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Period-Syncing Almost Definitely Isn’t Real. Strassmann considers the idea of period syncing to have been “debunked,” but of course much of the general population remains convinced that it’s a real thing, thanks to what she calls “an appealing narrative that overrides the science.”

Period-Syncing Almost Definitely Isn’t Real

In 2016, Breanne Fahs, a women- and gender-studies professor at Arizona State University, published a study examining that narrative. For the study, Fahs spoke with 18 women who believed they had experienced menstrual synchrony, and a few key themes repeatedly came up. Drew McKenna - Men ask why women are so pissed off, even... Trump Interrupting Pelosi Shows How Men Often Treat Women. Researchers have been investigating who interrupts and who gets interrupted since at least 1975, when a landmark study at Stanford University found that, out of 31 conversations examined between partners of various gender pairings, men were responsible for all but one interruption.

Trump Interrupting Pelosi Shows How Men Often Treat Women

American notions of gender roles and interactions have changed a lot in the intervening 40 years, and a 2014 study from George Washington University suggests that’s brought a certain amount of parity to the act of interruption: Men and women in that study interrupted others at similar rates. Where gender differences remained pronounced in the 2014 study was in who got interrupted: Speakers of all genders were far more likely to interrupt a female conversation partner. This dynamic is perhaps most visibly born out at the highest levels of government. Few women in US companies are CEOs – or in the jobs that lead there. Despite the advances women have made in the workplace, they still account for a small share of top leadership jobs.

Few women in US companies are CEOs – or in the jobs that lead there

That’s true in the fields of politics and government, academia, the nonprofit sector – and particularly business. Women held only about 10% of the top executive positions (defined as chief executive officers, chief financial officers and the next three highest paid executives) at U.S. companies in 2016-17, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of federal securities filings by all companies in the benchmark Standard & Poor’s Composite 1500 stock index. And at the very top of the corporate ladder, just 5.1% of chief executives of S&P 1500 companies were women. Nor do many women hold executive positions just below the CEO in the corporate hierarchy in terms of pay and position. Only 651 (11.5%) of the nearly 5,700 executives in this category, which includes such positions as chief operating officer (COO) and chief financial officer (CFO), were women. Teen given Band-Aids for niρρles.

Toxic masculinity in boys is fueling an epidemic of loneliness. Emma Watson's Comments On "White Feminism" Are A Lesson In Self-Awareness & I... #APeoplesJourney: African American Women and the Struggle for Equality. The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment. Are you a man confused on how to treat the women you work with?

The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment

Do you feel like if you can’t say or do *anything* you don’t know what to say or do at all? Well stress no more! Words that are Transphobic and Why. Missouri Is One Step Closer To Disqualifying You For Jobs Because You Take Bi... If you want the guarantee that potential employers won't be able to act against you for your reproductive choices, then Missouri might not be the place for you.

Missouri Is One Step Closer To Disqualifying You For Jobs Because You Take Bi...

On Tuesday, the Missouri House voted to let employers discriminate against women based on their reproductive choices, including whether they use birth control or whether they've had an abortion. But the bill that the house approved, SB 5, doesn't stop there. It also extends that same privilege of discrimination to landlords, who would be able to evict women for getting an abortion, using birth control, or getting pregnant out of wedlock. And it imposes more severe regulations on abortion providers. I Refuse To Call My Daughter A Tomboy. Here's Why. The whole conversation started because I don’t like the word “tomboy.”

I Refuse To Call My Daughter A Tomboy. Here's Why.

“Mommy,” my daughter Emilia said to me one day some months ago, “I think that I’m a tomboy.” “What makes you say that?” “Because I like a lot of things that boys like. I like basketball and motorcycles. I like surfing.” Let’s Talk About Intersex. It is 2017.

Let’s Talk About Intersex

Young women like Amandla Stenberg and Rowan Blanchard are using their public platforms to start complex conversations about gender equality. Activists like Janet Mock and Laverne Cox are helping to increase transgender visibility in the media and by extension, in society. Matt McGorry is publicly (and hilariously) exploring how to "do feminism" as a man. Jaden Smith is the face of Louis Vuitton's new womenswear campaign, challenging the idea of gendered clothing and rocking the heck out of some outrageously expensive skirts.

In part because of outspoken public figures like these, the omnipresence of social media, and increased access to information, we are having larger, more open dialogues about social justice and the intersections of identity. Intersex Flag, created by Organisation Intersex International Australia, via Wikimedia Commons. An Open Letter To The Good Guys. An Open Letter to White Liberal Feminists. Dear White Liberal Feminists, After Donald J.

An Open Letter to White Liberal Feminists

Trump’s election to the highest and most powerful political office of the United States last week, many of you have approached me, and my black brothers and sisters especially, with tearful eyes and somber faces. In person, in private, in public, and in the digital sphere, you have bemoaned the state of this world and our political landscape. You have lamented the deep-seated divisiveness of this country. You have wept, you have hugged, and you have gingerly asked, “how are you?” And yet, your actions and inquiries are especially loaded, as much for their selfishness as their disingenuous nature. Taking Mom Out For Brunch? It's A Feminist Tradition. The right to dine out alone in public during the day was an early victory in the women's rights movement.

Taking Mom Out For Brunch? It's A Feminist Tradition

And as brunch took off in post-war America, for some, it became an exercise in women's lib. Chaloner Woods/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption. Cadence Case - This is a critical point and a really good... How ‘Service With a Smile’ Takes a Toll on Working Women. Discussions of gender inequality in the workplace often focus on the more visible manifestations of the imbalances between men and women: wage inequality, the motherhood penalty, or the lack of paid leave.

How ‘Service With a Smile’ Takes a Toll on Working Women

These are all important issues that, if fixed, would help women. More difficult to pinpoint and address, however, are the ways that what sociologists call “emotional labor” also reinforces workplace gender inequality. A key feature of the modern economy—and a way work has deviated from what it was in the past—is that the outputs of many jobs have become invisible. In her seminal book The Managed Heart, the sociologist Arlie Hochschild describes how the transition from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy has brought on the commodification of emotions.

Hochschild’s argument is that in service jobs, workers do not produce tangible commodities like they did in manufacturing positions. Transgender 101: Your Introductory Guide to Gender and Identity. You Are What You Wear<br><small>The Dangerous Lessons Kids Learn From Sexist ... Mike Adamick was shopping at Target with his daughter when she saw a retro Superman shirt in the boys’ section.

She wanted to look for the shirt in her size over in the girls’ section. “But of course there’s no Superman shirt in the girls’ section,” Adamick told The Huffington Post. What An Anti-Feminist Student Taught Me About Feminism: BUST True Story. “Looking into the origins of western feminism, in every case the women who were ‘stirring up the hornets’ nest’ were considered a bit odd. In a short amount of time, a very small group of ‘men hating’ women skewed the minds of content and happy women everywhere and made them think that they were being treated ‘unfairly.’”

This is a real sentence written by a real student at a New England university. I was this student’s freshmen composition teacher. The student who wrote this sentence is female. Gender Gap Bake Sale Proves We Still Need Feminism. How do you prove that gender inequality and sexism still exist? The easiest way, as the University of Queensland discovered, is to throw a bake sale. As part of the Australian university’s annual “Feminist Week," the University of Queensland’s Student Union hosted a Gender Pay Gap Bake Sale last Tuesday. Cupcakes and brownies were sold with prices set at $1 and discounted in proportion of the dollar females (and some males) earn relative to white men. The numbers were based on Australia’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency, which reports that women make, on average, only 83% compared with their male counterparts. Discounts were also given based on race, sexual orientation, and career field. Professor discusses his book on being raped.

Many colleges and universities have come under criticism in recent years for their handling of sexual assault on campus. Those controversies and the debate they generate tend to focus on assaults against women. Less talked about, and less talked about than it ought to be, writes Raymond Douglas in his new book, On Being Raped (Beacon Press), is the rape of men, both on and off college campuses. Little progress has been made, he writes, for male victims in the three decades since he was raped. How To Mansplain In 6 Easy Steps. I Heart the Singular They. No Sex, Please—I'm Asexual. The Patronizing Questions We Ask Women Who Write. 130+ Examples Of Cis Privilege in All Areas of Life For You To Reflect On and... To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me. 'Women are just better at this stuff': is emotional labor feminism's next fro...

We remember children’s allergies, we design the shopping list, we know where the spare set of keys is. We multi-task. We know when we’re almost out of Q-tips, and plan on buying more. We are just better at remembering birthdays. We love catering to loved ones, and we make note of what they like to eat. We notice people’s health, and force friends and family to go see the doctor. We listen to our partner’s woes, forgive them the absences, the forgetfulness, the one-track mindedness while we’re busy organizing a playdate for the kids. But what if, much like childcare and house keeping, the sum of this ongoing emotional management is yet another form of unpaid labor?

Let's Be Clear – My Gender Identity is Harmless. 5 Totally Normal Questions Transgender People May Be Afraid to Ask, Answered. Women considered better coders – but only if they hide their gender. 6 Easy Ways to Make Me, a Transgender Person, Extremely Uncomfortable. Wealthy Women Can Afford to Reject Marriage, but Poor Women Can't - Emma Green. What Cis People Say To Trans People Vs. What We Hear. A New Campaign, #WomenNotObjects, Is Calling Out the Ads That Objectify Women.

Canada's prime minister on the importance of raising feminist sons. How ‘Service With a Smile’ Takes a Toll on Working Women. Emma Watson Was Told Not To Say 'Feminism' In A Speech. She Did Anyway. Women Who Show Emotional Restraint Are Seen As Less Intelligent Fakers. On Silence As A Tool For Queer Families. Swedish hospital is opening up a rape clinic for men. 5 accidentally transphobic phrases allies use — and what to say instead.

3 Ways White Cis Gay Men Can Do Better for the LGBTQIA+ Movement. These Adults Were Raised in Gender-Neutral Homes — Here’s What Happened. 5 Things I Wish You Knew About Intersex People. The Problem With Nude Photos Isn't Women, But the Men Who Obsess Over Them. Justin Hubbell's "It's Not A Race" Comic Busts 3 Common Myths About Gender Transitions. Why College Is More Dangerous for LGBT Students. Dad Sends His Little Girl Off to School in A Sundress. What She’s In At Pickup Leaves Him Seething. Undercover female cops sent to battle rising sex crimes on NYC transit. Not All Transgender People Have Dysphoria – And Here Are 6 Reasons Why That Matters. My life without gender: 'Strangers are desperate to know what genitalia I have' Men See Powerful Women As Threats To Their Masculinity, Says Study.

Guys React to Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled On Hidden Camera. These 5 Myths Might Be Holding You Back From Non-Binary Transition. This Is What The Ideal Body Has Looked Like Over The Past 100 Years. High school girl to college recruiters: Don't make everything pink! These 7 Assumptions About Non-Binary Folks May Be Hindering Your Trans Allyship. Is Your Trans Allyship Half-Baked? Here Are 6 Mistakes That Trans Allies Are Still Making.

Ugh: Girls feel the need to “play dumb” to avoid intimidating boys. John Oliver Talks Online Harassment, Revenge Porn; Shows How Horrific the Internet Is for Women - Hollywood Reporter. Fight Or Flight: Female Attendants Battle Airline's New High Heel Policy. Dress Codes, Double Standards, and 4 Other Subtle Ways Women Face Sexism at Work. Sweden announces first centre for raped men. “Nice Guys” Contribute to Rape Culture. Masculinity Is Killing Men - Role Reboot. Jon Stewart Made a Brilliant Point About Caitlyn Jenner That Nobody's Talking About - Mic. What Makes a Woman? Mark Ruffalo on the ‘I am not a feminist internet phenomenon’ Nigeria Female Genital Mutilation Outlawed. These 25 Examples of Male Privilege from a Trans Guy's Perspective Really Pro... One Reason Why False Rape Allegation Statistics Are So High.

101 Everyday Ways for Men to Be Allies to Women. People Can't Be Trusted To Make Unbiased Hiring Decisions. So This Woman Crea... ‘Put on your raping shoes and find this b*tch': Abby Martin is the latest tar... 'Shit People Say to Women Directors' Highlights Sexism in. Peer reviewer says female researchers should get a male co-author to “check” study.