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TCP/IP .NET Sockets FAQ. This is an attempt to address some TCP/IP frequently asked questions and present best practices.


While the WinSock Programmer’s FAQ will remain the ultimate FAQ for native code, there is a growing need for a simplified version that addresses the managed interface to TCP/IP sockets. Section 1 - Application Protocol Design 1.1 - Message framing, also known as: “One side sent X bytes, but the other side only got Y bytes.” “One side sent several packets, but the other side only got one packet, which was all the sent packets appended together.” “I need the function that will send exactly one packet of data.” 1.2 - Detection of half-open (dropped) connections, also known as: “My socket doesn’t detect a lost connection; it just sits there forever waiting for more data to arrive.” 1.3 - Application Protocol Specifications 1.4 - XML over TCP/IP Section 2 - Socket Class 2.1 - Socket operations 2.2 - Error handling 2.3 - Using Socket as a client socket 2.4 - Using Socket as a server (listening) socket.

FREE CCNA Subnetting Tutorial: Practice IP Subnetting with examples. CCNA [Home] >> Learning Center>> Interactive Tutorials A short IP subnetting tutorial.

FREE CCNA Subnetting Tutorial: Practice IP Subnetting with examples

Subnetting is explained with examples. Post assessment exercises after the course gives you hands on practice.By the end of this subnetting course, you should be able to: Define subnet and subnet masks Understand IP subnetting maths Calculate Network addressDefine private addressSubnet an IP network in a given scenario To start the subnetting tutorial, click the start button in the flash demo below! Top Deals Of The Day: Top Deals Of The Day: If you are unable to view the interactive tutorial, you can get the Course Map in pdf format.

Network management. In computer networks, network management refers to the activities, methods, procedures, and tools that pertain to the operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of networked systems.[1] Network management is essential to command and control practices and is generally carried out of a network operations center.

Network management

Operation deals with keeping the network (and the services that the network provides) up and running smoothly. It includes monitoring the network to spot problems as soon as possible, ideally before users are affected.Administration deals with keeping track of resources in the network and how they are assigned. It includes all the "housekeeping" that is necessary to keep the network under control.Maintenance is concerned with performing repairs and upgrades—for example, when equipment must be replaced, when a router needs a patch for an operating system image, when a new switch is added to a network.

Note: Network management does not include user terminal equipment. RFC INDEX. Protocol Registries. IANA is responsible for maintaining many of the codes and numbers contained in a variety of Internet protocols, enumerated below.

Protocol Registries

We provide this service in coordination with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). For more information on how to create registries, please see RFC 5226, Section 4. This document also covers the requirements for IANA Considerations in RFCs. To view the various protocol registries, just click on their titles. To apply to modify a registry, use the relevant form.

The TCP/IP Guide. The TCP/IP Guide Welcome to the free online version of The TCP/IP Guide!

The TCP/IP Guide

My name is Charles and I am the author and publisher. I hope you will find the material here useful to you in your studies of computing, networking, and programming. Here are a few tips, links and reminders to help you out: Introduction: Newcomers to The TCP/IP Guide may wish to read the Introduction and Guide to the Guide, which will explain what the Guide is about and provide you with useful information about how to use it. Last but definitely not least: this site is provided as an online reference resource for casual use. If you like The TCP/IP Guide enough to want your own copy in convenient PDF format, please license the full Guide. Thanks again and enjoy the site! Charles Home - Table Of Contents - Contact Us. The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) Tutorials about ACE and OO Communication Frameworks and Patterns. WinPcap - Home.

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