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Shirts, Tops, Jackets, Coats Patterns & Tutorials

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BJD Tanktop Tutorial (Size Adaptable) Corset Style Top Tutorial (Size Adaptable) Mock 2-Piece BJD Shirt Tutorial (Size Adaptable) BJD Dress Shirts Tutorial (Size Adaptable) Shirts & Tops Pattern Set 1. Shirts & Tops Pattern Set 2 - Sleeves. BJD Turtleneck Sweater Tutorial (Size Adaptable) BJD Sweater Out Of Legwarmers Tutorial (Size Adaptable)

BJD Doll Hoodies Tutorial (Size Adaptable) BJD Hoodie Tutorial (Size Adaptable) Make A BJD Or Other Doll A Fur-Collared Winter Jacket. Even with a surprise blizzard, you can keep your BJD warm by creating this fur-collared winter jacket.

Make A BJD Or Other Doll A Fur-Collared Winter Jacket

The pattern fits any ball-jointed doll size – just plug in your BJD’s measurements. This is a quick and easy project with few required materials. The jacket can be sewn by hand or by machine. Our FairyLand Minifee Shushu, Isabelle, is modeling the jacket. Materials. Outer Wear Set Of Patterns. Wolf Skin Pattern.