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A Lot Of Brazil: Product - Tatu Chair. This piece was created for this new industrial concept of the Brazilian design, that unifies the production capacity of Brazil, to new materials and design with international characteristics.

A Lot Of Brazil: Product - Tatu Chair

Jean-Sébastien Lagrange rolls parchment into a lampshade. Paris designer Jean-Sébastien Lagrange has collaborated with bookbinder Anne-Lise Courchay to create a lamp rolled from a single sheet of a folded parchment.

Jean-Sébastien Lagrange rolls parchment into a lampshade

The Topaze lamp is made of a single sheet of folded parchment, intricately creased and then rolled into a cone. "When Anne-Lise Courchay showed me the parchment, I wanted to find new ways of using and transforming it," Lagrange told Dezeen. "She told me that she had never tried to fold it. In my opinion, it was an interesting thing to do in terms of structure, pattern and light diffusion. " Parchment is made from animal skin, usually calfskin, goatskin or – as in this case – skeepskin, and was historically used for writing on. Design. Flip Panel Door. This radical redesign of a door by Austrian artist Klemens Torggler uses a folding and pivoting system to collapse and roll to one side.

Flip Panel Door

Instead of a single panel attached to a frame by two hinges, Torggler's Evolution Door folds into four triangular sections that collapse in on themselves and turn round before straightening back up into a rectangle.Two halves of the door are attached by pivots at the bottom and top of the frame and a hinge in the middle. By gently pulling at the joint that connects the two middle panels together, the door folds and slides across the entrance. Torggler calls the system Drehplattentür, which translates as the "flip panel door". Leibal Blog. About the Author – Leo Lei My two passions in life are entrepreneurship and design.

Leibal Blog

I started Leibal as a hobby while I was still studying in college, and it has transformed into a business I could have never imagined. Within design, I love all things minimal. Our focus is to promote as many designers to as many people as possible. Leibal Blog. Posted on April 1st, 2013 by Leo Lei Name: Naica Lamp Designer: Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri Location: London, England.

Leibal Blog

Leibal Blog. Posted on March 24th, 2013 by Kyle Troutman Name: Hood Designer: ateljé Lyktan Location: Sweden ateljé Lyktan is a Swedish company that designs and manufactures innovative indoor and outdoor lighting pieces.

Leibal Blog

Their designs incorporate the latest technologies and work well in residential and commercial spaces. Leibal Blog. Posted on March 9th, 2013 by Leo Lei Name: Frame Seat Designer: Florian Hauswirth.

Leibal Blog

Make it Pop: Suite of 3D-Illusion Rugs Really Stands Out. The traditional and familiar form of the rug takes an unexpected turn in the hands of designers Dimitri Bähler, Linn Kandel and Ismaël Studer.

Make it Pop: Suite of 3D-Illusion Rugs Really Stands Out

The suite of rugs features an illusory three dimensional appearance thanks to their fringes. Adjustable Highchair Grows With Kids from Infant to Tween. Buying stuff for a new baby is one of the most exciting moments of life, but that excitement quickly turns to disbelief when you realize just how much stuff they need and just how quickly they outgrow everything.

Adjustable Highchair Grows With Kids from Infant to Tween

The Froc chair is meant to grow with your child, giving you one less thing that needs to be replaced every few months. The Froc is so adjustable that it can grow with your child from the ages of six months to approximately 10 years. For babies, the Froc is a high chair with a safety seat belt. As the child gets bigger, the seat, footrest and back rest all change positions to accommodate the growing bundle of joy. Because kids love to do things that they probably shouldn’t, the Froc is stable enough to stay upright even when it’s being climbed on. Intuitive Height-Adjustable Cork Stool is a Real Screw-Up. Sitting in a chair that is set to the wrong height can result in back problems and a lot of annoying discomfort.

Intuitive Height-Adjustable Cork Stool is a Real Screw-Up

Although many chairs can be adjusted up or down depending on the length of your legs, none of them do it with the same flawless style as the SCRW Stool. SCRW was conceived by German designer Manuel Welsky especially for people who want a simpler, more intuitive way to change their sitting altitude. The seat of the stool is made of cork and it features channels on the side into which the tubular steel frame fits. Because the mechanism for raising and lowering the seat is non-mechanical and features no moving parts (other than the seat itself) there is a very low risk for breaking or misuse. In fact, the concept is so simple that even a child could figure out how to make the seat taller or shorter. My Writing Desk. Posted on February 4th, 2013 by Leo Lei Name: My Writing Desk Designer: etc. etc. Location: Lithuania My Writing Desk is a minimal desk designed by Lithuania based designers etc. etc..

This is a writing desk designed to reduce the difficulties of working in a mess. Swell Benches and Stools by Rachel Griffin. Instead of moulding, cutting and gluing blocks of foam then sewing fabric on top, Rachel Griffin is upholstering in reverse, using a fabric "bowl", filling it with foam and dipping the frame in it. Swell combines several steps of furniture production into one by using the fabric and frame as the original mould for the foam. "Produced upside-down, the fabric (moulded felt) is used as a bowl into which liquid polyurethane foam is poured, while an elm wood frame is suspended directly above in a jig. The foam slowly expands, rising out of the felt and through the form of the frame, binding the two parts together. " Via Architonic. Spatz Brick Furniture by Fx Balléry. French designer Fx Balléry has created a series of tables and a coat hanger that use bricks as ballast.

(Click the images below for full sized images) Called Spatz, the brick, steel and wood furniture was designed for Brique it! , a Particule 14 collective show held in September 2012 at Lieu du Design during Paris Design Week. Says Balléry, Spatz are "three mutant trowels which evolve, grow, change. Designline Office - Feel: Ergos, Nomos und Dynamis. Purist Chair by Elisa Honkanen. The distilled essence of the Windsor chair, in wood and neoprene, Purist Chair by Elisa Honkanen consists of four wooden bars, a plywood panel, two screws and neoprene cord.

(Click the images below for full sized images) Says Honkanen, "I've been a fan of Angelo Mangiarotti's Eccentrico table for a long long time, and I wanted to see if it is possible to make a chair with the same concept (= using gravity joints). " "So the plywood board that forms the seat has four inclined holes for the wooden bars which create legs and support for the backrest. To stabilize the structure is enough to have two screws that'll fix the lateral wooden bars to each-other and neoprene cord to unite the whole structure. " "Form language recalls old Windsor chairs, being an extremely reduced version of its 'ancestors' (that's why the name Purist). " It's Too Bad This Insanely Light Dining Table Is Also Insanely Expensive. Innerlight. Posted on September 26th, 2012 by Kyle Troutman Name: Innerlight Designer: Simon Pengelly Location: Veneto, Italy Since its founding in 1981, Foscarini has been an influential design innovator of high-end lighting products.

Foscarini has collaborated with up-and-coming and established designers, including: Marc Sadler, Rodolfo Dordoni, Ferruccio Laviani, Luca Nichetto and Ionna Vautrin. Innerlight, designed by Simon Pengelly, is not your average wall lamp.