presented in architectural elements, but rather in continuous connection with history and culture of the world. First settlements on the shores of Arno River are recorded in 59 B.C. From the XII till XVI centuries the city has been a capital of the independent Republic of Florence. By the XIV century economic development of the region was ahead of almost all other countries in Italy, as well as in Europe. This was also where Italian Renaissance has originated shaping the human culture for future centuries.

Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Machiavelli, and many other great Masters lived and worked in Florence. All Florence attractions are connected to its famous citizens one way or another. The Uffizi Gallery is the largest museum of European art and the most visited museum in Italy. Photo by Dmitry Moiseenko and Stanislav Sedov. IanVisits - London Events Listings Guide. London Reconnections - Covering transport topics in and around London. 101 Things to do in London – The Ultimate Guide – Time Out London. London is a treasure trove of brilliant activities and days out worth boasting about.

101 Things to do in London – The Ultimate Guide – Time Out London

We're completely spoilt for choice with things to do in London, whether you live and work in the capital or you’re planning a holiday, there's loads of ways to fill a free day with fun. We've delved into the depths of secret London, wandered around the top London museums and attractions, and sifted through our London events calendar to bring you 101 of our favourite things to do in the city. Think of this as your definitive check list of the best things to do in the capital from all corners of the tube map - and then get out there and discover the greatest venues, events, views and hidden corners that this incredible city has to offer. Top 10 museums for Tourists visiting London. I am regularly asked to recommend a list of museums for a visitor to visit, so this is another of the myriad of top museum posts that populate the internet, but I am going to say something that very few of them say.

Top 10 museums for Tourists visiting London

Don’t go to the obvious big museums! Not because I am sizeist, but because when you look at the large national museums, almost every capital city has their equivalent. Yes, the exhibits are different, but essentially most National Collections around the world have some Egyptian mummies, some dinosaurs, some roman relics, etc. A visit to the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, the Science Museum, is enjoyable, but they are not the places that a time-pressed tourist should spend time on. Go for the museums that are unlikely to have analogue in your home country. 1) Museum of London You’re in London, so visit the one museum dedicated to the history of the city. You can easily spend half a day here, and still wont have seen everything.

Entry is free. 2) London Transport Museum. Londres - London. Crossrail - Crossrail. Stations. CAMDEN MARKETS LONDON. Museoak- Museum. MUSEUMS WORLDWIDE CLASSIC & MODERN. Venice. Cultural institutions. Wordpress.