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Lybian Civil War

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Libya Rebels Said to Find Qaddafi Tie in Plot Against Iraq. Venedi now, create new. GADDAFI'S GOLD CURRENCY IS WHY BANKSTERS WANT HIM DEAD. Reason for war? Gaddafi wanted to nationalise oil. The Libyan leader proposed the nationalisation of U.S. oil companies, as well as those of UK, Germany, Spain, Norway, Canada and Italy in 2009.

Reason for war? Gaddafi wanted to nationalise oil

On January 25, 2009, Muammar Al Gaddafi announced that his country was studying the nationalisation of foreign companies due to lower oil prices. Why the Oil Companies Decided Qaddafi Has to Go : AFACeAFACe. Files Note Close C.I.A. Ties to Qaddafi Spy Unit. CIA worked with Libya in terror suspect renditions, documents show. Wikispooks blog. When the U.S. invaded Iraq riding a pack of lies and monstrous manipulation, the entire U.S. elite, including major news services, academics, and politicians from both “sides” of the spectrum, lined up to cheerlead and off they went to war.

Wikispooks blog

It was one of the most shameful chapters in the long history of shameful acts of U.S. imperial foreign policy. A guide to Libya’s surveillance network. After repeated interrogations lead by, OWNI, the Wall Street Journal and the Figaro, Amesys, the French company that sold Internet surveillance systems to Gaddafi’s Libya tried to calm things down with a statement posted on its website (mirror): The contract only concerned the sale of materials capable of analysing a fraction of existing internet connections, only a few thousand.

A guide to Libya’s surveillance network

However, the documents in OWNI’s possession tell a different story, in fact, the exact opposite story. Special report: The secret plan to take Tripoli. TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime was delivered by a caterer, on a memory stick.

Special report: The secret plan to take Tripoli

Abdel Majid Mlegta ran the companies that supplied meals to Libyan government departments including the interior ministry. The job was "easy," he told Reuters last week. "I built good relations with officers. I wanted to serve my country. " Has The Libyan Insurgency Begun? Mass grave of Libyan prisoners found - Africa. A mass grave with the remains of 1,700 prisoners killed during a notorious crackdown by Muammar Gaddafi's regime has been found, the country's new rulers say.

Mass grave of Libyan prisoners found - Africa

News of the gruesome find came on Sunday as hundreds of fighters of the National Transitional Council thrust into Sirte, Gaddafi's hometown. NATO warplanes pounded the coastal city for a second straight day. Khalid Sharif, a spokesman for the NTC's military council, said the prisoners were executed at Tripoli's notorious Abu Salim jail in 1996. China's African mischief. Gaddafi 'being tracked by satellite' - Africa. Libya's National Transitional Council says that Muammar Gaddafi, the country's toppled leader, is in the southern desert region of the country, and that it is only a matter of time before he is captured.

Gaddafi 'being tracked by satellite' - Africa

Abdul Hafiz Ghoga, the vice-chairman of the NTC, told Al Jazeera on Thursday that satellites have been tracking the former Libyan leader south of Sabha. "We have confirmed reports that Gaddafi is in the southern Libyan desert. In Libya, African Guest Workers in Dangerous Limbo. West after Libyan oil, riches' 'West after Libyan oil, riches'

West after Libyan oil, riches'

NATO Officer Says Qaddafi Loyalists’ Resilience Surprising. ‘NATO adopted civil war and will stay in Libya forever’ Khalifa Belqasim Haftar. Khalifa Belqasim Haftar (sometimes spelled Hifter, Hefter or Huftur) (Arabic: خليفة بالقاسم حفتر‎) is a senior military officer in Libya.

Khalifa Belqasim Haftar

In April 2011, he was reported as holding the rank of lieutenant general. Formerly one of Muammar Gaddafi's army commanders in the Chadian–Libyan conflict, he fell out with the regime when Libya lost the war, and sought exile in the United States. Obama Warmly Welcomes Al Qaeda At UN. Both sides of the Qaddafi coin - Farooq Sulehria. Commando Solo Libya PsyOps Mission Broadcast.flv.

China offered Gadhafi huge stockpiles of arms: Libyan memos. China offered huge stockpiles of weapons to Colonel Moammar Gadhafi during the final months of his regime, according to papers that describe secret talks about shipments via Algeria and South Africa.

China offered Gadhafi huge stockpiles of arms: Libyan memos

Documents obtained by The Globe and Mail show that state-controlled Chinese arms manufacturers were prepared to sell weapons and ammunition worth at least $200-million to the embattled Col. Gadhafi in late July, a violation of United Nations sanctions. The documents suggest that Beijing and other governments may have played a double game in the Libyan war, claiming neutrality but covertly helping the dictator. The papers do not confirm whether any military assistance was delivered, but senior leaders of the new transitional government in Tripoli say the documents reinforce their suspicions about the recent actions of China, Algeria and South Africa.

“I’m almost certain that these guns arrived and were used against our people,” Mr. US, UK and Gaddafi. Troupes françaises au sol en Libye : nouvelles révélations. (© AP Photo/Altaf Qadri) Mince, voilà qui risque bien d’écorner le mythe que Nicolas Sarkozy essaye à grand peine de construire sur son rôle de sauveur en Libye : une conversation téléphonique entre un commandant militaire de Misrata et le porte parole militaire du Conseil National de Transition (CNT), le colonel Ahmed Bani, laisse entendre qu’il y aurait bien eu des troupes au sol en Libye, en totale contradiction avec le mandat de l’ONU.

Troupes françaises au sol en Libye : nouvelles révélations

L’Organisation des nations unies visait à protéger la population civile contre la sanglante répression de la contestation du régime de Mouammar Kadhafi. Il ne permettait pas que des troupes étrangères opèrent au sol. L’aviation en revanche pouvait frapper les troupes fidèles au colonel Kadhafi. Le Canard Enchaîné avait à plusieurs reprises évoqué la présence au sol de troupes françaises, notamment pour guider les bombes à l’aide de lasers. Ces derniers jours, une conversation téléphonique visiblement enregistrée a fait son apparition sur le Web.