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ELL Beginners Jobs & Careers Project With Hand-Out & Videos. My ELL Beginners class is finishing up our unit and jobs and careers with a simple research project on careers of their choice.

ELL Beginners Jobs & Careers Project With Hand-Out & Videos

They write three simple essays about three jobs of interest using this downloadable essay frame and then pick one to use Adobe Spark (which is on The “All-Time” Best 2.0 Tools For Beginning English Language Learners list) and create a video like this one: You can see more videos at our class blog. There are some obvious errors that students will fix later this week, as well as making comments on their classmates’ videos. I’ve got to say that Adobe Spark is just about the easiest and most versatile Web 2.0 tool out there. It’s great for speaking practice, and students love showing their videos in class. Related "SuperTeacherTools" Is An Excellent Site For ELL Beginners To Create & Play Games I've been doing a series of posts this week about tools my English Language Beginners have been using to create online content. January 27, 2017 In "learning games"

So, You Want to be a Graphic Designer? Do you want to be a graphic designer?

So, You Want to be a Graphic Designer?

Designing images can be quite the rewarding career, as it gives you a chance to flex those creative muscles and make something you can show off to the world. Of course, it’s not a job you can just jump into, and you need some training and skills in order to actually be successful. You also need some tools. Every graphics designer has their kit of things they need to be successful at work. Whether it’s their phone, computer, or software, there are a few things they all require. Via TheNewMedia Click to Enlarge. CristinaSkyBox: Future Careers. As many of my students take exams, I wonder how they will have the confidence they need for their future studies and careers.

CristinaSkyBox: Future Careers

At the age of 18, I myself could not really foresee the future nor what I really wanted to do or spend the rest of my life doing. At 18, time is so endless. At 18, I had other more interesting things on my mind - not how I wanted to work for the rest of my life. Today, the concept of a job for life is quickly vanishing, and so too, is having only one skill or job option.

Becoming a digital nomad may not necessarily be an option everyone aspires to. One possible idea is to present students with an infographic such as the one below and develop an activity which meets the language needs/interests of the students: After discussions, either in small groups or whole group, students could then create their own infographic to share. Besides, students always enjoy talking about themselves. What is the Best Type of Career for Your Personality? Different people are meant for different jobs.

What is the Best Type of Career for Your Personality?

Your personality type can actually lead you to the perfect career. Of course, not everyone knows their exact personality type, which means that finding the career type that is right for them could be difficult. Are you a leader? Are you a helper? Are you good at convincing people of something? But don’t worry, because just answering the questions on the infographic below will help guide you to the type of career that you’ve always wanted. Via Truity. Students tell us their plans for the future. New english file beginner 3. People in the street Basic, practical ESL Video 3 7 great for large classes of English ) ESL Lab (LAB) - Wake Technical Community College. Do you work?

ESL Lab (LAB) - Wake Technical Community College

Do you like your job a lot, or is there a “dream job” out there you would really like to have? This would be your ideal job, the best or most perfect job for you. Click this link to work with a list of vocabulary of different jobs, and choose from the activities in the drop-down menu where it says “Things you can do with this word list”: This is a short list, and there are lots of other jobs you might want to have. My two favorites aren’t on the list: teacher and artist! Here are some interesting questions for practicing conversation about jobs and work. What’s your ideal job? Is it typical for men and women to have the same jobs in your country? Real English® 24b - Subtitled" Job" for beginners - CC Double. Real English® 24a Subtitled - "What do you do for a living?" Job - CC-Double. 5 Years Ago These Hot Job Titles Didn't Even Exist. 10 Job Titles That Didn't Exist 5 Years Ago. Just over five years ago, the world didn’t know what an iOS developer was.

10 Job Titles That Didn't Exist 5 Years Ago

Social media intern? You mean one can get a job browsing social media? That term probably wasn’t even uttered until late 2008. What about a Cloud services specialist? Does that have something to do with weather? Over the last five years, the booming tech industry introduced many new popular job titles, creating tens of thousands of jobs in the process. English Bites Working life (describing a job) Occupations - Picture Vocabulary Review. Talking about Your Job in English.mp4.