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Free Shirt, Vests & Tops Patterns

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Petal Shirt: A Tutorial. Make A Really Quick & Simple Blouse. So I got an email from Jane last week, linking to this top: “The one I tried on was shorter and not sheer.

Make A Really Quick & Simple Blouse

Can you show us how to make it? It looks SO beautiful on and it's a fucking square with a hole in it, that's it. A square folded in half, a neck hole cut out, and two short seams on the sides to hold it in place. 5 Minute Halter Top. Seriously.

5 Minute Halter Top

This is so simple that it may even take you longer to pull out your sewing machine and set up than to actually make this top! How fabulous is that?! We found this idea here, and with the hot weather we've been having around here lately we thought now was the perfect time to whip one up! What You Need: 1 large square scarf (or large square of material, hemmed on all sides)something to tie around your neck (cord, ribbon, necklace...we used a chain to add some sass!) Sew across that edge to form a casing (not sure if the photo shows this very well...). Run your cord/ribbon/necklace through your casing and tie it around your neck. Then tie the corners on the left and right side around your back (if they are not long enough to tie around your back, simply sew on some fabric or ribbon to crate a longer tie).

Ta-da! Circle Knit Shirt Tutorial. Post by Raechel of So.

Circle Knit Shirt Tutorial

Butterfly Sleeve Tunic (For Women & Girls) First of all…….let me tell you a story.

Butterfly Sleeve Tunic (For Women & Girls)

I grew up in AZ. I guess that will stick with me forever because I still really stink at driving on the snow/ice. Here’s what happened to my poor victim of a car this morning. Sad day. I dropped Elli off at school and on my way home on our neighborhood streets, I was turning a corner (driving maybe 10-15 mph) and the icy road totally forced me into the curb. Image from my instagram account Poor car. Onto other things, how about that poll you guys have been voting on? Okay, whew…..onto the real post of the day. Squeezebox Top Tutorial. WOO HOO!

Squeezebox Top Tutorial

Call me a big nerd but my heart's pounding because i'm so excited and honored to be here!!! My name is Sarah and i keep a blog over at Welcome to the gOOd life. it's a diary written by me (and sometimes by my hilarious husband) of the good and the ugly as a wife, a stay at home mom, raising two kids under three-just a year apart, and also my weekly DIY sewing projects. so should we get on to my DIY project? Inspiration: squeezebox top from anthropologie picture from an anthropologie review blog. 49 Free Shirt Patterns. 65 Free Shirt Patterns Posted on | November 11, 2014 | 1 Comment Shirts are much more comp­li­cat­ed to make than skirts.

49 Free Shirt Patterns

Neck­lines need to fit per­fect­ly, sleeves need to be set neat­ly and bod­ic­es need to sit cor­rect­ly. That’s why there aren’t a lot of free shirt pat­terns av­ail­ab­le on the in­ter­net. My two fav­or­ite re­sourc­es for free shirt pat­terns are Bur­da and Week­end De­sign­er. Ladies Year-Round Tops Thirty Minute Kimono Jacket. Scraps - Diagonal Front Vest. GC Home | Register | Shop | Learn | Business | Around Town | Info The two fronts of this vest can be made from scraps.

Scraps - Diagonal Front Vest

Incorporate the fabric from the back into the vest front. It is best to use the Fasturn to turn your tubes, but you can use any method that you prefer. Use your vest pattern that fits you. No need to buy a new pattern. You can use any size tube. I like to make the tubes diagonal. Because the tubes are finished on both sides, you will not have to line the front of the vest. Butt the tubes together and using a decorative stitch that will reach each side of the fabric. stitch. Draped Cardigan / Cárdigan Plisado. When I saw the cardigan Angela had made, I knew that I needed one too.I sewed one inspiring me in her tutorial.

Draped Cardigan / Cárdigan Plisado

I made it ​​the quick and easy way using jersey fabric.All you're gonna need is a sewing machine, jersey fabric, matching thread, pins and scissors. Cuando vi el cárdigan que Angela se había hecho, sabía que queria uno también. Lo cosi inspirando me de su tutorial. Lo hice de una manera rápida y sencilla con tejido de jersey.Todo lo que vas a necesitar es una máquina de coser, tela jersey, hilo, alfileres y tijeras. To start you must follow the first part of Angela's tutorial she explains very well how to cut sleeves.Once the sleeves are made, cut a rectangle in your fabric, mine is 40 "x 48" (but I'm tall). Para empezar debes seguir la primera parte del tutorial de Angela, donde explica muy bien cómo cortar las mangas.Una vez las mangas hechas, cortas un rectángulo en la tela, la mía es de 100cm x 120cm (pero soy alta). Fixed sleeves inside each hole with pins and sew.

DIY Gorgeous Anthropologie Embroidered Cardigan.