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The Hollow, Flat, Holographic, and Domed Earth..? Black goo-sentient?

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The Original Son and the Maya Matrix Perceptual Mind Maze. DNA Quantum (Hyperspace) Soul Internet. Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society. The following article has a lot of controversial information, so I encourage you to use your critical thinking skills and intuition to discern it.

Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society

Take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind. – Pao Chang From Sagesigma Unbound: Hatibow's God : The Land Management System. Continuing my exploration of the published works of Abdelelah Al-Khatib, aka A.M.

Sagesigma Unbound: Hatibow's God : The Land Management System

Hatibov, AKA Hatibow, I’ve begun to piece together the Hatibow “system” that creates our world and creates the infamous Lunar Wave. To begin with, let’s assume the following is true (forgive me, all – there are quite a few bullet points in this one in order to attempt to keep the info straight for you (and me!). This is a long post, and I’ve tried to make this as readable as possible for everyone. · Earth is an artificially constructed structure · Man was imported to Earth 145,762 years ago · Man, not able to defend itself, was colonized and infected by a Atlanta-ian Spider race from the planet Sur 4 around 18000 BC · To protect this new found colony and its assets, the Spider race created a system of Land Management to protect their conquests · The newly installed Land Management System includes a Super System, a System, and a Subsystem The Super-System, System, and Subsystem (more on this later)

Google Earth: Giant 'Underwater Wall' Encompasses Our ENTIRE Planet. Since its release, Google Earth has turned up some amazing information about the mysteries of this planet.

Google Earth: Giant 'Underwater Wall' Encompasses Our ENTIRE Planet

All over the world amateur sleuths have used the technology to search the globe for hidden gems and have uncovered lost pyramids, mysterious towers and even entire cities that appear to have sunk into the ocean. But a new discovery may be the most spectacular Google Earth find yet. Youtube. The Earth is Not a Sphere! Inside the Secrets of the Flat Earth with Michael Tellinger. Google Knows The Earth Is Flat - Just Ask Google Yourself! One People Show: Holographic Sky, Digital Sun and the Beat of CERN. NASA Satellites Detect MASSIVE, 150-mile anomaly in Antarctica. A bizarre anomaly of around 250 km has been found in Antarctica thanks to satellite images provided by NASA.

NASA Satellites Detect MASSIVE, 150-mile anomaly in Antarctica

A bizarre, new theory claims that a mysterious anomaly discovered beneath the ice in Antarctica may be a sort of secret base. UFO hunters are convinced that not only did the Nazi’s built secret bases on the north and south pole but that there are several bases on Antarctica that were used not only by humans but by otherworldly visitors as well. The massive Antarctica anomaly encompasses a distance of nearly 250 kilometers across and reaches a maximum depth of 850 meters below the surface. The anomaly was discovered in an area known as Wilkes Land on Antarctica. Speaking about the discovery, Secureteam10 says: ‘To this day, scientists have no idea or way to discover exactly what is buried deep under this thick ice shelf. You only need one such discovery, and a conspiracy is at hand. Furthermore, it is believed that the US Navy led a mission to investigate such anomaly. Flat Earth, Spherical Earth And The Harmonics Of Deception.

Eric P.

Flat Earth, Spherical Earth And The Harmonics Of Deception

Dollard is being heralded as ‘The New Tesla’. Due to his knowledge of resonant wave-forms – and their connection to Music, as displayed in the video linked below, I’ll have to agree. He’s telling people the same thing I’ve also been explaining about Electromagnetic Frequencies for the last 6 or 7 years. They equate to Musical Harmonics that can either be used for us or against us.

Here’s a recap, in correlation with the Flat Earth versus Spherical Earth debate, for those who may have missed it. Google's Deepmind...Self Learning Artifical Intelligence - Nicholson1968's DoUSeeWhateyec. The Flat Earth. By Donald E.

The Flat Earth.

Simanek. Free Printable World Map. Images for Ptolemy Flat World Map.

Free Printable World Map

Hollow Earth Revealed. Saturn the God of Flat Earth. 1979 Antarctica,Real footage of Flat Earth!!! And More!!! 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball Videobook. Secrets of Vril and Neuschwabenland, Antarctica. Scientist Blows the Whistle on the Mandela Effect. Holographic Disclosure 12. The Biggest Secret Ever Kept In History REVEALED! The hidden world under Antarctica: Researchers reveal what lies beneath the ice. Researchers have revealed what actually lies under the western parts of the icy continent of Antarctica.

The hidden world under Antarctica: Researchers reveal what lies beneath the ice

There is a hidden world under Antarctica, in a new study, researchers have shown giant ‘wetlands’ 800 metres beneath the Ice in western Antarctica. Thanks to the Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling (WISSARD) project financed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) researchers are one step closer to discovering exactly what lies beneath the thick ice sheets covering most parts of the icy continent. Reports indicate that Lake Whillans — first discovered in 2007, covering a staggering area of 20sq miles— which lies beneath 800 meters of ice in Western Antarctica is eerily similar to a ‘wetland.’ Researchers hope that further studies will allow them to understand how sea levels rise, and how ice behaves in response to global warming.

Davos 2016 - The State of Artificial Intelligence. Is It Possible To Go Above Low Earth Orbit? We Have Been Lied To. What We Still Don't Know: "Are We Real?". How the Matrix Works: In the Beginning There Was CODE. The information in this article correlates well with the information in my three articles titled The Artificial Matrix and the Hidden Agenda of Cryptocurrency, How Words Can Be Used as Magic Spells and Theoretical Physicist Finds “Computer Code” in the Fabric of Space.

How the Matrix Works: In the Beginning There Was CODE

I am aware of the information in the article below and I do agree with most of it. If you are new to this type of information, it may be hard for you to accept and comprehend it. The idea that the moon is an artificial satellite and Saturn used to be a sun has been talked about by many researchers of occult knowledge. The Binary Code of the Matrix & the Power of the 'Machine' By Arno Pienaar, contributor for

The Binary Code of the Matrix & the Power of the 'Machine'

Leonard Susskind on The World As Hologram. The Illusion Of Matter: Our Physical Reality Isn’t Really Physical At All. Niels Bohr, a Danish Physicist who made significant contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory once said: “if quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” Quantum physics has left scientists all over the world baffled, especially with the discovery that our physical material reality, isn’t really physical at all. “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”

It seems philosophers of our ancient past were right, our senses really do deceive us. Again, our physical material reality really ISN’T physical at all. The meaning, significance and implications of these findings within our quantum world have led to a plethora of ideas and theories, some of which lay inside the label of “pseudo-science.” Gerald Clark Emerald Tablets Thoth and the Holographic Universe May 2015. NASA Lies and the Flat Earth Conspiracy - EXPOSED ! (We ALL live in The Truman Show ...)

Bases at The Barge Part 3 Danielle la Verite 2015. Hollow Earth, The Biggest Cover Up - Full Documentary DVD. Joe Rogan & NASA Physicist: We’re Living in the Matrix. If you found out that we are all living in the matrix, would you take the blue pill and live a pleasant illusion or take the red pill and live in the harsh real world? In this video Joe Rogan and Nasa Physicist Tom Campbell discuss a wide range of topics that centre around the simulation theory and the theory that our universe might just be a hologram. If we as humanity are going to evolve we need to gain a deeper understanding of the universe and also our inner-selves.

Tom hits the nail on the head when he says that ‘Love’ is the optimal way for people to interact, this is only way humanity can experience real spiritual growth. Kasim Khan, Team Spirit. NASA Scientist Says We Are Living In A Hologram Designed By Aliens. Who says scientists are boring? Nick Bostrom, professor of Philosophy at Oxford University and the Director of the Future of Humanity Institute has offered the theory that we may not actually be what we think we are. We may, in fact, be a holographic program generated by banks of supercomputers created by an alien species. As a side note, could you imagine creating a group of sentient beings and then having them figure out on their own that you created them? This is a pretty fringe concept, but not without its backers. Miles Johnston talks in depth about a psychotronic test performed at Sky TV 21st October 2013. Holographic Beast Anthony Patch. Quantum Physicists: The Universe is a Quantum Algorithm.

For more evidence showing that the Universe is made of quantum “computer codes”, read my article titled Theoretical Physicist Finds “Computer Code” in the Fabric of Space. ~ PL Chang By Ovidiu Racorean, author of Recently, quantum gates and quantum circuits have been found when portfolios of stocks were simulated in quantum computation processes, pointing out to the existence of a bizarre quantum code beneath the stock market transactions. The Hollow Earth Theory. By Juan von Trillion The Ultimate Woowoo Part 1: Introduction || Part 2: The Shinetist Conspiracy Part 3: Videos on the Web || Part 4: The Last One concept, and potential bombshell of a game changer, has always stood out. It did so by stealth. Hollow Earth just pretended to be another loony idea that, you know, some people just seem to get a kick out of.

DNA Hologram. 13.05 Disc Shape of Earth - Greenland Theory. Greenland Pi Although only conjecture, it appears that the ratio of the Earth's circumference to its diameter (iron core) is approximately equal to 3.14 (Pi). The Holographic Concept of Reality. By Richard Alan Miller, Burt Webb, and Darden Dickson Department of Paraphysics and Parapsychology, Experimental College University of Washington. Is The Earth Flat? Is It Square? Is It Sky Blue Pink? - The David Icke Videocast. Map of the square and stationary earth : four hundred passages in the Bible that condemn the Globe Theory, or the Flying Earth, and none sustain it ; this map is the Bible map of the world /

You are a Simulation & Physics Can Prove It: George Smoot at TEDxSalford. Subterranean Mysteries : Nephilim and Underground Civilizations 2015. Coast to Coast AM Interview with Michael Salla and Corey Goode (9-14-15).. A Hollow Earth. A Hollow Earth? Modern Science says no! Modern Science will tell you that it is impossible for the earth to be "Hollow". This same Modern Science will tell you man came from a monkey and there are no such things as UFO’s. Untitled.

I have noticed during my study and research that the word Tartarus, and its concepts show up all over the world in several religions and ancient myths or histories. Quantum Phase: Time, Parallel Realities and The Brain. The Hollow Earth - A SlideShow Presentation with Dean Dominic De Lucia interesting proof imho. The Hollow Earth - A SlideShow Presentation with Dean Dominic De Lucia interesting proof imho An outstanding interview with slideshow containing satellite photos, videos and many others revealing evidences about the Hollow Planets.

Underground Entities, Beings From Below, & The True String Pullers Of Humanity. Crrow777/The Moon Is NOT What You Think onThe Naked Truth with Kelli In The Raw. Quantum Physicists: "Time" Doesn't Exist As We Think It Does. ( “We choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics.

Proof For Moon Hologram - Energy Pulse & UFO Found In Clip. The Lunar Illusion, Space Magick, & The Bigger Conspiracy Puzzle. Enoch's Domed World. A Thin Sheet of Reality: The Universe as a Hologram. Black Holes and Holographic Worlds. The Hollow Earth Expedition & Lost Tesla Technology. Hollow Earth Theory & The Beings Within. Successful Test of NASA's New Composite Material "Unobtainium" By Michio Kaku When I first launched my blog in March, you may remember me writing about a blog post entitled "IMAX Hubble 3D & The James Webb Space Telescope. " The new telescope will serve as Hubble's replacement once it's launched in 2014 on top of an Ariane 5 rocket.

The main problem with the James Webb Space Telescope is that is going to be over 900,000 miles from Earth, so if it breaks we cannot just send a team of astronauts up to fix it, as we have done with Hubble in the past.

Sentient oil/Black Goo/Artificial Intelligence

Time loop solution. Holographic Disclosure: A Film About the Secrets of Reality. Inner Earth, Hollow Earth. Secrets of the Subterranean Cities. Crrow777. 7 Irregularities That Suggest Earth’s Moon Was Engineered. IceCube. PARALLEL EARTH'S. Agharta, The Subterranean World. Hollow Earth: A topic that’s gaining popularity. The Rim at the End of the World. The South Pole Does Not Exist! Antarctic treaty is the best proof of a staged world. Hollow Earth. Government Secrets Revealed - Greatest Hoax of All Time.

Map Overlays Comparing Size - Business Insider. World maps: Mercator, Goode, Robinson, Peters and Hammer. The Missing Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd - Fact or Fiction? Management the (Free) masons from Agartha and Shambhala. The secret government of the Earth - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations. Agartha. Operation Ice Cube South pole360p H 264 AAC. Under The Dome - Full Documentary. Inexplicable Moon Anomalies Show There is Much Deception About Outer Space. History of Antarctica - Lonely Planet Travel Information. Captain James Cook - Navigator of the Flat Earth. The Arcs of the Covenant and the Box of the Pandora.

Blue Beings from the Inner Earth. The Anunnaki and Humanity’s Forbidden History. The Monkey and the Alien (Or, How To Enslave A Planet) –