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Has the War for Talent Been Won? The current employment landscape is candidate led.

Has the War for Talent Been Won?

Top applicants have a greater choice of employment opportunities, and they can afford to be more selective with prospective employers Company reviews are readily available and reputations can have an effect on the number of applications a position receives. Interview experiences are shared through word of mouth, creating a positive or negative profile for a company.

And job adverts need to effectively attract the right talent. With candidates spending on average 14.6 seconds reading job requirements and 60% of candidates quitting a job application because it has taken too long, the war on talent has made way for a candidate coup. Read on to find out: Why Market Research Operations is a good career option. » Boyce Recruitment. People don’t always know about a career in Market Research, but it is not only a rewarding career choice but also a vibrant and continually evolving industry.

Why Market Research Operations is a good career option. » Boyce Recruitment

When you think of a career in Market Research what do you think off??? Data Analyst, Research Executive, Analysis, Report writing and Insight??? Correct!!! However, Market Research Agencies and Client side Research teams would not be able to produce the quality insights for clients that they do without a dedicated and highly skilled, driven operations team behind them. A career in market research operations can give you a fast paced and rewarding career, whilst still being involved with data and client communication. Do you possess the following skills and attributes? Lack of basic skills holding young Brits back from securing jobs. Young people are holding themselves back from getting work, as many apply for jobs without having any basic skills in English or maths, the Prime Minister claims.

Lack of basic skills holding young Brits back from securing jobs

According to, David Cameron says young people leave school or college too early, before they’ve picked up the skills needed to apply for jobs. This means that although there are plenty of vacancies, they are struggling to be filled because not enough people have the skills required.

Computers and Software

Unemployment rate continues to drop. New figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show more good news for UK jobseekers, as unemployment fell in the fourth quarter of last year by 125,000 compared to the third quarter.

Unemployment rate continues to drop

According to, the decline means that in December, just 2.34 million people were out of work in the UK. Now, the unemployment rate sits at 7.2 per cent. Wages also rose in the year to December 2013 by 1.1 per cent. However, it should be noted that inflation rose by 1.9 per cent over the same period, meaning average earning increases still aren’t matching cost of living rises. At the end of 2013, 72.1 per cent of the population was employed, an increase from 0.6 per cent compared to December 2012. There was good news for women too, as 67.2 per cent of the female population were in work in December. Broadcast Jobs, Digital New Media & TV Jobs, Media Sales Jobs – Boyce Recruitment.

With over 10 years Industry experience, we work across a broad spectrum of positions within Broadcast and have in depth knowledge and expertise within our 5 core brands: Broadcast, Post Production/Service Providers, Advertising/Creative Agencies, Digital and Home Entertainment.

Broadcast Jobs, Digital New Media & TV Jobs, Media Sales Jobs – Boyce Recruitment

In addition Boyce Recruitment has been supplying Multi-Lingual staff for over 26 years, and we are pleased to provide our clients with Language solutions across our 5 core areas: Broadcast Programme Planning, Presentation Scheduling, Acquisitions, Distribution, Broadcast Operations, Client Servicing/Technical Delivery, Media Planning, Commercial Operations, Programme Operations, Compliance, Viewing/Editing, Audience Research, Sales and Marketing, On-Air Creative, Post Production, Production and all aspects of Content Delivery for Linear and Non-Linear platforms. Post Production/Service Providers Advertising/Creative Agencies Home Entertainment Non-Linear/Digital.

Language Recruitment – Bilingual & Multilingual Jobs in London from Boyce Recruitment. We were the first multilingual recruitment specialist and realised very quickly that understanding how the international arena works and how businesses communicate across a broad range of territories is fundamental to a business' success.

Language Recruitment – Bilingual & Multilingual Jobs in London from Boyce Recruitment

Nowadays our multilingual expertise is effective across all sectors and we work on an extremely varied range of roles within a diverse range of industries including Translation/ localisation HR Relocation/ mobility Proofreading Broadcast Customer services Sales Marketing Research Project management and admin support If you are looking to recruit a multilingual specialist or want to find a role using your linguistic skills then email Browse All Multilingual Language Jobs.

Specific Job Ads

Market Research Jobs & Recruitment – Boyce Recruitment London. Boyce market research & insight division offers a specialist recruitment service for agency, consultancy and client-side roles.

Market Research Jobs & Recruitment – Boyce Recruitment London

We have established an unrivalled reputation for excellence in our selection and have placed numerous candidates with some of the leading brands and names within the industry. We are really enthusiastic about each sector we recruit in, having direct experience in most cases. The range of clients we work with is dynamic and includes international market research groups and information providers, as well as boutique consultancies. The team also work with media owners, financial institutions and FMCG businesses. We are actively increasing our candidate base to include an increasing number of digital / social and media analysis applicants, in response to the demand for candidates with digital research skills.

It goes without saying that we are very proud of the 'thank you' notes and recommendations we receive from candidates and clients. Careers in Estate Agents. Are you looking to start a new career in Estate Agency?

Careers in Estate Agents

Find out how Darien joined the Industry. My names Darien Neavin, and I have written a few other blogs for Fishneedwater. I am currently the only apprentice at Fishneedwater. I work full time and I feel I play quite a big role in the everyday running on the business. Most of my friends are in college and have embarked on A level’s in subjects they generally enjoyed in school. I was aware of apprenticeships whilst at school and firstly left school to be on a scholarship/apprenticeship scheme for Charlton Athletic Football Club.

Due to a mixture of reasons I chose to quit professional football and do something I felt I’d enjoy. London proves popular choice for job searches. London is one of the top locations that people search for jobs in, according to

London proves popular choice for job searches

A report by digital marketing agency Greenlight found that London and Glasgow were the top locations within the UK. The term ‘jobs in London’ accounted for two per cent of the job searches that consumers make for specific locations. reports that the results of the study are similar to the figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Those figures showed a fall in unemployment in the UK by 4,000 in the quarter from April to June. Kevin Green, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation CEO said that the data from the ONS proves that the UK was starting to head in the right direction. He also pointed out that “the skills, experience or confidence to take advantage of those opportunities” was a concern for people who had been unemployed, potentially pushing them towards looking for apprenticeships rather than jobs.