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How to Quit Your Job and Finally Pursue Your Passion. Doing what you have to do and doing what you love to do, for most people, are two conflicting pulls.

How to Quit Your Job and Finally Pursue Your Passion

If you don’t do what you have to do, you won’t make enough money to get along. But when you can’t do what you love, it’s easy to get discouraged. What if there was a better way — a way that you could merge your passion and your profession into one? By leaving my job to become a full-time writer at MakeUseOf, this is exactly what I recently did. I want to share my story so that you, too, may be able to take this exciting step.

How I Found My Passion The last thing I thought I’d become in school was a writer. I didn’t have the best elementary English classes, so I always dreaded writing papers. Fast-forward to early 2014, when I was a sophomore in college. The only question was what to write about. Hilariously, my laptop’s hard drive died the moment I sat down to write the article, but I didn’t let that get in my way. She liked my article. Interviews with professionals on the tools and processes they use to get things done. The Many Faces of Post-JET Employment. Written by: Leslie Wier One of the biggest concerns I have heard from many JET Participants regarding professional development is about post-JET employment.

The Many Faces of Post-JET Employment

The job market for young professionals can be terrifyingly competitive. Fortunately our time on JET helps cultivate the kinds of qualities and experiences that employers often look for, and this is an excellent starting point. Next, it’s a matter of knowing what we want and then going after it, which isn’t always easy and requires some honest self-reflection. The work is out there, but the reality is finding it is going to take a very real and concerted effort. I have found that JET participants generally tend to fall into several different categories regarding their outlook on post-JET employment. The Dreamer The Educator The Company (Wo)Man The Disenchanted The Wishful Thinker The Professional Student The Straight Shooter The Dreamer. Extensive Reading for Secondary Students « I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time.

Extensive Reading for Secondary Students «

On April 1st this year the language school I help out at started a new section called Cambridge Academy. Getting ready for this and implementing it over the last four weeks has been a really fun challenge, and now that we are taking a little break for the Golden Week holidays I feel like I have some lessons to share. In this post I will talk about what we are doing, why we decided to start a new sections, and a few problems and successes we have had.

Why start a new school? Several reasons. I was also able to visit SEG in Tokyo, and see their incredible resources and program. Finally, the academy format and the results we are hoping for seem to be quite commercially viable. How does the Academy work? There are two main concepts behind the Cambridge Academy. The second concept is to do 55 minutes of reading/listening in the school each week. B わたしの英会話とコトバンクがPhotoJournalSQRIPT を共同開発. 女性のためのマンツーマン英会話スクール「b わたしの英会話」を運営する株式会社byZOO とコトバ ンク株式会社が初心者向けオンライン英語学習ツールとしてPhoto Journal SQRIPT をリリース。

b わたしの英会話とコトバンクがPhotoJournalSQRIPT を共同開発

初心者限定・女性のためのマンツーマン英会話スクール 「b わたしの英会話」を運営する株式会社 byZOO(東京都渋谷区、代表取締役:大山 俊輔)とコトバンク株式会社(東京都文京区、代表取締役:小泉純)はこの度、初級者向けオンライン英語学習ツールとしてPhotoJournal SQRIPT(フォトジャーナル・スクリプト)を共同開発・リリースしました。 〔開発の経緯〕 b わたしの英会話では初心者に特化した女性のためのマンツーマン英会話スクールとして、初心者のための日常英会話、ビジネス英会話のコース開発を行っております。 従来、超初心者~初級者に強い英会話スクールとしての地位を確保してきましたが、顧客へのレッスン提供は、教材とレッスン・レコード(一人一人の顧客向けの履歴帳)を中心としており、発音を始めとした学習は、スクールにおける外国人レッスン・パートナー(講師)に頼っているため、スクール外で独習する仕組みの開発を模索しておりました。 コトバンク株式会社はビジネス英語/英会話のスクリプト( わたしの英会話が開発する初心者向け教材シリーズPhotoJournalとスクリプトの強みを足し合わせることで、上記の問題を解決しました。 Home - Off2Class. Lessons Learned: 2.5 Years Teaching ESL Online - Off2Class. Hello, my name is James Heywood and since the beginning of 2013 I’ve been teaching ESL online, on a full-time basis.

Lessons Learned: 2.5 Years Teaching ESL Online - Off2Class

Since that time, I’ve logged almost 4.500 hours online, teaching a mix of Young Learners and adult students. 20 Micro Jobs to Help You Make Money in Your Free Time. Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck?

20 Micro Jobs to Help You Make Money in Your Free Time

Are you a student or single parent who needs extra income to get by? A little extra cash is always nice, whether or not you are struggling financially. Online opportunities to earn additional income are everywhere and are often relatively easy to implement. However, it can be difficult to sniff out the legit companies from the scams. Below are 20 legit opportunities to easily make some extra income in your free time. Depending on your skills and the amount of free time you have, some of these may be more relevant to you than others. Take Surveys and Perform Micro Jobs From online surveys to completing small tasks, it doesn’t take much skill or expertise to make extra money with this option.

Mechanical Turk (Free) Operated by Amazon, Mechanical Turk features a hub of micro jobs from which you can choose and complete in your free time. iPoll (Web, iOS, Android, Free) Everyone has an opinion; why not get paid for yours? ClickChores (Free)