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A Zentangle Spiral Guide

A Zentangle Spiral Guide
If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that spiral strings are my favourite. With a request from Karen Lynn I have put together a guide of tips and ideas. I have found that by dividing the spiral into sections any tangle will fit. Remember to always draw your string with a pencil and keep turning your tile. I hope you have fun with my spiralations.

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LG - A New Pattern! Just in time for Valentine's... Here is a sweet new pattern to use for your Valentine's - and all year 'round - When I completed the step out in my notebook (pictured above) I wrote the words "Love Grows". That made me think of my husband - and since his initials are LGB, I named the pattern LG - for him and for how our love has grown. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this spring! Sometimes the simplest ideas make the prettiest patterns.

Zendala Templates Here are previews of my mandala/Zendala templates; new ones are added at the top.Click one of the images below to download the full-size PDF templates. If you would like some more detailed designs for colouring, check out my colouring book, Geneviève's Mandalas. Template #52 Shading Mini-Clinic – Part 1 Greetings friends, Linda here with another great resource for your drawing skills – everything you want to know about shading your Zentangle® art. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit yourself down for a spell, you’re going to learn some great stuff today. Marizaan van Beek, CZT®, Pretoria, South Africa Part 1 of the TanglePatterns Shading Mini-Clinic two-part series is by guest contributor, former Social Worker and Art Therapist and now Certified Zentangle Teacher Marizaan van Beek of Pretoria, South Africa. Marizaan created the lovely Angel Fish tangle and recently one of her students, Carla du Preez, referred to her as “a master shader” with Carla’s tangle Aura-Leah. I invited Marizaan to share her thoughts on shading with you and she’s done a master-ful job.

Step-by-steps & patterns Examples of this and alternative method here I draw string a lot so it's all over the blog. See also here and here. ("Well" is an official Zentangle pattern - this is just my spin on it) CHEBUCTO tangle instructions In 1749 King George II of England sent ships and settlers across the Atlantic to Chebucto Bay in Nova Scotia, Canada. The name comes from the Mi'kmaq (first nation) Chebooktook or Jipugtug meaning 'big harbour''. Today it's known as Halifax Harbour. While visiting our daughter in Halifax last May we visited a lovely coffee shop on Chebucto Road a few blocks from her home. Of course, it was called Chebucto Coffee. In that coffee shop there was a pattern on the wall, a pattern that I really liked and quickly sketched, but I couldn't get things to line up properly.

A Creative Dream: Do you remember... Hello again Everyone! This post has just taken on such a life of its own thanks to Pinterest! This morning (8/9/13) a reader left a question about what pencils I had used in the comment section below. musixmatch Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you That is how I know you go on. Far across the distance And spaces between us You have come to show you go on Near... Far... Organize Your Patterns I’m the type of person who likes to create systems for doing things, whether it be business procedures or a household-related task like a reusable shopping list template. So I thought I’d share how I organize my tangles and the steps for drawing them in case it’s helpful for fellow Zentangle® Zealots. To start with, I use Moleskine® squared notebooks. The paper is acid-free and nice and smooth for drawing with the Sakura Micron Pens. The squared pages provide light guidelines and these help me get more accurate proportions when I draw.

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COPADA, a new tangle Copada runs along the top of this ZIA tile. I find the onion domes create a lovely echo of the pattern. I've collected quite a number of possible tangle names from those strange 'words' that proved I wasn't a robot, before the 'words' became seriously peculiar. Shading tangle Crescent Moon If you just started to learn how to shade doodles and Zentangle® and need some guidance, this tutorial is for you: learn how to make Crescent Moon tangle look incredibly three-dimensional. Shading Guide By Eni Oken: When you’re done watching the video and wondering how to REALLY do this, get the ebook and learn the EXACT LOCATION of each shading component, for perfect results Get the PDF now – $12.00

Gesso ©2004 - 2006 by Aisling D'Art Gesso is a useful option for art journaling. It's also used for painting and mixed media art. I use gesso often. However, many (perhaps most) artists never use gesso in their journals. By Linda Farmer, CZT The pretty wrought-iron-like Curl is an easy, easy, easy tangle pattern from tangler Lu-Marie Laker of Pretoria, South Africa, and it’s her first on the site. Curl can grow into any shaped section and it’s so much fun to do as you turn your tile looking for where your pen wants to add the next swirl and watching the pattern grow outwards. Lu-Marie writes, My best friend, Lizelle Wheeler, took me to one of Marizaan van Beek’s classes (CZT in Pretoria). That was two years ago.