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7 becas increíbles que te ofrece el gobierno mexicano y tú ni las pelas. La Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, por medio de la Agencia Mexicana de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AMEXCID), pone a nuestra disposición becas para estudiar cursos, talleres, posgrados y capacitaciones en más de 50 países.

7 becas increíbles que te ofrece el gobierno mexicano y tú ni las pelas

Nos estamos perdiendo de una muy buena oportunidad. Hay muchos lugares disponibles y que quedan sin ocuparse. Sólo es cosa de revisar periódicamente las convocatorias, ver los países disponibles y hacer la solicitud Suiza Es una de las opciones más exigentes y la que menos lugares disponibles tiene. Sí está limitada, pero es increíble lo que puedes lograr explorando otras tierras. Nueva Zelanda Si buscas un posgrado, certificarlo o una maestría, Nueva Zelanda tiene una buena oferta para ti. Quebec Quebec tiene actualmente dos convocatorias de becas abiertas, sin embargo, esta vale mucho la pena. Estados Unidos Egipto Más detalles aquí.

EMJMD Catalogue. Below are listed all the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs) that will be offering EU-funded scholarships for courses taking place in the academic year 2018-2019.

EMJMD Catalogue

Most consortia will require applications to be submitted between October and January, for courses starting the following academic year. Students at Master level can apply to a maximum of three different programmes. Both, students and potential scholars/guest lecturers should contact the relevant institution for more information on courses and application procedures. Institute of International Education. Orange Tulip Scholarship Mexico — Estudia en Holanda. Convocatorias Fondos Sectoriales Constituidos. Index. Study in Romanian - Learn & Live Freely. International students willing to study in Romania can apply either to the Ministry of Education and Research or to the chosen Romanian university, in order to receive the Letter of Acceptance.

Study in Romanian - Learn & Live Freely

The following application papers are requested: 1. Application form; pdf version [download]; on-line version 2. Untitled. Engineer a better world in Kenya!


Untitled. Québec en tête. Ten Ways to Get Paid for Traveling to Germany. Become an Au Pair Travel plus children plus a host family to help you through the culture shock and the paperwork?

Ten Ways to Get Paid for Traveling to Germany

Yes please! The perks of coming to Germany as an au pair are many fold, not the least of which are that you will get to learn about German culture as a tourist and as the member of a German family. If you’re lucky, your host family just might take you on vacation with them too. Read the first-hand stories of people who have come to Germany as au pairs here and here. Global Competitiveness Leadership Program. Georgetown University’s Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL) is a one-of-a-kind program dedicated to promoting a new generation of socially responsible, innovative and ethical leaders in the Ibero-American region.

Global Competitiveness Leadership Program

The GCL Program awards young leaders with a full scholarship to participate in a 10-week program at Georgetown University where they learn about political, corporate, nonprofit and personal leadership. In addition, an important component that sets apart the GCL Program is that participants develop a high impact project while at Georgetown to be carried out in their home countries. These projects promote the program’s focus on action and aim to produce a multiplier effect to expand the reach of the GCL program throughout the region. Becas. Scholarships. Scholarship Database.

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IELTS. Tips for Successful Scholarship Applications. General Advice | Writing a Financial Need StatementResume Tips | Writing the Scholarship Essay | Additional Scholarships General Advice Plan ahead.

Tips for Successful Scholarship Applications

Keep a calendar of deadlines for scholarships. FUNDACION BECA. Erasmus Mundus. Crisis and Security Management, Introduction ~ Masters in Leiden. Security is one of the most important responsibilities of a state.

Crisis and Security Management, Introduction ~ Masters in Leiden

In recent years, however, the capacity of national governments to protect citizens and to secure critical infrastructures has come under pressure. Providing security is one of the most important responsibilities of a state. In recent years, however, the capacity of national governments to protect citizens and to secure critical infrastructures has come under pressure. Serious incidents such as terrorist attacks, urban riots, disasters, political scandals and industrial accidents do not occur frequently. Fondo Panamericano Leo S. Rowe. Becas. Cada año el Secretario General de la OEA publica una Propuesta de Programa Presupuesto para el siguiente año calendario.


La Asamblea General de la OEA se reúne en Sesión Extraordinaria y aprueba el Programa Presupuesto. Encuentre aquí esos documentos desde 1998 a 2013. Cada año en abril la Junta de Auditores Externos publica un informe con los resultados financieros del año anterior. Encuentre aquí los informes de los años 1996-2013. Aproximadamente seis semanas después del final de cada trimestre, la OEA publica un Informe Trimestral sobre Gestión de Recursos y Desempeño, que desde 2013 incluye informes sobre resultados programáticos. Study Across the Pond in Latin America. Impressive job interview questions - Business Insider.

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Inglaterra. Genevadiplomacy. Diplomatic Academy Vienna - Home. Vive México... Becas Culturales Internacionales. “Hotline Working and Living in Germany” The “Hotline Working and Living in Germany” allows you to ask more detailed questions related to your personal situation, going beyond the information that is available from other sources.

“Hotline Working and Living in Germany”

It is your main information hotline, and is operated jointly by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and the Federal Employment Agency (BA). Both the BAMF and the BA attach great importance to protecting the privacy and personal rights of each individual. Please note the following: When you call the hotline, your case is assigned to one of four categories and will be handled by either the BAMF or the BA, whichever is more appropriate: