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Aroma Therapy

E.M.F. Straling. Dental Issues & Dentists. Cleansing & Detoxing. Doctors. Fasting. Emotional & Mental Health. Food to Order (Farms) Physical Health. Recipes. Skin. Supplement & (Super)food Shops. Tools & Gadgets. Thrombosis. Vaccines. Hara Line Chakras - page 5. Some of the Hara line chakras and their aspects EARTH CHAKRA - Below the feet, within the surface of the earth COLOUR: Black The Earth Chakra anchors the incarnation/lifetime into the earth plane reality, makes this planet one's home and places one's life purpose into an Earthly context.

Hara Line Chakras - page 5

This aspect of the hara line is the grounding and ballast for one's lifetime and life purpose. Infrarood Gezond » Thermo Medica.