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6 Reasons We Need to Dismantle the Model Minority Myth of Those 'Hard-Working... Source: Pond 5 “We are threatened, unlike most whites, by efforts to use our race against us.”

6 Reasons We Need to Dismantle the Model Minority Myth of Those 'Hard-Working...

–Frank Wu Asians are good at math and science. They’re successful economically and academically. They are hard working and high achieving. Unfair gang laws in California discriminate - The Muslim ObserverThe Muslim O... Photo credit: photodune.

Unfair gang laws in California discriminate - The Muslim ObserverThe Muslim O...

Gone are the days of racially segregated bathrooms, lynching of black males and the internment of Japanese Americans. In modern America, overt and blunt government endorsed racial and ethnic stereotyping has generally become a thing of the past. One of the exceptions: California gang laws. In 1988, the state of California passed the Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention (STEP) Act in order to “seek the eradication of criminal activity by street gangs.” In enacting the STEP Act, the legislature declared that California was in “a state of crisis” caused by “violent street gangs whose members threaten, terrorize, and commit a multitude of crimes against the peaceful citizens of their neighborhoods” and sought to impose increased penalties on suspected street gang activity. White privilege. An Iowa newspaper is accused of pro-white bias after it handled the same alleged crime between two different sets of suspects in radically different ways.

white privilege

Blogger Rafi D’Angelo at pointed out that in reports filed on successive days, the The Gazette in Cedar Rapids printed mug shot photos of black burglary suspects and yearbook photos for white burglary suspects. On March 23, the Gazette‘s Lee Hermiston reported that three University of Iowa wrestlers were arrested after being caught in possession of several items that had been stolen from local homes in Marion, Iowa. The three suspects — Ross Lembeck, Seth Gross and Logan Ryan, all 19 and all white — were shown in the Gazette‘s pages in the their freshman yearbook pictures, wearing matching coats and ties. According to the Gazette, “The three wrestlers were charged with possessing alcohol under the legal age. Oklahoma Frat and Ferguson Shooter Expose Racial Double Standard.

Protests against racist policing practices in Ferguson, Missouri and all throughout this country have largely been peaceful.

Oklahoma Frat and Ferguson Shooter Expose Racial Double Standard

Yet the shooting of two Ferguson police officers last week—a shooting that has not been clearly associated with the protests—has been used to discredit an entire movement, to cast a whole wave of social justice activism as violent and sinister. A few states away, in Oklahoma, a video showing a white American fraternity chapter singing with reportedly drunken glee about how excluding and enacting violence on black men has laid bare anew a core truth about race in America: being white means never having to say you’re sorry. The actions of the University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers have resulted in the university cutting ties with the fraternity, but for the most part, the focus has been on the men in the video. Not on their fraternity brothers, or on other chapters of the fraternity, or on the gender- and race-exclusive institution of Greek life.

Here's a Much-Needed History Lesson on the Origins of the Term 'Women of Color' Loretta Ross: You all know where the term women of color came from?

Here's a Much-Needed History Lesson on the Origins of the Term 'Women of Color'

Who can say that? See, we’re bad at transmitting history. In 1977, a group of black women from Washington, DC went to the National Women’s Conference that Jimmy Carter had given 5 million dollars to have as part of the world decade for women. 50 years after the Moynihan report: Hell in a hand basket? I had the great pleasure of working with Heidi Hartmann, Jeffrey Hayes, and Chandra Childers — from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) — on a briefing paper marking the 50th anniversary of the Moynihan Report.

50 years after the Moynihan report: Hell in a hand basket?

The report is published jointly by the Council on Contemporary Families and IWPR, as part of a symposium called Moynihan+50. Our report is here, the full symposium (PDF) is here. (This isn’t the first time the Moynihan Report has been revisited, of course. "Acting white": The most insidious myth about black kids and achievement. You've probably heard it before: too many black students don't do well in school because they think being smart means "acting white.

"Acting white": The most insidious myth about black kids and achievement

" It's a popular thing to say, but it's not true. At best, it's a very creative interpretation of inadequate research and anecdotal evidence. At worst, it's a messy attempt to transform the near-universal stigma attached to adolescent nerdiness into an indictment of black culture, while often ignoring the systemic inequality that contributes to the country's racial achievement gap. Where the acting white theory came from. 7 Reasons Why 'Colorblindness' Contributes to Racism Instead of Solves It. Author’s Notes: While this article argues that colorblindness as a concept is problematic, I’d also like to acknowledge that colorblindness as a term is problematic, as it could easily be considered an example of ableist language.

7 Reasons Why 'Colorblindness' Contributes to Racism Instead of Solves It

In the end, I chose to use the term, but I hope that in ridding ourselves of the concept, we can also rid ourselves of the term. Thank you to my former students who have shared their race-based experiences, enabling me to write this article. You’ve heard it said before. 7 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Muslim Women Wearing Headscarves. This is likely my favorite stereotype.

7 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Muslim Women Wearing Headscarves

Hijabis hear it again and again: "Where are your voices? Why are you not speaking up? Stand up and say something, you seem oppressed. " Last Night on Jeopardy No One Wanted to Answer Qs About Black History. Black Girls Are Suspended from School Six Times More Often Than White Girls. Meet the Badass Activist Collective Bringing Direct Action Back to Black Comm... In December, the BlackOUT Collective co-coordinated the lockdown of the Oakland Police Department for four hours and 28 minutes.

Meet the Badass Activist Collective Bringing Direct Action Back to Black Comm...

Photo Credit: Julia Carrie Wong In October, organizers in Ferguson put out a call for people nationwide to come to the city to participate in four days of resistance to demand justice for Michael Brown, who was killed in August by police officer Darren Wilson. Hailing from Oakland, New York, DC and Boston, Chinyere Tutashinda, Celeste Faison, Laila Williams, Nene Igietseme and Terry Marshall went to Ferguson to answer the call for black direct action trainers to help coordinate Moral Monday and to facilitate direct action trainings.

One Quote Exposes a Disturbing Truth About How Hollywood Treats Black Actors. The Academy Awards are having their whitest year since 2011, with all 20 of the acting slots filled by Caucasian performers for only the fourth time in 19 years. The most talked-about snub has been Selma, the Martin Luther King Jr. biopic starring David Oyelowo and directed by Ava DuVernay, which received just two nominations. But this is about far more than one missed opportunity. By now even the staunchest Oscar defender would have trouble defending the awards as a meritocratic reflection of talent — the aggressive (and pricey) campaigns needed to get nominated suggests they're more politics than anything. When you say you 'don't see race', you’re ignoring racism, not helping to solve it. People love to tell me that they often forget that I’m black.

They say this with a sort of “a-ha!” Look on their faces, as if their dawning ability to see my blackness was a gift to us both. When I point out that their eyesight had never left them, that my skin has never changed colors, and that they probably did not really forget that I am black, they inevitably get defensive. First, they try to argue that it was a compliment; the smart ones quickly realize that complimenting someone on not being black is actually pretty racist, so they switch gears. Black Lives Matter. 7 Actual Facts That Prove White Privilege Exists in America.

From Lynching Photos to Michael Brown's Body: Commodifying Black Death. (Image: Lauren Walker / Truthout) Unforgivable: The Governor and the Teen-ager. Bob McDonnell, the disgraced ex-governor of Virginia, appealed for the mercy of the court, and he received it. A former Presidential prospect with a career in state politics, McDonnell, along with his wife, Maureen, was convicted in September of trading the powers of his office for loans, shopping sprees, golf trips, a Rolex, and use of a Ferrari and a country home—a pattern that unfolded in the course of eleven months, netting his family a range of pleasures worth a hundred and seventy-seven thousand dollars, until federal prosecutors took notice.

Federal sentencing guidelines called for ten to twelve years. Michael Dry, an assistant United States attorney who prosecuted the case, called the series of abuses “unprecedented in Virginia’s two-hundred-and-twenty-six-year history,” and sought six and a half years. 5 reasons “white pride” is always racist. The Ku Klux Klan is currently sponsoring a Harrison, Ark., billboard that sends the following message: “It’s not racist to love your people.” The message is featured next to an adorable photo of a kitten and a puppy. On the White Pride Radio website, the group further clarifies their mission: “A lot of people recognize that there is an ongoing program of genocide against white people.

There are websites, newsletters, videos, and radio shows, but too many talk about family without including the family. The ugly segregationist history of the charter school movement. As a parent I find it easy to understand the appeal of charter schools, especially for parents and students who feel that traditional public schools have failed them. As a historical sociologist who studies race and politics, however, I am disturbed both by the significant challenges that plague the contemporary charter school movement, and by the ugly history of segregationist tactics that link past educational practices to the troubling present. Arizona Threatens To Take Away School District's Funding Over A Course On Hip... One State Is About To Make It Illegal to Wear a Hoodie. Oklahoma. Stereotypes.

Black Lives: Between Grief and Action. “Listen when I talk to you!”: How white entitlement marred my trip to a Fergu... White Privilege, Explained in One Simple Comic. In school, black girls face dramatically harsher penalties than their white c... “We live in a country full of racism, but no racists; rape, but no rapists.” In the midst of the continued fallout from the Rolling Stone mess and the ongoing protests against racist police violence, Kate Harding draws the parallels between the victim-blaming tendencies that runs through the conversations on both gendered violence and racist violence. As a society, we (mostly) acknowledge that corrosive, potentially deadly racism, as an abstract concept, exists. This Teacher Taught Their Class A Powerful Lesson About Privilege. Three Charts About the Eric Garner Ruling That Every White American Should See.

An Open Letter to Clemson University. Edward Banfield: The racist, classist origins of broken windows policing. My Vassar College Faculty ID Makes Everything OK. The Smear Campaign Against 12-Year-Old Killed by Cops Has Begun. 6 Things White Parents Can Do to Raise Racially Conscious Children. In Darren Wilson's Testimony, Familiar Themes About Black Men : Code Switch. 4 Ways To Honor Native Americans Without Appropriating Our Culture. Why_courts_cant_solve_the_problem_of_cops_who_kill. Mike Brown’s shooting and Jim Crow lynchings have too much in common. It’s time for America to own up. A White Man, Black Man, and White Woman All Try To Steal a Bike - And Only One of Them Is Stopped.

A-Concise-History-Of-Black-White-Relations-In-The-United-States.png (PNG Image, 650 × 511 pixels) Why half of Chicago’s white kids don’t go to CPS and why it matters. Chart of the Week: A Majority of Middle Class Black Children Will Be Poorer a... What ‘White Privilege’ Really Means. Racial Minorities Have to Wait Longer at the Polls. 'White Like Me' The Economic Impact of School Suspensions. The Whiteness Project: Whites and blacks are still living in separate worlds. America’s Teachers Still Don’t Think Black and Latino Kids Are Smart. A Poetic Warning About Police Brutality in Ferguson and Elsewhere—From a Blac... Shonda Rhimes Dismantles 'New York Times' Critic Who Called Her an 'Angry Bla...

When you're the only white person in the room. San Francisco May Be First City To Oppose Sex-Selective Abortion Bans. The Average White American’s Social Network is 1% Black. One Artist's Journey To Photograph The Black Men Of America. Glogin?mobile=1& Officials decide to boot HM2 for her locks. “Black and White Twins” and the Social Construction of Race. New_report_says_us_health_care_violates_un_convention_on_racism. Man Arrested While Picking Up His Kids: 'The Problem Is I'm Black' The Myth Of The Absent Black Father. Race/Off - Live From Somewhere. He Was Raised By A White Mom And Didn't Think The Cops Were Out To Get Him. U... Three quarters of whites don’t have any non-white friends. W.E.B. DuBois on the Indifference of White America. 11 Things White People Should Stop Saying to Black People Immediately. After A Traffic Stop, Teen Was 'Almost Another Dead Black Male'

#IfTheyGunnedMeDown Attacks Portrayals of Black Men Killed by Police. A Black Man And A White Woman Walk Into A Barbershop. Someone Has Something T... Coverage Of Michael Brown Shooting Story Triggers Brilliant #IfTheyGunnedMeDo... The Economic Benefits Of White Privilege In 6 Basic Charts. Black officers dismissed at greater rate than whites USA Today 8/4/14. “Black and White Twins” and the Social Construction of Race. Marijuana Arrests Four Times as Likely for Blacks. When It Comes To Illegal Drug Use, White America Does The Crime, Black America Gets The Time. Children Seeking Refuge Have Hardened Americans Against Undocumented Immigrants. Just Stop Talking About Race. University of Texas may use race as a factor in admissions, court rules. WGBH News. A Simple Lesson on the Social Construction of Race. What Happens When A Prep School's Black Student President Mocks Her White Mal...

How tough-on-crime policing affects poor Chicago Tribune 6/30/14. Rail yard air pollution plagues neighborhoods Chicago Tribune 6/29/14. XoJane. Infographic_Relationships-that-changed-history_web. Bridging the Divide: Wilcox County High School Students Hold First Integrated Prom. Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks 'Chink in the Armor': ESPN Apologizes. For Many Latinos, Race Is More Culture Than Color. Man_rescues_baby_still_cant_lose_ex-con_status. In Landmark Decision, U.S. Patent Office Cancels Trademark For Redskins Footb... Jul10TSFeature.pdf. If Asian people said the stuff white people say. 7 Lies We Have to Stop Telling About Latina Women in America. Distrust for Black Entrepreneurs. Reparations. Why and How People of Color are Included in Advertising: 2nd in a Series. Saturday Stat: Racist Beliefs about Black People Still Common. Here's What Happens When You Put A Few Little Kids In A Room With 2 Dolls In ... An Executive Got Mistaken For Kitchen Help. But Instead Of Getting Angry, She Turned It Into This.