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So you guys know that I'm a big dork right? Yeah like it's a big secret or something... this chick here (pointing at myself)... she's a DORK!! I was talking with Jeanne the other day.... ok by talking I mean emailing... So you tell me dear readers... is ichatting and emailing talking ... or is talking only on the phone or in person??? OK that was totally not where I was heading with this post... back to me being a dork and talking with Jeanne. Her response: "The vest sounds... interesting. So Jeanne... this one is for you!! Slice your tshirt straight across right under the arm pits (lay flat on a table and cut through both layers). Lay your rectangle of fabric flat and then slice a straight line in the center as shown below... the length will depend on how wide your back is. OK you're done! So the idea for this came from a friends blog post (thanks Vanessa!)... Like this post? Related:  t-shirt

Sweetheart Ballet Tee Tutorial Here’s yet another way to spice up your t-shirts when you get a little bored with the plainness of them all. I did this a few weeks ago to two of my plain tees. I’m threatening to do this on all of the t-shirts I own. Materials: Fitted Tee Sewing Machine Coordinating thread Elastic thread Scissors Magic Erase Fabric Pen (not pictured) Cut the collar off: only cut a little around the back & cut more around the front to make a deeper neckline. Find the center of the front collar. HAND wind your bobbin with elastic thread. Turn your tee inside out and pull on the elastic thread until your shirt is as rouched as you’d like. Trim loose ends after securing the thread in place with a square knot. Dab the front of your shirt with water and a Q-tip to erase the magic marker line. FINI! This tutorial is free for personal use and should not be distributed without my consent.

Upcycle: T-shirts to Summer vest tutorial I love to spice up dresses and jeans with long summer vest. In my last visit to Target I found a few very cool and super cheap items, I already showed you what I did with this dress. So now I wanted to show what I did with two T-shirts, I also used a little piece of lace for the back, but you don’t need to use it if you don’t like lace. I really liked that the T-shirts were very soft and a thin material, thinner than normal cotton T-shirts. Do you like it? This was a very cool and not so complicated project, I recommend you to measure your back because in my case I ended up liking the back a little bit more tight than the full width of the back shirt, that is why I gather the extra material in the lace, as you can see on the pictures of the back, so before you finalize the back try it on and make sure you are comfortable with the width. I love how it looks with a belt on, it’s almost like a very thin cardigan =] * This tutorial is provided for personal, non-commercial use only.

DIY - Husbands Large T-shirt to fitted I have been married for four years, all of which my husband has been a coach for the Eagles. I will embarrassingly admit that I do not own one single Eagles T-shirt. Why? Honestly I'm not really sure other than the fact I have no idea where to find a cute one, and the ones my hubby brings home are all larges. For the game against Camden Fairview I borrowed my future sister in law's beautiful cute shirt, which obviously wasn't an option to wear the next consecutive day (for clear reasons that it's just tacky and I'll admit I was going to try and pull it off but I'm pretty sure Baby Dotson did a drooling number on it). So what am I supposed to do? I began researching "no-sew" fitted t-shirts and didn't like all the fringe exposed on the sides or how tacky they made the necklines. Hence the DIY project came into action. This project took maybe about an hour total (but once you do it once I have a feeling it wouldn't take that long in the future) and cost me an old t-shirt = FREE. First side

Simple Bow Tie Top I'm so happy about how this turned out. This is one of those projects that's been on my to do list forever and now that I finally got it done, I wish I had done it a long time ago. This is such a simple project. One of the easiest I've ever made. Materials: 5/6 + yard knit & 1/3 yard silk, cotton, etc. My knit is 60" wide and my dusty pink silk (faux) is 45" wide. Your fabric doesn't have to be exactly as wide as mine, just keep in mind that if you buy a fabric that is less wide you may need to purchase more to compensate. Cut two large squares to the dimensions of 30" x 30" If you bought 5/6 yd of 60" fabric all you have to do is cut along the fold line. **Edit- 30" length gives you a long top. Make a casing at the top of each square. Sew down with a zig zag stitch (so it can stretch). Start working on your sash. I made a mistake when I made my sash and cut where I shouldn't have. Cut right down the middle of your fabric so that you have two 45" by 6" strips. Cut off extra fabric Voila.

How to Make a Lace–Up "Corset" T–Shirt: 11 steps Edit Article Edited by Puddy, Lillian May, Caroline Ashley Kershaw, Grandpa_129 and 7 others Want to wear a sexy corset but low on cash? Well you're in luck because this will teach you how to make your own corset out of a regular T-shirt. Ad Steps 1 Align the underarms of the smaller shirt with the larger shirt and trace the outline with chalk or a pen, depending on the color of the larger shirt.Ad 2 Remove the smaller shirt and pin the front and back of the larger shirt together (it doesn't matter where you place the pins). 10 Thread the loose end of the strip in a zigzag through the shirt's "corset hooks."

T-Shirt Weaving DIY I wanted to share real quick how to weave a t-shirt like I did for my entry for last weeks Project Run and Play. (And, just so you don’t think I forgot, I’m getting the tutorial/pattern for the jacked from week 1 done for posting soon too :). This is a very simple technique that can be done all over a t-shirt. I did it down the front, but you could do this on the sleeves, down the sides, down the back…..lots of creative possibilities. Grab your scissors and a t-shirt (or some kind of knit shirt) you want to weave. Fold it over where you want the opening to be. Then cut in on the fold as little or long as you desire. Unfold it. Then pull on each of the cut pieces so the fabric curls up. Now begin the weaving process. and pull it under the first cut strip (the very top one). Then grab the third strip down…… and pull it under the second strip (which at this point is on the top from being pulled under already). Cut it in half and knot it onto the the other cut pieces. And there you have it!

DIY: The Grunge Corset T-shirt PS1: Let me know what you think! PS2: If you need any gift inspiration for Christmas, check my post about Christmas Gift Ideas! Tuto taille ajustable sur sarouel. - Le blog de fanfan 30 juillet 2009 4 30 /07 /juillet /2009 08:00 Comme promis ici, un petit tuto pour vous montrer comment je m'y suis prise pour faire la taille ajustable de mon sarouel papillon. Et pour cela, j'ai fait un autre sarouel, orange (tissus IKEA), encore plus classsssse ! Notez que ce système ajustable est valable pour n'importe quelle jupe ou pantalon. Alors, d'abord il faut modifier le patron réalisé avec les instructions de PDC : Personnellement, je fais un demi patron et je plie mon tissus en quatre. Je replie pour garder cette partie au cas où j'en aurais quand même besoin pour un autre sarouel... Ensuite il ne me reste plus qu'à tracer sur mon tissus puis à découper. Puis je couds l'entrejambe en premier Et les côtés jusqu'à la hauteur des hanches : Des hanches jusqu'à la taille je fais un ourlet pour séparer le devant du dos. Je positionne deux rectangles d'un autre tissus (mais on peut prendre le même si on veut) entre le devant et le dos. Et j'épingle le tout.