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Hollow Earth

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NASA PROVES HOLLOW EARTH THEORY... PROOF EVIDENCE EARTH IS HOLLOW. Wolrd Top Secret - Inside the Hollow Earth. Hollow earth... Stuff they don't want you to know!!! Part 1. The Untold UFO War in Antarctica. Part 2. The Untold UFO War in Antarctica. Hollow Earth Theory 3D HD Version. Part 1 > Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library > Teachings from the Pleiadians > Galleries of Inspiration Sound Theater. The Age Of Aquarius VS The Age of Pisces -Young. PREUVES DE LA TERRE CREUSE ET LES GRANDS MYSTERES DU MONDE. (Tous droits réservés) Il y a "présomption de preuves" que la Terre soit creuse..., une stupéfiante théorie !


En effet, l'Université de Montréal a récemment mis en évidence des "anomalies" incompréhensibles au sein de la Terre, où les ondes "S" et les ondes "P" expédiées au centre de la Terre, ont un comportement en retour tout à fait anormal et inattendu. Ceci aurait tendance à prouver que la Terre n'est pas pleine comme les géologues et les astrophysiciens l'affirment, mais creuse ! ! Oui, je dis bien "creuse" et non pas "creusée" de galeries et de salles souterraines, comme je l'ai cru pendant plus d'une bonne trentaine d'années... C'est Issac Newton, le grand philosophe, mathématicien, physicien et astronome anglais, qui a affirmé dans sa maxime : "Qu'on n'a jamais fait de grande découverte sans hypothèse audacieuse"... Les temps sont probablement venus, et notamment grâce à Internet (qui diffuse l'information) pour qu'une telle théorie soit examinée sans trop de complexes...

My unexpected discovery. The Hollow Earth Theory. Continuation of the OP A hollow Earth has got to have places to live, right ?

My unexpected discovery. The Hollow Earth Theory.

To my surprise I’ve ran into 4 of them. Bonus: The location and the number of inhabitants are given. Capitol Cities POSID: Primary Atlantean outpost, located beneath the Mato Grosso plains region of Brazil. Population: 1.3 million. I assume they are advanced and act like it. If they do exist, you can take these numbers as they are. There are also a number of entrances which are: Cueva de los Tayos (Cave of the oil birds), Ecuador Gobi Desert , Mongolia. My reply to a friend that doesn't buy the hollow earth theory. HOLLOW EARTH, HOLLOW WORLDS And “The MOON IS A LARGE, HOLLOW, TITANIUM BALL”- NASA ‘Censored’ Time to Acclimate To Reality’ Censorship Level: [Extremely High] “All The Planets In Our Solar System Are Hollow!”

HOLLOW EARTH, HOLLOW WORLDS And “The MOON IS A LARGE, HOLLOW, TITANIUM BALL”- NASA ‘Censored’ Time to Acclimate To Reality’ Censorship Level: [Extremely High]

They all have large openings at their North and South poles. The Moon is a large Artificial Space Station. (Think Death Star covered in space dust) Don’t be scared, they have been there for thousands of years. If they meant to hurt us, we’d be hurt. They have at least one 39 mile long spaceship mining the Asteroids of Saturn, and 2 Cloaked UFO’s a third the size of Mercury each, caught by two US Deep Space Sat’s, during a Coronal Mass Expulsion (CME). Who are they? But parts of our and other Governments have been in contact with and know of between 6 and 12 different alien species, maybe more. Don’t worry about a fake Alien Attack. We Are The Cave Men! All this Information was super Top Secret only 2 years ago. There is still censorship, but it is not total, and for the most part, “They” have slowed down killing people who release this type of information.

The REAL Reality begins now: See what has been hidden. Hollow Earth. Search this site Schiehallion - Mount Zion in the Far North The esoteric role of the Avesas - Spiritual Adepts of Longevity The spiritual role of the sacred isles of Britain in World history E-zine archive The Hollow Earth Enigma by Barry Dunford Around the early 1920’s, a Russian explorer, Ferdinand Ossendowski, travelled extensively in Mongolia, central Asia.

Hollow Earth

Some of his travels and experiences are recorded in his book Beasts, Men and Gods, first published in English in 1922. In this work Ossendowski tells of a remarkable story which was imparted to him concerning a subterranean kingdom which constitutes an inner earth domain. In his fascinating and informative book The Lost World of Agharti (1982) the author, Alec MacLennan, covers in considerable detail the worldwide ramifications of this subterranean kingdom. Another curious enigma, which may have some bearing on the foregoing, concerns the mysterious disappearance of the English explorer Col. Lt.Col. Messages-from-the-hollow-earth. Journey To The Hollow Earth. Agartha Shamballa. Hollow Earth. Hollow Earth. HOLLOW EARTH. Hollow Earth. Hollow Earth. Hollow Earth. Hollow Earth. The Hollow Earth & the Inner historic overview. Behind all myth, legend and folklore there is a sound basis of reality that has kept this belief alive for hundreds and thousands of years.

The Hollow Earth & the Inner historic overview

Any truth will linger until the information has come to light …Rick Nelson Dr. Jayson Cannon “JC” will be presenting a great deal of detailed information on this fascinating subject. The information will address how such a place can exist it’s histoic references and other compelling facts and information opening a door for much thought and discussion. He is a highly educated individual with eclectic exposure to diverse foundational belief systems. Hollow earth proven by apollo 16 space pictures of earth provided by burlington ufo center of burlington wisconsin.

Hollow Earth: Agartha - Complete! II.

Hollow Earth: Agartha - Complete!

USA Admiral Richard E. Byrd's Diary; III. William Reed: 'Phantom of the Poles'; IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. I. By Dr. To begin with, the Buddhists, in their theology fervently believe in its existence. The famous Russian channel, Nicholas Roerich, who was a channel for the Ascended Master, El Morya, claimed that Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, was connected by a tunnel with the inner earth, Shamballa. Billie Woodard Hollow Earth Proof Live from Hollow Earth ASCENSION 2012 5th DIMENSION. Hollow Earth Evidence. Has anyone looked into the evidence for the mother of all conspiracy theories, the Hollow Earth?

Hollow Earth Evidence

I have personally read all about worldwide D.U.M.B.'s, Admiral Byrd's trip to the poles, Olaf Jansen's book, Dr. Nansen's and several other 19th century explorer's accounts of the land beyond the poles. The various testimonies are compelling and surprisingly there is actually plenty of circumstantial evidence pointing towards Hollow Earth theory. Nowadays only government-approved teams are allowed anywhere near the poles, but historically almost every explorer who has traveled to the poles has recorded that as you get closer, it gets warmer, the snow and ice disappear, and greenery and wild-life reappear.

Other links: The Hollow Earth - Subterranean Bases. Part 3. The Untold UFO War in Antarctica. Inner Earth Expedition Updates with Brooks Agnew.