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chemistry - few periodic rules to rule them all :)

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Providing links to the world's electronic journals: Current offerings: Special Featured Journals and Sites: International Journal of Contemporary Composition (IJCC) is an online peer-reviewed open-access journal, dedicated to providing the worldwide musical audience with free access to high-quality works by contemporary music researchers and composers. E-Journals.Org


Open access to 906,675 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics 7 Jan 2014: arXiv 2013 update See cumulative "What's New" pages. Read robots beware before attempting any automated download Physics Mathematics Mathematics (math new, recent, find) includes (see detailed description): Algebraic Geometry; Algebraic Topology; Analysis of PDEs; Category Theory; Classical Analysis and ODEs; Combinatorics; Commutative Algebra; Complex Variables; Differential Geometry; Dynamical Systems; Functional Analysis; General Mathematics; General Topology; Geometric Topology; Group Theory; History and Overview; Information Theory; K-Theory and Homology; Logic; Mathematical Physics; Metric Geometry; Number Theory; Numerical Analysis; Operator Algebras; Optimization and Control; Probability; Quantum Algebra; Representation Theory; Rings and Algebras; Spectral Theory; Statistics Theory; Symplectic Geometry e-Print archive e-Print archive
Megafloods: What They Leave Behind South-central Idaho and the surface of Mars have an interesting geological feature in common: amphitheater-headed canyons. Researchers offer a plausible account that all these canyons were created by enormous floods. ... > full story Image Perception in the Blink of an Eye Imagine seeing a dozen pictures flash by in a fraction of a second. You might think it would be impossible to identify any images you see for such a short time. Science Daily: News & Articles in Science, Health, Environment & Technology

Science Daily: News & Articles in Science, Health, Environment & Technology

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Rutgers unveils new $5.2 million microscopy suites April 2, 2014 By MaterialsViews staff Leave a Comment Rutgers University have unveiled two microscopy suites – a scanning transmission electron microscope and a helium ion microscope. The limits of applicability of the Mayo-Lewis equation in radical copolymerizations April 2, 2014 By Stefan Spiegel Leave a Comment MaterialsViews - Materials news and jobs MaterialsViews - Materials news and jobs





NOVA | scienceNOW

NOVA | scienceNOW

How Many Dimensions Does the Universe Really Have? An engineer, a mathematician and a physicist walk into a universe. How many dimensions do they find? The engineer whips out a protractor and straightedge.

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TED: Ideas worth spreading Melinda Gates and Bill Gates Why giving away our wealth has been the most satisfying thing we've done In 1993, Bill and Melinda Gates—then engaged—took a walk on a beach in Zanzibar, and made a bold decision on how they would make sure that their wealth from Microsoft went back into society. In a conversation with Chris Anderson, the couple talks about their work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as about their marriage, their children, their failures and the satisfaction of giving most of their wealth away.

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Welcome to Basics of Space Flight. The authors hope you'll enjoy and benefit from using this document. At the end, you'll be offered a certificate of completion that you can fill out and give your supervisor for inclusion in your training record. Basics of Space Flight Guide Basics of Space Flight Guide


Practical Answers has more than 90,000 registered users. Your knowledge and experience is really helpful to all those users, and to Practical Action as we seek to improve our service. Stories of change Take a look at the experiences of others. Share your experience Tell us how Practical Answers information has helped you in your development project. Translations Help spread useful information by translating information on this website. Feedback Tell us what you think about the Practical Answers section of the website. Practical Answers Practical Answers
openMaterials | DIY smart materials Luisa Pereira and Manuela Donoso collaborated on this musical instrument made of elastics and light. On the first version they used regular elastics coated with conductive ink and on the final version opted for stretch ... Playing With Food is fun video by Manuela Donoso, Yucef Merhi, and Michelle Boisson made for ITP's Tech Crafts class. The assignment was to test the capacitive properties of food by wiring edibles to an Arduino running ...

openMaterials | DIY smart materials


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