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Four Assistant Professors in Human Geography and Spatial Planning. The Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning has developed the challenging research programme ‘Urban Futures: Transitions towards Economic and Social Sustainable Cities’. Four Assistant Professors in Human Geography and Spatial Planning. MWH Global - Belgium - MWH Global - Belgium. Impostos. Portugal é um paraíso fiscal para reformados estrangeiros. O regime dos residentes não habituais foi aprovado em 2009 e, desde então, um número cada vez maior de estrangeiros escolhe Portugal para viver.

Impostos. Portugal é um paraíso fiscal para reformados estrangeiros

Esta escolha acontece porque consideram ser o país ideal para investir e fixar residência. Mas para isto muito tem contribuído um desagravamento fiscal considerável atribuído a estrangeiros. De acordo com os dados de 2014, da Secretaria de Estado dos Assuntos Fiscais, 1014 pessoas estavam inscritas como residentes não habituais e existiam 433 processos em análise. A verdade é que o número de estrangeiros em Portugal continua a aumentar porque se sentem atraídos também pelos ‘Vistos Gold’. A verdade é que, por exemplo, no caso dos pensionistas, a isenção de impostos sobre as pensões que o governo português concede, durante dez anos, aos reformados estrangeiros, faz com que o número aumente de ano para ano. Novo “paraíso fiscal” Mas quem pensa que Portugal é caso único neste sentido, desengane-se. Job search. Keep L Train Passengers Moving With Great BRT. Claiming street space for full-fledged BRT can help L train riders weather the impending Canarsie Tube closure and meet the long-term transit needs of northern Brooklyn better than a waterfront streetcar.

Keep L Train Passengers Moving With Great BRT

Click to enlarge. Map: Sahra Mirbabaee/BRT Planning International The news that Sandy-related repairs will require closing one or both directions of the L train under the East River (the “Canarsie Tube”) for one to three years has understandably caused panic among the estimated 230,000 daily passengers who rely on it. Businesses in Williamsburg that count on customers from Manhattan are also concerned about a significant downturn in sales.

When the Canarsie Tube was shut down on weekends only last spring, it was bad enough for their bottom line, and this will be much worse. Fixing the Canarsie Tube is imperative, but it doesn’t have to result in a massive disruption that threatens people’s livelihoods. The Inadequacy of Current Proposals What Should We Do Instead? Bas van Heur. Bas van Heur is professor of human geography and director of the Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research within the Department of Geography.

Bas van Heur

He is also director of the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies, a university-wide centre for urban research that brings together research groups from various disciplines. His main research interest is in the politics of urban development and the analysis of urban development strategies and their effects. Theoretically, this has led to contributions on cultural (political) economy and regulation theory, urban laboratories and experimentation, innovation and the knowledge economy. Empirically, most of his work to date is situated within one of two areas: (i) research on the cultural and creative industries and urban cultural policy; and (ii) research on university-city relations and the role of higher education in urban and regional development.

Current teaching. Urban Solutions. Career Support workshops : Deputy Country Director ToR 040515. Program Manager. Job Description Program Manager Yangon, Myanmar * * * THE APPLICATION DEADLINE is July 17 * * * In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, Asia plays a crucial global role.

Program Manager

Would you be excited at the prospect of employing your knowledge and skills to improve lives, expand opportunities, and help societies flourish across this dynamic region? You could have this opportunity at The Asia Foundation. The Asia Foundation’s Myanmar Office in Yangon is seeking a Program Manager for a multi-year program to provide strategic support to state and region governments, the building blocks for Myanmar’s ongoing decentralization reforms. The ideal candidate is a proactive person with strong technical experience in public financial management who can connect with the broader political economy of a country undergoing rapid transition like Myanmar.

Why work at The Asia Foundation in Myanmar? The Foundation offers excellent benefits and salary commensurate with experience. About the Organization. Cities Development Initiative For Asia. Cities Development Initiative For Asia. Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) - Pasig - Organisation. ToR_Supporting-cities-to-address-institutional-bottlenecks-for-inclusive...1.pdf. Myanmar. The elections in November 2010 and the adoption of a new constitution have fundamentally changed Myanmar’s political system.


Since March 2011 Myanmar has again officially had a civilian government, which after years of political and economic isolation has introduced initial reforms towards democratisation and opening up the economy. In light of these reform efforts, the European Union has lifted the sanctions on Myanmar, with the exception of the arms embargo and the embargo on equipment that could be used for internal repression. This has enabled Germany to resume its involvement after suspending activities for nearly twenty years.

During a visit to Myanmar in February 2012 German Federal Minister Niebel announced that German development cooperation will be further expanded in the priority area of sustainable economic development. GIZ’s activities are focusing on the following areas: Promoting vocational training Strengthening the private sector Developing the financial sector. Jobs for Internationals. Technical Specialists - various disciplines. Job Description The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) is currently seeking CVs from experienced international development professionals in a variety of technical areas for potential upcoming projects and/or consultancies in Central America, particularly in the Northern Triangle.

Technical Specialists - various disciplines

Job Locations: Various within Central America. Advisors for Environmental and Disaster-related Programs. Job Description Seeking Advisors for Environmental and Disaster-related Programs The Asia Foundation –a nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia – is developing a roster of mid-level and senior technical advisors for short- to medium-term assignments to support existing as well as newly developed programs in a broad range of topic areas in one or more of the 18 Asian countries where the Foundation operates.

Advisors for Environmental and Disaster-related Programs

We are looking for talented individuals with whom we can develop a close working relationships for recurring assignments for years to come. The Foundation’s principle environment program areas include: natural resources management, climate change adaptation, urban environmental issues, disaster risk management, and green growth.