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Robotics & Artificial Inteligence

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Robotics. BioDigital Human. Magazine  Bionics. Giza 3D Experience - Dassault Systèmes. Autonomous quadrocopters fly in 20-strong formation. The nanobot quadrocopters at the University of Pennsylvania's General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (Grasp) laboratory continue to go from strength to terrifying strength.

Autonomous quadrocopters fly in 20-strong formation

We've seen the autonomous vehicles flip, roll and even zip through tight windows with impeccable grace. We've seen them sport a pincer-like claw for picking up a payload. If the object is too heavy, multiple machines can work together to offset the weight. The autonomous micro-helicopters are also adept architects, and can work together to construct complex towers. "We tell the quadrotors what structure to build and they figure out the assembly plan and then build it," said team member, Daniel Mellinger. In their latest performance, Grasp engineers show how massive groups of quadrocopters can work together in large formations.

Cybernetics Bionics Robotics. AI. Recycled Amusement: A Ugandan Playground of Water Bottles - Cities. Ugandan eco-artist Ruganzu Bruno Tusingwire doesn’t play around when it comes to play.

Recycled Amusement: A Ugandan Playground of Water Bottles - Cities

The winner of TED’s first City 2.0 Award for 2012, a prize designed to encourage innovation in cities, is using part of his $10,000-prize to construct an amusement park for kids in Kampala’s slums built from thousands of reused plastic water bottles. Marine Drone. Swimming With the Trash: A Marine Drone Seeks to Scoop up Plastic - Environment. While there's been plenty of media pointing out or raising awareness about the disaster submerged right beneath sea level— the mountain-sized patch of plastic and other garbage that's been collecting in oceans around the world, particularly in the Pacific—there's less attention to some of the solutions that are currently in the works.

Swimming With the Trash: A Marine Drone Seeks to Scoop up Plastic - Environment

Part of the reason is that the problem seems so huge (indeed, it's beyond the point of return) and so distant that it's not necessarily the easiest to conceive of steps to take action against. Yet a crew of big-thinking designers has a concept for a trash-skimming and sensor-equipped "marine drone" that could detect trash in the ocean and scoop it into its net to be recycled. The drone is designed to navigate the ocean for two weeks at a time and would use an infrasound system to keep fish at bay. Think of a pool net that swims underneath the ocean by itself.

Welcome to the Official Jetlev-Flyer Website. Augmented Reality Project. Video: The Closest Robotic Legs Have Ever Gotten to Mimicking Human Gait. Histoire de la robotique. Artificial General Intelligence in Second Life  Virtual worlds are the golden path to achieving Artificial General Intelligence and positive Singularity, Dr Ben Goertzel’s, CEO of Novamente LLC and author of “The Hidden Pattern: A Patternist Philosophy of Mind” explained in his presentation “Artificial General Intelligence in Virtual Worlds” given at the Singularity Summit 2007 earlier this month.

Artificial General Intelligence in Second Life 

According to Goertzel, Singularity is no longer a far future idea. Histoire de la robotique. Intelligent Machines. Ai Research - Creating a new form of life. M-TRAN(Modular Transformer)MTRAN. Veille robot. Microsoft. C'est LA grande annonce d'hier (même si on s'y attendait depuis longtemps) : Microsoft entre dans le monde de la robotique. Avec un message clair : imposer des standards logiciels qui serviront à propulser les robots, qu'il s'agisse de machines commerciales, industrielles ou produites par des passionnés. Robot trajectory (8D_track) Robots Are Stealing Our Jobs. UPDATE: Thanks for the link, Glenn.

Robots Are Stealing Our Jobs

I provide some background on Pistono’s views here, comparing them with some things Walter Russel Mead has written recently about the future of employment. This week we revisit a topic that we have discussed before — the role that automation is playing in transforming our economy and, in particular, changing the employment landscape. Our guest is here to tell us that most analysis on this subject doesn’t go nearly far enough, that technology is on the verge of creating what can only be described as an employment crisis, and that — in fact — robots are about to steal most of our jobs. About Our Guest: Federico Pistono is a scientific educator, social activist, computer scientist, blogger, media expert, and aspiring filmmaker. He writes on a variety of topics including science, technology, Internet communities and social media, artificial intelligence, and climate change. Morphex : un robot sphérique qui se déplace comme un crabe.

Singularity-Emergence A.I. Photos et vidéos aériennes en toute liberté ! Spectrum: Robotics. Recycled Art: Amazing robots made from trash. Anthropo- morphisme. Au sens usuel et étroit, le terme « anthropomorphisme » définit le procédé erroné et illégitime par lequel une pensée insuffisamment critique attribue à des objets situés hors du domaine humain – objets naturels ou objets divins – des prédicats empruntés à la détermination du domaine humain, à des fins explicatives ou simplement représentatives.

anthropo- morphisme

Concept essentiellement critique, sa fonction est de dénoncer une erreur d'un type particulier, sorte de vice inhérent à la nature humaine, propension de l'homme à se représenter sous forme humaine tout ce qui n'est pas lui, soit comme effet d'une simple projection, soit sous une forme conceptuellement élaborée et presque doctrinale. Dans un sens large et moins usité, pris à la lettre de son étymologie, ce terme peut désigner l'acte de doter quelque chose de la forme humaine : créer de toutes pièces un objet ayant forme humaine au sens plastique du terme, ou revêtir un objet déjà existant de forme ou d'attributs humains. Robotics. Robotics, IA and Informatics.

Designing a Dumb Flying Robot That Can Safely Crash Is Easier and Cheaper. Human Ethics, Robotics Laws. Robotics. Robotics. Robotics. Robot blogs. Robotics/Electronics. X-ROBOTICS ······ Robotica & µControladores PIC ······ Robots will quickly recognize and respond to human gestures, with new algorithms. New intelligent algorithms could help robots to quickly recognize and respond to human gestures.

Robots will quickly recognize and respond to human gestures, with new algorithms

ROS gmapping. Robotics Zeitgeist « Artificial Intelligence and Robotics blog. The Robotics Institute. RIA - Robotics Online - Your #1 Online Resource for Industrial Robotics - Powered by Robotic Industries Association. Robotics News & Articles. Robótica. Crean un robot que aprende a hablar como un bebé. Projects. The Personal Robots Group focuses on developing the principles, techniques, and technologies for personal robots.


Cynthia and her students have developed numerous robotic creatures ranging from robotic flower gardens, to embedding robotic technologies into familiar everyday artifacts (e.g., clothing, lamps, desktop computers), to creating highly expressive humanoids --- including the well-known social robot, Leonardo. Ongoing research includes the development of socially intelligent robot partners that interact with humans in human-centric terms, work with humans as peers, and learn from people as an apprentice. Other projects have explored how HRI can be applied to enhance human behavior as applied to motor learning and cognitive performance.

More recent work investigates the impact of long-term HRI applied to communication, quality of life, health, and educational goals. For a list of current projects, click here. Someday, This Robot Will Run Faster Than Us All. DRONES. Mind-controlled robot arms show promise. Using a robot arm, 'Cathy' was able to lift a bottle for the first time in 15 years.

Mind-controlled robot arms show promise

Two people who are unable to move their limbs have been able to guide a robot arm to reach and grasp objects using only their brain activity, a paper in Nature reports today1. The study participants — known as Cathy and Bob — had had strokes that damaged their brain stems and left them with tetraplegia and unable to speak. Neurosurgeons implanted tiny recording devices containing almost 100 hair-thin electrodes in the motor cortex of their brains, to record the neuronal signals associated with intention to move. Open Source Robotics Foundation. Robotique. AI. Artificial Intelligence. Consciousness Bilinç. Cybernetics Bionics Robotics.

Artificial Intelligence. Inteligencia Artificial. Intelligence Artificielle. Artificial Intelligence + Science. AI. AI. Artificial Intelligence. ROBOTICS. Self replicating machines and other manufacturing revolutions. Thinking Machine 4. Thinking Machine 4 explores the invisible, elusive nature of thought.

Thinking Machine 4

Play chess against a transparent intelligence, its evolving thought process visible on the board before you. The artwork is an artificial intelligence program, ready to play chess with the viewer. If the viewer confronts the program, the computer's thought process is sketched on screen as it plays. A map is created from the traces of literally thousands of possible futures as the program tries to decide its best move. Those traces become a key to the invisible lines of force in the game as well as a window into the spirit of a thinking machine. Play the game. Image Gallery View a range of still images taken from Thinking Machine 4. About the work More information about the project and answers to common questions.

Robot Skin Can Feel Touch, Sense Chemicals, and Soak Up Solar Power. When you meet your robot overlord, it may be wearing super-intelligent skin designed by a Stanford researcher--a solar-powered, super-sensitive, chemical-sampling covering that makes your meatbag covering look pathetic. Zhenan Bao is behind the advances, and the recent development centers on a stretchable solar cell system that can expand and shrink along two different axes, making it perfect for incorporation into artificial skin for robots, human prosthetic limbs, or even clothing. Histoire de la robotique. Stich.It - Turning the Web into Stiches! Could We Transport Our Consciousness Into Robots? En video: científicos rusos desarrollan un robot inmortal. DARPA Cheetah Sets Speed Record for Legged Robots.