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Where to download Chinese subtitles for movies | Learn Chinese Blog | Learn to speak Chinese Recently, when I was surfing around on some Chinese learning websites, I noticed that some people were looking for a place where they can download Chinese subtitles for movies. And Since watching movies is one of great ways to learn Chinese, I’d like to share some resources today, hope it would be something helpful for those who want to learn Chinese by watching movies or for those just want it for entertainment. The website I’d like to introduce is called 射手网, it’s personal-owned website and has tons of subtitles from way back, probably any movie you can think of. You can download Chinese subtitles for Chinese or English movies, or English subtitles for Chinese or English movies. Where to download Chinese subtitles for movies | Learn Chinese Blog | Learn to speak Chinese
学汉语 | Study Forever, Never Say Never 学汉语 | Study Forever, Never Say Never 士隐听得明白,心下犹豫,意欲问他们来历。只听道人说道: “你我不必同行,就此分手,各干营生去罢。三劫后,我在北邙山等你,会齐了同往太虚幻境销号。”
Chinese This course is designed to give a practical command of spoken Standard Chinese. Nine situational modules form the core of the course. Each core module consists of tapes, a student textbook, and a workbook. In addition to the core modules, there is a resource module and eight optional modules. Here is the outline of the course.



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慢速中文 Slow Chinese Level: 2A 课文 Text 环保征文第一名 现在人们越来越重视环境保护,那么怎么做才是真正的保护环境呢? 在一次关于环境保护的征文活动中,因为奖金特别高,所以参加的人非常多。 慢速中文 Slow Chinese
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If you cut 行 (xíng to walk) vertically through the middle, the left side is 彳 (chì), representing a step forward with the left foot; and the right side is 亍 (chù), representing a step forward with the right foot. Does the character for street, 街 (jiē), make more sense to you now? We’ve talked about the “person” word radical 亻 (rén). Learn Chinese Weekly Learn Chinese Weekly
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Thanks to Susan recommendation, I do find ECpod an interesting FREE website ( that could assist me to learn Mandarin. ECpod stands for "English Chinese Podcast". It is unique in that all their video clips are contributed by members (but vetted before posting) and hence encourages a vast variety of people to teach one another their native language via different teaching styles/methods. Self Study Mandarin Self Study Mandarin
鼠标悬停可以看词的英语和拼音;点击中文词可以看词的详细中文和英文数据。 Mouse over to see English and pinyin for a Chinese word. Click the word to see full details in Chinese and English. 目录 Contents 导言 Introduction Chinese Notes — Grammar 中文笔记 - 语法 Chinese Notes — Grammar 中文笔记 - 语法
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Chinese Language Blog | my chinese notebook . . . You use these websites all the time, but do you know how they are called in Chinese language? Here are the Chinese names of some popular websites: 谷歌(Gǔgē): Google Chinese Language Blog | my chinese notebook . . .
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Learn Chinese Online, How to Learn Chinese, with Audio and Video Chinese Podcast, HSK Chinese Test practice The Chinese language has become increasingly popular all over the world. There are hundreds of Universities abroad offering Oriental studies degrees. And perhaps thousands of Chinese language courses all over the world. Learn Chinese Online, How to Learn Chinese, with Audio and Video Chinese Podcast, HSK Chinese Test practice
(Displaying 1 - 10 of 60 lessons) *Basic Language: A Hello-Goodbye Chinese Rap 0/0+ This text provides terms for greeting, leave-taking, thanking, and apologizing in the form of a rap. *Basic Language: Asking and Answering Questions 0/0+ This text is a straightforward dialogue from a beginning Chinese textbook. ReadChinese! ReadChinese!
Chinese Language | Mandarin Chinese | Chinese Learning Free lessons, articles, materials, techniques for learning Chinese language on speaking, listening, reading and writing. All free! Chinese Pinyin & Pronunciation Techniques and knowledge of Chinese pronunciation, Chinese pinyin.
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Chinese Lessons Chinese is the official language of over 1,1 billion people and, as a mother tongue, it is the most spoken language in the world. With regard to its classification, it is considered an isolated language, though it is the most important one within the Sino-Tibetan superfamily. Chinese is the language of the Han people, the majority ethnic group of China. Learn Chinese - Grammar and Vocabulary
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Links to some of our favorite sites: Omniglot Writing systems and languages of the world. China Job Line China's best new job portal Zhongwen Red - Free Online Mandarin Chinese Lessons
A lively introduction to Mandarin Chinese in 10 short parts with video clips from the Real Chinese TV series. Topics: Each topic contains: a slideshow with the key language tips on pronunciation and grammar cultural notes a challenge videoclips from Real Chinese (broadband, UK only) a shorter videoclip from Real Chinese for narrowband or non-UK users Languages - Real Chinese
Learn Chinese Online | Chinese Lesson Online | Mandarin Chinese Lesson About Our Progressive Chinese Course is an online course in Mandarin Chinese for absolute beginners to intermediate students. Our Mandarin Chinese course uses a progressive immersion technique that is unlike any other course out there.
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Thanks mnstrmdvncs. I checked and liked your suggestion. I am pearling it now. by syednaqvi Feb 15