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Techniques | Design Modelling with Jude Pullen. Some tips I found useful below. Please get in touch if you would like to share any of your own tips. Card Techniques 90 Degree Joint, Curved Joint, Concave/Convex Joint, etc. Plastic Techniques Sanding & Finishing, Assembly tips, Creating a Bend etc. Foam Techniques Cutting, Gluing and Filling, etc. Basic Electronics Servo Modification, Soldering & PCB Modification Tricks of the Trade Creating Accurate Folds, Hack Saw Vs Razor Saw, etc. Beta-Techniques Working with new materials – more techniques to come! InteractiveObjects. The Fun Theory. Medical device design and engineering. Medical Product Design - Medical Product Design | Bresslergroup. Founded in 1970 as Designs for Medicine, the company's first product was the Stand-Up Wheelchair. Since then, the medical product design team at Bresslergroup has designed and engineered hundreds of medical products ranging from surgical instruments, drug delivery devices, home health and rehabilitation devices, to complex medical systems.

Leaders of our medical product design and development staff include: Dave Schiff, Director of Research and Development, has 26 years of mechanical innovation in medical product design and development under his belt. He has led product development on projects including arthroscopic instruments, bioabsorbable tacking device, needleless injectors, TA and GIA surgical staplers, automated blood glucose monitor, Lasik® microkeratome, inhalers, and other platforms for medical drug delivery. Dave makes sure Bresslergroup is using the latest tools for technical innovation, and he helps oversee Bresslergroup's engineering discipline.Keith S. Table Top Medical Device - Dennisur Design. Work | Bridge Design Inc. Circle – A Caregiver App Accelerate Diagnostics ID/AST System iQue Screener IRay® AMD Radiotherapy Interface EcoClinix – Sustainable Wireless 2-in-1 Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope C-DiGit Chemiluminescent Western Blot Scanner IRay® AMD Radiotherapy Device Alair Bronchial Thermoplasty Handle ARX-01 Nanotab PCA Device UI FreeStyle InsuLinx Glucose Meter UI FreeStyle InsuLinx Glucose Meter Optimus ICU Monitor Glucose Sensor Serter Cleo 90 Infusion Set Stork Portable Ultrasound System Concept CADD-Solis Ambulatory Infusion Pump Gripper Vascular Access Device Twist Eyedrop Dispenser Solar Powered Battery Recharger For The Developing World Cozmo Insulin Pump.

Industrial designer portfolio | pq design studio | Italy. Kablooe – Industrial Design, Medical Device Design, Product Development, Prototyping, Engineering, Product Design. Kablooe – Industrial Design, Medical Device Design, Product Development, Prototyping, Engineering, Product Design. Gadgetsin. We Build the Parts, You Build the Product. Dezeen - architecture and design magazine. Octo Magazine. Design. PHILIPPE STARCK NETWORK. Phillips-Medisize Corporation - Injection Molding & Contract Manufacturing of Metal & Plastic. Official Site of Raymond Loewy. Daniel Simon - Car Designer Daniel Simon's Work. Art. Lebedev Studio. 4-iD Design Network, based in Barcelona. Why Design – Herman Miller.

ReBang weblog. Embody 3D - Industrial Design Blog. CLDesigns | Creative Design Studio. Shipulski On Design. The Leader in Online Consumer Insights Communities. Safe Browsing Tool | WOT (Web of Trust) Enviu - We start world changing companies. THEINSPIRATION.COM l THIS IS WH▲T INSPIRES US. 15 Lesssons From Emotion Design Experience Dynamics Web Seminar. Innovation: What are the best new products that people don't know about.

Beautiful And Original Product Designs. Advertisement Successful product design manages to reveal useful functionality beyond its appealing form. No matter how excellent a design looks like, most customers aren’t likely to spend money on something they won’t be able to use. On the other hand, most people are likely to buy something useful despite the design it has. Yet the key to a truly successful product design lies in designer’s ability to combine both beautiful design and functionality making it obvious to the customers how the product can be used and which benefits it delivers. However, one can combine the beauty of design with the utility it is supposed to provide. Most products fail to pass this test and never reach the production stage; some products do manage to get to the stores.

You may want to take a look at our related posts Way Out Fridge Magnet Way Out Fridge Magnet Way Out magnet is an original imitation of the standard exit sign illustrating a run to the fridge for a midnight snack. Bracelet Watch Made in China. Dezeen - architecture and design magazine. Nest | The Learning Thermostat | Home. Recycline. Home. Vitsœ | Home. Co.Design: business + innovation + design. Innovative or just plain wacky? Strangest inventions of 2011. Over here at SmartPlanet, we throw around the word "innovation" a lot. That's because on any given day, you're likely to find a chock full of news and analysis of cutting-edge technologies such as LED lighting, solar energy and robotics. But what about some of the more off-beat ideas that, while not having the same degree of widespread application, still makes somebody's life smarter, more efficient or simply enjoyable?

Surely an argument can be made for a commercial Jetpack having as much of an impact for someone than the latest electric car. For instance, there's something to the fact that the fundraising website Kickstarter has become a popular starting point for indie inventors to bring their ideas to market through "crowdfunding. " Evidently, even some of the wackiest inventions have a niche, so long as a small, but fervent following exists. Here are some of the weirdest inventions this year that made headlines this year: The flyboard jetpack. The Gurinal. Urinal video games. Creative Ideas & Inspiration. Dry Erase White Board Paint for Offices, School and Home | IdeaPaint.

Buy Now We exist for one simple reason: to fundamentally improve the way people work. IdeaPaint was born from this very notion, a frustration with the way ideas were shared and coworkers collaborated. How can you think big when you write small? How can you harness the collective intelligence when it's awkward to share what's inside your own head? How can you think on your feet when you're sitting on your hands? We could see the writing on the wall. Exploration leads to discovery. IdeaPaint is proven on the walls of the world's most innovative and successful companies. IdeaPaint is more than a tool. Leave your mark™ Order a sample Link to product pages Book a presentation to learn more. Create an Impossible Object Optical Illusion – ForCG.

Power of Research - the free science online game. Designer Edge Image of the Day - 2-8-13. TREND BLAST latest trends, designs, cool products and travel ideas. IDEA 2009 Winners - Slide Shows. Treadway-portable transportation device. 12 Tech Trends That Will Define 2012, Selected By Frog’s Design Minds. According to the Mayan calendar, 2012 will spell the end of the world. But while the Internet is playing host to various survival strategies, we at frog are thinking of other things that will shape culture this year. We surveyed frogs from across the globe and across disciplines to share their favorite tech trends that’ll crop up this year and what their impact would be on design, business, entertainment, and our daily routines.

Without a doubt, this is shaping up to be a year of hyper-connected, highly personal, ultrasmart computing that, well, might just skip the computer altogether. Here, our tech forecasters, drawing from their expertise in everything from strategy to engineering, make their predictions for 2012. Among them: moving beyond the computer interface toward voice and gesture recognition, building more intimacy into social networks, and the continued exploration of biomimicry. Connected Cities Chief Creative Officer Mark Rolston Taking Computers Out of Computing Biomimicry. Demystifying Usability : The Science of Fun: How Fun Helps Improve Your Design. Fun is important to design usability (Monk et al 2002; Overbeeke et. al. 2002; Hazzenzahl and Burmester 2001). Fun activates several important cognitive processes, known for centuries from games we have created and played. Think of a fun game you lasted played...These same processes make fun an important design usability tool.

First, fun loosens structured cognition making it easier to learn. Fun engages whole-brain learning by engaging our right-brain processes (in the right prefrontal cortex). Second fun triggers feel-good brain chemicals (endorphins, dopamine, seratonin) and activates positive and relaxed emotions. Lastly, fun allows exploration without fear of failure or frustration that comes with making errors or perceived errors. Video: How Fun Can Change People's Decisions Source: Overbeeke et. al. 1. 3 Common Enemies of Fun in Design 1. 2. 3. Best Wishes, Frank Spillers MS Want more? The Schiller Lab at MIT. Little Printer – Now Available to Pre-order! | BERG Cloud. It’s been an amazing few months in the studio. Since we made the announcement last November, Little Printer has received loads of attention.

The introductory video received half a million views in the first five days alone. Over 60,000 of you signed up to hear news, and we’re very happy to be able to bring you some. For eight months we’ve been getting a mirror finish on the plastic, folding steel, fixing radio interference bugs (there are some war stories there), designing characters, creating beautiful packaging, making the best possible API for developers, getting set up with credit cards… and today, finally, we’re manufacturing. Which means: Little Printer can now be pre-ordered from the BERG Cloud shop! Features: Subscribe to publications like news headlines, puzzles, and your friends’ birthdays from publishers including foursquare, Google, and the GuardianReceive printed, direct messages from your friends via Little PrinterAnd a new one! Read more about Little Printer’s features here. Usability Methods. Open Planet Ideas. PrEmo - measuring product emotions.

Engineer Vs. Designer - product design insight. Mine Kafon. Product. DING3000 - PRODUCT DESIGN. Electric Motor Bike, Electric Power Bike, Electric Bicycle and E-Bike. Flying Motorcycle Switchblade Green Flying Machine Samson Motorworks ... HumanCar® Inc. 2011 Imagine PS PHEV. BMW StreetCarver - high speed, high thrill, high cost skateboard. It looks like a skateboard but feels more like a snowboard. It costs between three and four times more than the previously most expensive skateboard.It is much larger than it looks, and it's heaps of fun. It is the BMW Streetcarver and it's one of the more bizarre brand extensions to come from the automotive segment in recent years, (see also the Chrysler Razor Concept Car and the Ford Tonka Truck) particularly given that the skateboard fraternity is hardcore, hard baked, irreverent and the $1295 price of the StreetCarver is a lot of money in any language.

But the StreetCarver is not a normal skateboard. With the sport of snowboarding gaining instant legitimacy thanks to the winter Olympics, BMW's StreetCarver is reaching the market at exactly the right time. Though it gets its edge in a different way to a snowboard, it sweeps and carves in exactly the same way, and is an absolute hoot to ride. View all What's required is the equivalent of a bitumen ski slope, long and wide. HIGEN Motors. New Stuff, Gadgets Boys Stuff Big Boys Toys, Gifts For Birthday, New Gadgets, Weird Ideas, gifts for men, Mens Gifts & Mens Toys. Design Process Guide | PHD, Inc. Slide Show: The Neural Control of Vision L-21. Home - Gadgeteer.

Trends in Interior Design – Ames Depth Perception Optical Illusion. The "Ames" Optical Illusion: In the late forties, visual researcher Adelbert Ames Jr. designed a series of visual illusions to demonstrate how the mind forms hypotheses about reality and depth. In one such illusion, Ames tested aspects of depth perception in a specially designed, distorted room. He constructed a trapezoidal room for the observer to view by gazing through a peephole.

In reality, one corner of the room is farther from the observer than the other corner. But when viewed from a particular angle, the room appears normal. If a man would stand in the far corner and a small boy in the near corner, the boy appears larger than the man because of the distorted perspective. Although the observer knows that adults are usually bigger than children, he still experiences the illusion!

Above:The Ames Optical Illusion Room (Pretty Cool, Even With The 70's Outfits!) You Can Find More Unusual Optical Illusions Here: Just For Fun. Olloclip 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens. Tech gadgets from around the world. ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses. Ivan Poupyrev, Lumen. Lumen (photograph by Makoto Fujii, courtesy of AXIS Magazine) Lumen: a Shape Changing Display Motivation.Lumen overview.Interaction.Construction.Future.Publications.

Motivation. What would happen if physical objects around us are enabled to transform their shapes? What kind of interactions and applications would become possible for the devices that dynamically deform and change their physical appearance in response to the user actions? In Lumen project, we are creating and investigating an interactive device that can dynamically change its shape to communicate information to the users. Lumen overview. Conceptually we are investigating interfaces that can be generalized as an extension of traditional 2D bit-mapped RGB displays.

The Lumen, is an implementation of such RGBH display: it’s a low-resolution (13 by 13 pixel) bitmap display where each pixel can also physically move up and down. Interaction. Dynamic physical shapes add another interactive dimension to flat 2D images. Construction. Wiki Q&A; combined with free online dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedias.

DRAWTHROUGH: the personal and professional work of Scott Robertson. Switching Without Wires - Advanced IT Wi-Fi Networking Tools. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a powerful tool with built-in tests enabling you to characterize the integrity and performance of your Wi-Fi network. You can easily gain visibility into your network with this application, which is designed to run on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 laptops. Simple tool for monitoring Wi-Fi networks Runs on Windows 7, Vista or XP Free of charge and easy to install software Real-time monitoring of wireless network status, traffic and clients Detect Rogue APs Ensure high performance of your network Reduced IT burden with easy to use troubleshooting tools Enhance security by eliminating rogue APs Provide peak Wi-Fi network performance.

11 Tricks For Battling Creative Blocks, From Leading Creatives. It’s one of the most dreaded moments in the life of a creative person. The muse packs her bags, walks out the door, and doesn’t leave word as to when she’ll come back. Many of us, myself included, sink into a deep, dark despair filled with doubt and worry. Does she just need a weekend away, or has she gone on a round-the-world cruise? Hell, was she ever there in the first place, or have you been deluding yourself in thinking that you were actually talented. The easy thing to do, especially when a deadline is looming, is to lose perspective. The harder but much more productive mindset is to realize that you--and virtually everyone you respect and admire--have overcome blocks in the past.

You might even say that it’s part of the process. Here are some more suggestions for sparking inspiration, ranging from checking into a fancy hotel to just checking out. 1. --Aaron Koblin, digital-media artist They say an elephant never forgets. Your notebook is feeling thin? 2. --Sean Freeman, illustrator. 10 (More) Amazing Videos About the Creative Process. - What is SkyLifter?

Industrial Design Sketching and Drawing Video Tutorials. 3D Production design. Super Powers!