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Articles to be used for the introduction to sociology theory assignment

Skin Lightening Is Fraught With Risk, But It Still Thrives in the Asian Beauty Market—Here’s Why. Half a Century Before Colin Kaepernick, Jackie Robinson Said, ‘I Cannot Stand and Sing the Anthem.’ Seventy years ago today—on July 18, 1949—right-wing and segregationist members of Congress orchestrated a confrontation between the two most well-known and admired African Americans in the country: Jackie Robinson and Paul Robeson.

Half a Century Before Colin Kaepernick, Jackie Robinson Said, ‘I Cannot Stand and Sing the Anthem.’

The media salivated at the opportunity to portray the clash of these larger-than-life titans as a surrogate for the Cold War between capitalism and communism. A few weeks earlier, Robinson—who had integrated Major League Baseball when he signed with the Dodgers in 1947—received a telegram from Congressman John Wood (D- GA), an arch segregationist and former Ku Klux Klan member, who chaired the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Six Rape Tropes and How to Replace Them. Unless your story is specifically about sexual assault, you should probably remove any rape, attempted rape, or even mention of rape from your story.

Six Rape Tropes and How to Replace Them

This is because these depictions normalize sexual assault and are often hurtful to survivors. Let’s go over how rape ends up in our stories, why these patterns are hurtful, and how storytellers can accomplish their goals without it. Content Notice: This article doesn’t include anything graphic, though it does have one abstract description of a rape scene.

We Need to Talk About Digital Blackface in Reaction GIFs. In this op-ed, Lauren Michele Jackson tackles the recurring use of black people as reaction GIFs and its implications in terms of broader “digital blackface.” Adore or despise them, GIFs are integral to the social experience of the Internet. Thanks to a range of buttons, apps, and keyboards, saying “it me” without words is easier than ever. But even a casual observer of GIFing would notice that, as with much of online culture, black people appear at the center of it all. Or images of black people, at least. The plunder of black wealth in Chicago, captured in film - Chicago ReporterChicago Reporter. In just two short decades — while the post World War II housing boom created the wealth of the white middle class — blacks in Chicago were ripped off to the tune of $4 billion on land sale contracts, a common practice at the time that has been since outlawed but whose damage is still felt.

The plunder of black wealth in Chicago, captured in film - Chicago ReporterChicago Reporter

A recent study from Duke University’s Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity estimates that “the total amount expropriated from Chicago’s black community due to land sales contracts is between $3.2 and $4 billion in today’s dollars. The study, called “The Plunder of Black Wealth in Chicago: New Findings on the Lasting Toll of Predatory Housing Contracts,” is the first report to put a dollar amount on the practice.

During a time when blacks could not get mortgages because of redlining, buying homes on contract gave the illusion of a mortgage payment without any protection. Simply put, it was often the only way for black families to buy a home in Chicago during the post-World War II boom. Oh yeah. New Legal Theories Set Out to Show That Trauma is a Public Health Emergency in Schools — Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights. By Tashiana Stafford with data visualizations by Erica Knox Scientists, therapists, and social workers have long connected the lingering effects of trauma to severe and long-lasting health problems.

New Legal Theories Set Out to Show That Trauma is a Public Health Emergency in Schools — Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights

Now, new legal theories are testing the relationship between student trauma and required educational accommodations, with the potential to provide unprecedented levels of support to impacted youth. It is no secret that, in Chicago, the effects of gun violence are concentrated predominately in communities of color [1]. High levels of racial and economic segregation in Chicago have magnified the effects of gun violence in majority Black and Brown neighborhoods.

Women Have Always Been a Part of White Supremacy. In this op-ed, Jenn M.

Women Have Always Been a Part of White Supremacy

Jackson — the Water Cooler Convos editor-in-chief and That Black Couple podcast cohost, who is a Ph.D. candidate studying black politics, social movements, gender, and sexuality at the University of Chicago — explores the role of women in white supremacy and our collective memory that continues to cloud the issue. When you look back at the images from the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend, you might get the impression that women were largely absent.

But that doesn’t mean they haven’t always been present in white supremacist ideas and actions in very important, albeit less memorable, ways. Let’s get a little background first. Hidden figures: College students may be paying thousands in athletic fees and not know it. To determine how much the schools charge each individual student, NBC News had to contact each public Division 1 university.

Hidden figures: College students may be paying thousands in athletic fees and not know it

Eight declined to disclose the exact amount they bill each student, despite repeated requests. More than half of public Division I schools assessed an annual athletic fee of at least $100, and the price at several exceeded $2,000. Pro Wrestling Is Fake, but Its Race Problem Isn't. As with many things in professional wrestling, the logic doesn’t hold up if you look at it too much.

Pro Wrestling Is Fake, but Its Race Problem Isn't

Booker T was, as he would put it, a five time, five time, five time, five time, five time world champion in WCW, a company that surpassed WWE in ratings for a significant chunk of the time he was champion there. But in order for the feud with Triple H to work, Booker T had to be convincingly portrayed as the underdog. But what on Earth would make Booker T the underdog against Triple H? Well, Booker T is black and Triple H is white. Coronavirus underscores need for healing America’s racial divisions.

The reports of racial disparities among COVID-19 victims should not surprise us.

Coronavirus underscores need for healing America’s racial divisions

African Americans and Latinos have typically experienced disproportionate exposure to a range of health issues. For example, African Americans are twice as likely to die of heart disease as their white counterparts. Consider that Latinos are 50% more likely than whites to die of diabetes or liver disease. In the UC Santa Cruz Wildcat Strike, Class War Meets the California Housing Crisis. Mairav Zonszein “This is a marathon, not a sprint,” Sarah Mason, a graduate student in sociology at the University of California Santa Cruz, tells a crowd of several hundred students, wrapping up the fourth day of an unprecedented wildcat strike that has drawn threats of mass dismissal and captured the attention of UC campuses across the state.

In the UC Santa Cruz Wildcat Strike, Class War Meets the California Housing Crisis

Using a megaphone, Mason reminds them that LA teachers went on strike for six days last year and Oakland teachers for seven before getting their pay raises. Bolivia Is An Example of How Socialism Can 'Work' October 21, 2014 | Like this article?

Bolivia Is An Example of How Socialism Can 'Work'

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Work and Worth  What someone is paid has little or no relationship to what their work is worth to society. Does anyone seriously believe hedge-fund mogul Steven A. Cohen is worth the $2.3 billion he raked in last year, despite being slapped with a $1.8 billion fine after his firm pleaded guilty to insider trading?

On the other hand, what's the worth to society of social workers who put in long and difficult hours dealing with patients suffering from mental illness or substance abuse? Ex-child soldiers struggle to adapt. SIBUT, Central African Republic — Not long ago, Charly had all the money he needed. Watch John Oliver Argue Against 'Bad Apples' Police Defense - Rolling Stone.

On Sunday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver proved why dangerous cops in America aren't just "bad apples" misrepresenting the profession. The host argued that metaphor was too simplistic for the complex issue. Instead, he held America's police and judicial systems responsible for disallowing positive change. John Oliver: The U.S. Bail System Screws the Poor, Rewards Reality TV. How the Supreme Court Protects Bad Cops - Photo. Copyright vs. How The Systemic Segregation Of Schools Is Maintained By 'Individual Choices'... Sixty-three years after the Supreme Court's ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, many schools across the country either remain segregated or have re-segregated. The ugly segregationist history of the charter school movement. As a parent I find it easy to understand the appeal of charter schools, especially for parents and students who feel that traditional public schools have failed them. The Hidden Culprit Behind Rising Tuition: Wall Street.

By Lisa Wade, PhD, 9 hours ago at 09:00 am. Trump Interrupting Pelosi Shows How Men Often Treat Women. Researchers have been investigating who interrupts and who gets interrupted since at least 1975, when a landmark study at Stanford University found that, out of 31 conversations examined between partners of various gender pairings, men were responsible for all but one interruption. American notions of gender roles and interactions have changed a lot in the intervening 40 years, and a 2014 study from George Washington University suggests that’s brought a certain amount of parity to the act of interruption: Men and women in that study interrupted others at similar rates.

Where gender differences remained pronounced in the 2014 study was in who got interrupted: Speakers of all genders were far more likely to interrupt a female conversation partner. This dynamic is perhaps most visibly born out at the highest levels of government. How ‘Service With a Smile’ Takes a Toll on Working Women. Discussions of gender inequality in the workplace often focus on the more visible manifestations of the imbalances between men and women: wage inequality, the motherhood penalty, or the lack of paid leave.

The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment. Are you a man confused on how to treat the women you work with? This Is What The Ideal Body Has Looked Like Over The Past 100 Years. Dress Codes, Double Standards, and 4 Other Subtle Ways Women Face Sexism at Work. Why Don’t We Talk About the Gender Safety Gap in the U.S.? There's No Such Thing as a Slut — Atlantic Mobile. Concrete Examples of How Video Games Normalize Violence Against Women. Why women get attacked by trolls: A new study unpacks the digital gender safe... Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person...

The Marijuana Industry Alienates Black People and Benefits White Folks. Bias Isn't Just A Police Problem, It's A Preschool Problem : NPR Ed. The Real Story of Asians in America That Hardly Anyone Is Talking About. Wharton Study Shows the Shocking Result When Women and Minorities Email Their Professors. One Map Shows How Devastating U.S. Gun Violence Is Compared to the World. Once again, U.S. has most expensive, least effective health care system in su... Washington Post 6/16/14.

Majority of White Youth in US Supports Black Lives Matter: Poll. Have You Noticed A Guy Walking Around With Only 1 Finger Nail Polished? The Ferguson Protests Worked. Women in Mexico rally against rampant domestic violence. #SelfieWithDaughter Campaign In India Aims To Fight Stigma That Girls Don't H...