The missing link of the modern dissociated mind

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The Spiritual /Ecological"New Age" Imposture. Are we entering a new age of ignorance? » Change Factory. In an age where data is available at the click of a mouse to 1.6 billion internet users (at last count) it seems to me we are becoming more ignorant rather than more enlightened.

Are we entering a new age of ignorance? » Change Factory

The sources of information we are exposed to, either inadvertently or through a deliberate act on our part, are increasingly uncontrolled. For example, blogs are increasing at about 100,000 per day. Email spam is an ever-growing menace in two ways. It clogs up the email boxes and junk folders of the aware and tricks the unaware. Anyone with an opinion can offer and publish that opinion, as I am doing here, as long as they do not break the laws of the country in which they broadcast. Information we receive has been further and further chunked down to suit the instantaneous nature of the modern official and unofficial news cycles. Our evening news is chunked, supposedly, so that we can understand complex information. Reality television has transformed the way people are entertained.

Dying Cherry (in a cold, cold world) Internet and collective intelligence criticism! Internet and collective intelligence criticism! Jorgen Leth - The Perfect Human (1967) George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice. L'«infamille» cherche à renouer le lien. Slavoj Žižek interview on NiteBeat. Why Too Much Data Disables Your Decision Making. Quick, think back to a major decision.

Why Too Much Data Disables Your Decision Making

You know, the kind that compelled you to read everything on a topic and lead you to spend hours devouring every last scrap of data. How'd that work out for you? We like to think that more information drives smarter decisions; that the more details we absorb, the better off we'll be. It's why we subscribe to Google Alerts, cling to our iPhone, and fire up our TweetDeck. Knowledge, we're told, is power. That's the question raised by Princeton and Stanford University psychologists in a fascinating study titled On the Pursuit and Misuse of Useless Information. Their experiment was simple. Imagine that you are a loan officer at a bank reviewing the mortgage application of a recent college graduate with a stable, well-paying job and a solid credit history.

Group 2 saw the same paragraph with one crucial difference. Here's where the study gets clever. The result? To say the findings are surprising is to state the obvious. Remember Seinfeld and Friends?

The spiritual link and the sacred space

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  1. sibelada Apr 20 2013
    Aucune culture ne peut être acquise sans la lecture d'oeuvres écrites et les surfeurs compulsifs et autres spiritualeux du web qui croient dur comme fer aux délires de paradigmes magico-méssianiques saupoudrés d'écologie de bon ton feraient mieux de ne pas s'attarder sur mes perles qui s'éloignent des pensées spirituellement correctes de l'époque. S'ouvrir au monde est impossible sans avoir assis son identité psychique, familiale et culturelle. Ectoplasmes de la pensée, allez donc hanter d'autres écrans!