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Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition mystery of consciousnesss The young women had survived the car crash, after a fashion. In the five months since parts of her brain had been crushed, she could open her eyes but didn't respond to sights, sounds or jabs. In the jargon of neurology, she was judged to be in a persistent vegetative state. In crueler everyday language, she was a vegetable. So picture the astonishment of British and Belgian scientists as they scanned her brain using a kind of MRI that detects blood flow to active parts of the brain. When they recited sentences, the parts involved in language lit up. Try to comprehend what it is like to be that woman. The report of this unusual case last September was just the latest shock from a bracing new field, the science of consciousness. It shouldn't be surprising that research on consciousness is alternately exhilarating and disturbing. To make scientific headway in a topic as tangled as consciousness, it helps to clear away some red herrings.

Renseignements pratiques pour les étudiants Aides, financements, renseignements divers L'association nationale des docteurs ès sciences (ANDES) et son "guide des aides aux formations doctorales et post-doctorales" maintenant en ligne gratuitement visité le 24 1 2005 Association du Doctorat Scientifique Lyonnais visité le 24 1 2005 Lyon Campus, France Un site de services pour les étudiants de la région lyonnaise, mis en place par le Pôle Universitaire de Lyon et la ville de Lyon. Auprès de la Caisse d' Allocations Familiales de l' Agglomération Lyonnaise, demande d'aide au logement étudiant sur internet. visité le 24 1 2005 Etudis, France "Le site de l'étudiant relié" : offres de stage et d'emploi, logements, petites annonces, agenda, forum de discussion. L'association Bernard Gregory Aide les doctorants et les jeunes docteurs de plus d'une manière avec "le marché de l'emploi des docteurs" qui propose: offres d'emploi, dépot de CV en ligne, conseils concernant l'insertion professionnelle. Science Professional Network

cognitive fun! integral options cafe Science And Consciousness Review Psychedelics constitute a class of psychoactive drugs with unique effects on consciousness. Psychedelic means "mind-manifesting" and refers to the ability of these drugs to illuminate normally hidden aspects of mind or psyche. Native American shamans consumed psychedelic plants such as the peyote cactus (contains mescaline), psilocybe "magic" mushrooms (contains psilocybin), or the brew called ayahuasca (contains DMT and harmaline) in order to communicate with God or the spirit realm. The most potent psychedelic is the semi-synthetic ergot derivative lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), which has detectable effects at microscopic doses. Researchers first thought LSD induced a “model psychosis” that might shed light on the nature of schizophrenia.However, as the psychedelic experience or “trip” does not resemble endogenous psychoses, this interpretation was later discarded. Psychedelic drugs are not addictive. References Doblin, R. (1991). Feldman, R.S., Meyer, J.S., & Quenzer, L.F. (1997).

Anger potentiates the reporting of threatening interpretations: An experimental study - Scholars Portal Journals This paper reports the results of an experiment investigating the effect of induced anger on interpretational bias using the homophone spelling task. Four groups of participants experienced anger, anxiety, happy or neutral mood inductions and then completed the homophone spelling task. Participants who experienced anger and anxiety inductions reported significantly more threat/neutral homophones as threats compared to control participants; moods had an emotion-congruent effect on threat reporting, with negative moods increasing the tendency to report threat/neutral homophones as threats and positive moods increasing the tendency to report positive/neutral homophones as positive. The findings provide evidence that anger potentiates the reporting of threatening interpretations and does so independently of any effect of concurrent levels of state and trait anxiety.

what things are conscious From Robert Lawrence Kuhn, host and creator of Closer To Truth: I am haunted by consciousness: the great mystery of inner awareness, seemingly so commonplace, truly so astounding. When science finally finishes the puzzle of the universe, the riddle of consciousness, many believe, will remain largely unsolved. I search for consciousness. 1) Only human beings are truly conscious—a position often driven by religious belief in an exclusively human soul. 2) Only animals with large brains are conscious—primates, elephants, dolphins. 3) All animals are conscious—with differing degrees of consciousness. 4) All life of any kind is conscious in some way—plant or animal, single cell or multicell. 5) Computational systems of sufficient complexity can become conscious—this means nonbiological systems. 6) All that exists—nonliving as well as living—has a kind of consciousness; every particle has something of proto-consciousness. There are two key questions: P.S.

Articles ou documents accessibles en ligne HTP Prints, the History & Theory of Psychology Eprint Archive. It is offered as a free service to the community of scholarly historians and theoreticians of psychology with the goal of promoting the rapid dissemination of new work in the field. Authors who wish to post papers to the archive should first consult the HTP Prints Policy Document. HTP Prints is edited and administered by Christopher D. Green of the History & Theory of Psychology Program at York University (Toronto, Canada), and it is supported by the kind technical assistance of York's Arts Technology Support Group. visité le 9 4 2003 HighWire Press (Stanford) liens avec plusieurs centaines de milliers d' articles en tete intégral gratuit.

Conducting Research with Non-clinical Healthy Undergraduates: Does Effort Play a Role in Neuropsychological Test Performance? + Author Affiliations ↵*Corresponding author at: Department of Psychology, University of Toronto Scarborough, 1265 Military Trail, Toronto, ON, Canada M1C 1A4. Tel.: +1-416-287-7424; fax: +1-416-287-7642. Abstract Poor effort by examinees during neuropsychological testing has a profound effect on test performance. Introduction Since the mid-1900's, the use of undergraduate students as research participants has been a popular practice at research universities. One issue regarding the use of undergraduate students that has yet to be investigated concerns the test-taking effort exercised by these participants during neuropsychological research experiments. The need to assess suboptimal effort in undergraduate participants is based on two factors. Collaterally, it is important to note that there has been an increasing interest in test-taking effort and malingering in the past few decades (Morgan & Sweet, 2009). Methods Participants Measures Symptom Validity Tests Procedure Results

level 3 of consciousness Meme Central Books Level 3 Resources Richard Brodie Virus of the Mind What’s New? Site Map Level 3 of Consciousness You are reading about something that most people don’t even know exists. 1. Sometimes like attracts like and sometimes opposite attracts opposite. When like attracts like, it can end there, like an oxygen molecule made up of two oxygen atoms, or it can continue to attract like, like a Carbon atom. 2. Sometimes a self-replicating thing makes a copy of itself with a mistake in it. The only way for new things to get created is by a complex series of mistakes that turn out to be better after all. 3. 4. 5. 6. Self-replication is the most powerful force in the universe. Sometimes a self-replicating memeplex makes a mistake in copying itself. The only way for a new idea to gain acceptance is by a series of copying mistakes that turn out to be better after all. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. The battle can be influenced in three ways. 12. 13. Life is largely composed of conversations. 14.

Catalogue en ligne Centre d'Information et de Documentation <br>du CRA Rhône-Alpes Aujourd'hui l'autisme se définit comme un trouble neurodéveloppemental et conduit la Haute autorité de santé à préconiser un diagnostic le plus précoce possible. Pour autant, les professionnels restent confrontés quotidiennement aux symptômes déroutants de ce syndrome même si les progrès de la recherche ont amélioré les connaissances. Une interrogation subsiste : que connaît-on véritablement de ce trouble de la communication ? Regards périphériques sur l'autisme est un livre passerelle qui témoigne de l'expérience diversifiée du centre diagnostique pour l'autisme créé au centre hospitalier Sainte-Anne depuis plus de dix ans. Le rôle de l'équipe d'évaluation - pédopsychiatres, psychologues, psychomotriciens, orthophonistes, généticiens... ?