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Recuva - Free Data Recovery tool - Free Download. Navigare in privato con la modalità di navigazione in incognito - Computer - Guida di Google Chrome. Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications. Boot Camp - Supporto Apple. Linux Commando: Splitting up is easy for a PDF file. Occasionally, I needed to extract some pages from a multi-page pdf document.

Linux Commando: Splitting up is easy for a PDF file

Suppose you have a 6-page pdf document named myoldfile.pdf. You want to extract into a new pdf file mynewfile.pdf containing only pages 1 and 2, 4 and 5 from myoldfile.pdf. I did exactly that using pdktk, a command-line tool. Hashbot. 25, 465, 587... What port should I use? It's a common question that we receive here at Mailgun.

25, 465, 587... What port should I use?

To ensure connectivity to our Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) endpoint, Mailgun offers multiple port options, but which one should you use? United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute. Fast & Secure Browser, Maxthon Cloud Browser. Remove hidden data and personal information by inspecting documents. If you plan to share an electronic copy of a Microsoft Word document with clients or colleagues, it is a good idea to review the document for hidden data or personal information that might be stored in the document itself or in the document properties (metadata).

Remove hidden data and personal information by inspecting documents

Angry IP Scanner - the original IP scanner for Windows, Mac and Linux. Google Hacking Diggity Project – Bishop Fox. Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense.

Google Hacking Diggity Project – Bishop Fox

Bishop Fox’s attack tools for Google Hacking level the playing field by allowing our clients to find information disclosures and exposed vulnerabilities before others do. Arm yourself with our arsenal of attack tools that leverage Google, Bing, and other popular search engines. SearchDiggity SearchDiggity v 3 SearchDiggity 3.1 is the primary attack tool of the Google Hacking Diggity Project. RingMeMaybe - Disposable & Temporary Phone Number App.

VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner. Create a temporary phone number with inumbr. How to View Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks [Video] Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers hide passwords behind asterisks but you can easily view the saved passwords using the built-in developer tools.

How to View Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks [Video]

Web browser hide passwords under asterisk characters for improved security. Say you are on the Gmail login page and the web browser, as always, has auto-filled the username and passwords fields for you. This is convenient because you can sign-in to your account with a click but because you have not been typing these saved passwords for a while now, you don’t even remember the Gmail password anymore. All web browsers, for security reasons, mask the password fields in login forms behind asterisk characters thus making it impossible for passersby to see your secret string. For mobile - Disposable Email Address.

How to Install and Use the Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10. Windows 10’s Anniversary Update offers a big new feature for developers: A full, Ubuntu-based Bash shell that can run Linux software directly on Windows.

How to Install and Use the Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10

This is made possible by the new “Windows Subsystem for Linux” Microsoft is adding to Windows 10. What You Need to Know About Windows 10’s Bash Shell This isn’t a virtual machine, a container, or Linux software compiled for Windows (like Cygwin). Linux Text Editors. Linux Editors for Plain Text: Linux editors for plain text can be divided into two categories, graphical GUI editors and console text editors.

Linux Text Editors

The advantage of the GUI editor is intuitive user friendly interface while the benefit of the console text editor is the suitability over long distance network connections which may or may not provide suitable bandwidth or reliability which would both be required by the GUI editors for remote operation. Console Based Editors: Graphical GUI Editors: Structured Text editors: Structured text refers to logically formatted and/or annotated text to represent a data schema or programmatic function.

Come entrare nel Bios UEFI Windows 10, 8.1 e 8. Con l’introduzione di Windows 10, 8.1 e 8, la Microsoft ci ha presentato molte novità che hanno arricchito i nostri pc, rendendoli, in parte, simili ai sistemi mobile.

Come entrare nel Bios UEFI Windows 10, 8.1 e 8

Tra i tanti cambiamenti, uno dei più rilevanti è stato l’introduzione del nuovo Bios UEFI. Questa nuova interfaccia firmware presenta diversi vantaggi, tra cui: Boot da pendrive usb con UEFI Bios. Con l’introduzione di Windows 8 è stato anche messo da parte il vecchio BIOS, che tutti conoscevamo, per introdurne una versione più ricca e versatile, ossia l’UEFI.

Boot da pendrive usb con UEFI Bios

7 Sins. 4chan. Crack/Keygen Sites That Are Safe To Use. Blindly searching the web for cracks & keygens is about as smart as using Limewire to search for antivirus software - something not well-advised.

Crack/Keygen Sites That Are Safe To Use

Undoubtedly and unfortunately, the number of crack sites with overtones of a malicious agenda heavily outweigh sites that just want to serve up the honest goods. Having said that, there actually are quite a few creditable ‘crack’ sites that won’t try to bombard you with full-screen popup ads, or commandeer your computer into a spam-loving Kraken or Srizbi Botnet army. We’ve done the hard work for you, and present a list of “clean” crack sites for all the latest warez. Be aware that the site reviews herein only include information about each site, not the contents of the ‘cracks’ themselves.

Always use a reputable antivirus and antispyware program on cracks & keygens before using them. Levels of the Deep Web & Internet. What are the Levels? There are, supposedly, 5 levels of the deep web (not counting Level 0). According to an anon, however, three more levels exist after the 5th one. This is yet to be proven, but all eight levels will be listed and described whatsoever. The levels are supposed to be more and more difficult to access following their number; for example, only a simple proxy is needed to access Level 2, but complex hardware is apparently needed to access parts of Level 4, and all the following levels.

The information contained in the deep web is likely to change following the levels: government secrets are contained in Level 5, while CP and snuff can be found in Levels 2, 3 and 4. The Levels (Here will be listed the Levels as they are represented in the most famous of the DeepWeb images. ABC Sicurezza: Google Dorking. - The Bulgarian Proxy - Българско Прокси. - A list with fast piratebay proxies. ProtonMail Is the Easiest Way to Send and Receive Encrypted Emails. SANS Information Security Training. Tools.bartlweb.