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Orgonite Cloudbuster and Howitzer. Gaia Speaks - How to hear our Guides. When we open ourselves to receive messages and guidance from our Higher Self, Source, Gaia, Divine Mother, Divine Father, Guides and Angels - what I call "our entourage", we often become receptive and open to receive what is coming.

Gaia Speaks - How to hear our Guides.

But then, when it does, we miss it. I get lots of emails asking me how to be able to hear our entourage, how to discern that it is from a positive and benevolent source and how to understand what they mean. The Hundredth Monkey With Tom & Ramon. Inelia BenzNew Years ShowJan 2 2016This is Inelia’s first incarnation on any planet, so she was born free from self-importance, attachments, personal agendas, personal evolution, or a desire for soul advancement.

The Hundredth Monkey With Tom & Ramon

She arrived knowing only that the planet needed to vibrate at a higher level in order to undergo a global ascension. What she did not know was how to assist in raising the vibration and how to communicate the need for a higher vibration to others. Initially, Inelia tried emulating other people’s actions by getting married, having children having problems, and learning about human suffering. Although this gave her a deeper understanding of what others considered important, it did not assist in reaching the aim of global ascension. In her early 20s, she realized the key lay in human communication. Nora Herold - Home. Heart Centered Rebalancing. Jennifer Posada and The Oracle School & Community — Ignite Your Intuition, Sexuality, and Gifts with the Power of Self-Love.

Harbin Burned, yet the Bohemian Lifestyle of Freedom is still alive… - Mellissa Seaman. What poignant feels are moving through today – with grief and gratitude raging together in my heart.

Harbin Burned, yet the Bohemian Lifestyle of Freedom is still alive… - Mellissa Seaman

Did I already tell you- I used to be a lawyer. And then, through an ecstatic birthing experience of my daughter in 2000, I became very psychic. Sounds cool, I know. Reality Crafting Institute Community Forum - On-line Support Network. Home. Qhhtdplistingsite2. Healing Across Time. THE AGES OF URAS. Home - The Venus Project. RAISING YOUR VIBRATION. Dreams Foundation: Dream Interpretation, Research, Lucid Dreaming & Dream Analysis Courses, Techniques for Recall, Nightmares & more.

Nature-avi. Binaural Beats - Binaural Beats Master. Dolores Cannon - Quantum Healing Hypnosis. Free Deep Meditation Sounds - Binaural Beats. “This OM beat is the BEST binaural beat I've ever listened to.

Free Deep Meditation Sounds - Binaural Beats

I tried several paid beats but non of which has a powerful effect like this one. Especially, it magically helped ease my migraine headache to an amazing extent, almost disappear. Lucia Rene - Spiritual Meditation 2012 Women. A Fireside Chat with Lance White, 2014-03-15 19:00:00 PT. HOME. MORPHEUS. SPREAD THE TRUTH 777. Chakra Meditation- Balance Your Chakras From Root to Crown. Chakra Power- The key Ingredient In All Spiritual Development!

Chakra Meditation- Balance Your Chakras From Root to Crown

Covers Each and Every Chakra No Extensive Practice Required Immediate Results Guaranteed Chakra Stimulation is an ancient art used by Practitioners of Yoga and Meditation experts to heighten spiritual awareness. Spiritual energy is the core of every ability you possess, and Chakras are the factories of this spiritual energy. In several ways, the Chakras are the most important thing to develop. The human nervous system is a network connecting the sensory organs to the brain. Satsang with mooji. Indigos and Crystal Beings. How to protect yourself from Chemtrails. From Barium, Chemtrails, & Immuno-suppression By Bob Lee: "There is no question about the effect of barium exposure, i.e., barium will interfere with T-cell activation - barium will interfere with natural immune system functioning.

How to protect yourself from Chemtrails

"If the research concerning the particulate matter in rainwater collected in areas where chemtrail activity is high continues to yield barium, we may have a first understanding of the purpose of chemtrail spraying, i.e., to directly impact the T-cell systems of the humans beneath the chemtrail targets. Therefore, in the continuing science of study of chemtrails it is imperative that measurements of the health of the population beneath the targeted areas be monitored. As barium blocks T-cells activation, i.e., weakening the immune system, we should expect to see statistically significant increases in various diseases which might normally be minimally occurring in a population with a fully activated immune system.

INNERLIGHT SUPERGREENS Inner light supergreens. Social Consciousness: 10 Ways To Raise Your Consciousness. “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Social Consciousness: 10 Ways To Raise Your Consciousness

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” -Lao Tzu What highly conscious people talk about (from the film 'My Dinner With Andre') “Watch your thoughts; they become words. 10 Ways To Raise Your Consciousness Becoming more conscious is the progressive realization of conscious mastery over your mind. The Journey to Consciousness. Virtual Center for Healing. By Nadine Marie V.

Virtual Center for Healing

Niguidula, M.A. Indigos and Crystal Beings. The Masters of Light: September As Received by Ruth Ryden 8/31/13 - The Crystal Gateway. The Masters of Light: September As Received by Ruth Ryden 8/31/13 September 2, 2013 Question from Ruth: Masters, what can you tell us about this coming month of September?

The Masters of Light: September As Received by Ruth Ryden 8/31/13 - The Crystal Gateway

Answer from the Masters: The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program. Welcome to »Home Date Last Updated - 03.07.2015.

Welcome to

How to Make "Chembusters" (CB's) From Don Croft & Ken Adachi's "Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies! " on History of the Cloudbuster. Welcome to Truthology. Personal And Global Ascension 2012 - 2017 are you ready? International Breathwork Conference in Ireland. Meditation Experience. The Seven Universal Laws Explained. There are seven Universal Laws or Principles by which everything in the Universe is governed. The Universe exists in perfect harmony by virtue of these Laws. Ancient mystical, esoteric and secret teachings dating back over 5,000 years from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece and to the Vedic tradition of Ancient India, all have as their common thread these seven Spiritual Laws of the Universe.

Once you understand, apply and align yourself with these Universal Laws, you will experience transformation in every area of your life beyond that which you have ever dared to imagine. IMAGINE YOURSELF: Manage your thoughts and manifest your desires. Deep down, most of us have desires, needs, or goals. There are things we wish were different. Some of us want to have a different weight or body shape. The Seven Shamanic Levels of Consciousness. January 2007 Newsletter - Methods For Clearing Your Crystals - Crystal Healing Articles.

HEALING CRYSTALS NEWSLETTER Vol. 16 - January 2007 “Methods for Clearing your Crystals” Home Page. Indigos and Crystal Beings.