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The World Economic Forum. GLF - Application. Application To apply for the GLF programme, you need to apply for an open position at the Forum that is marked “Global Leadership Fellow” under the job category.

GLF - Application

As well as filling in the online application form, you will be asked to submit a CV and three references. 2. Global Leadership Fellows. Leaders of the future will have to face ever increasing volatility, complexity and interconnectivity.

Global Leadership Fellows

We believe that the world needs agile, visionary leaders who are willing and able to serve the public interest and improve the state of the world. a structured academic curriculum delivered by top universities intensive on-the-job learning unrivalled access to the world’s foremost leaders an extensive coaching and mentoring programme. Expertise. Sustainable urban mobility. Harmful emissions, accidents and endless traffic jams: There are clear signs that the classic focus of many cities on more road infrastructure and an acceleration of car traffic is no longer viable.

Expertise. Sustainable urban mobility

On behalf of the German Federal Government and other commissioning parties, GIZ is therefore supporting its partners in developing solutions for sustainable urban mobility. The work follows the guidelines of the Avoid, Shift, Improve approach: Avoid the need to travel, Shift to more environmentally friendly modes of transport, and Improve the efficiency of transport systems. This approach has now been taken up by experts and policymakers worldwide. Contact. Expertise. Transport and mobility. Blogs.iadb. Participating States. Emplois et stages - Représentation en France de la Commission européenne. Guide de recrutement pour les postes civils de l'ONU (Secrétariat et OMP) Jobs - Application and Selection Process. The application period for the 2015 World Bank Group Analyst Program is now closed.

Jobs - Application and Selection Process

You may be considered for up to two of the specialty areas listed below. To apply, click on the relevant link, then you will be prompted to log into the Member Center or create a new account. Please fill in all fields, answer the screening questions, attach your resume or CV and submit your Statement of Interest (no more than 700 words). Click here for general application instructions. UNDP Jobs. Governance and Peacebuilding More countries than ever before are working to build democratic governance.


Their challenge is to develop institutions and processes that are more responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens, including the poor. ​Using open tools to create the digital map of Cairo’s public transit. Follow the authors, Tatiana (@tatipq) and Diego (@canaless) on Twitter The first step in any transit planning process involves understanding the current supply and demand of transit services.

​Using open tools to create the digital map of Cairo’s public transit

In most of the countries where we work, understanding the supply of services is a messy, costly and lengthy process, since most cities have little knowledge of bus routes, services and operational schemes. Having a digital map (GIS) and General Transit Feed Specifications (GTFS) details of a network allows a transit agency to do better service planning and monitoring, as well as provide information to its users. A traditional GIS software approach often requires a team of consultants and months of work. Last month, however, we were presented with the challenge to use innovative tools do the same work in less than two weeks. Chief Executive Officer. Chief Executive OfficerTransLinkVancouver, British Columbia, Canada Delivering a world class transportation system, TransLink is committed to excellence as Metro Vancouver’s transportation authority.Of the world’s major cities, only Vancouver, London and Paris have managed to integrate public transit and road planning under one central authority with its own stream of revenue.

Chief Executive Officer

With a combined workforce of over 6,700 employees and $8.1 billion in assets ($2.4 billion that TransLink manages and are leased from the Province of BC), the new CEO of TransLink will lead a complex organization responsible for the planning, funding, building and operation of an integrated transportation system for the movement of people and goods in Metro Vancouver. Jobs. Transport. Powering Social Enterprise. UITP - Advancing Public Transport. UITP - Advancing Public Transport. Women at the wheel, the danger is real? Para leer en español, haz click aquí By Luz Caballero* The sentence has rhythm, but it is not true.

Women at the wheel, the danger is real?

Road accidents are the leading cause of deaths not related to health in the world. 1.24 million of people die annually in traffic accidents. Around 46% of them are known as vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclist and motorcyclists. Driving a Global Shift to Sustainable Transportation. Sustainable transportation solutions are critical – and beginning to happen.

Driving a Global Shift to Sustainable Transportation

By Michael Replogle and Colin Hughes (In collaboration with the Worldwatch Institute) Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the commitments to sustainable transportation were some of the greatest achievements of June’s Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD). National Urban Transport Policy: Enabling More Sustainable Development in a Changing World. National transport policy and financing can have many effects on urban transport and sustainability.

National Urban Transport Policy: Enabling More Sustainable Development in a Changing World

How can these best advance sustainable development goals? How could global support for national sustainable transport policies and financing facilities enhance achievement of sustainable development goals? National urban transport policy can be crucial in helping cities develop effective institutions and financial capacity to deliver efficient and more sustainable transport. Some nations have adopted strong urban transport policies, with regulations linked to funding for urban projects and programs.

Some provide cities with little transportation funding but offer cities authority to address urban transport. International Monetary Fund Home Page. World Trade Organization - Home page. ITC. Careers. WB Jobs. WB-Jobs. A Wealth of Experience for a World of Change. Summer Internship Program. Jobs - JRC Science Hub. The JRC offers an enriching multi-cultural and multi-lingual work environment with lifelong learning and professional development opportunities.

Opportunities exist in both the research and administrative fields offering the chance to work at the cutting edge of scientific and technological developments in support of EU policy. While the JRC’s recruitment efforts focus predominantly on researchers linked to the main activities of the organisation, opportunities do exist for others in occupational fields such as secretarial, financial, legal, HR, communication, information technology, safety, site service and maintenance functions.

This list is not exhaustive. Discover more about the various permanent and temporary positions available at the JRC. Join/Update Consultant Roster. Employee-facing registry content. Current Opportunities. Current Opportunities To begin your search, select a location, job stream or job number. Click on the Title of the position you are interested in to view the vacancy information.

When you are ready to begin the application process, click "Apply Online". European Affairs Recruitment Specialists (EARS), BrusselsHOME - European Affairs Recruitment Specialists (EARS), Brussels. 4,000 EU-Related OrganisationsHave an Office in Brussels Historically, some characteristics of the EU affairs marketplace have made it a difficult arena for recruiters to access. This could be due to the perceived preference of employers to recruit via the ‘word of mouth’ approach, not surprising in the village-size EU bubble. Having discussed the challenging hiring issues experienced in this market, we identified the need for a dedicated service; bringing objectivity, qualified assessment, directly approached candidates and the elimination of potential conflicts of interest. Main Services Search and selection. - Jobs, Internships, Scholarships, Volunteering. Careers. WBG eConsultant2.