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Solar-powered sea slug harnesses stolen plant genes - life - 24 November 2008 Video: Watch a sea slug eat algae to nab some of its chloroplasts, and the genes that keep them functioning It's the ultimate form of solar power: eat a plant, become photosynthetic. Now researchers have found how one animal does just that. WikiPathways - WikiPathways Today's Featured Pathway miRNA Biogenesis (Homo sapiens) miRNA Biogenesis Curator of the Week Daniela Digles (University of Vienna) Prenatal screening advances with non-invasive blood test now available in Australia Updated New, cutting-edge prenatal screening technology is about to become available in Australia for the first time, with a non-invasive blood test allowing expecting parents to screen for chromosomal disorders like Down syndrome. The new, non-invasive blood test has only been available for two years, and up until now only via American companies at a substantial cost. But the test is about to be offered by Victorian Clinical Genetic Services, a not-for-profit provider of genetic testing, based at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne. Medical director David Amor said there were good reasons to offer the test in Australia. "There is certainly a strong benefit in having the laboratory scientists in close communication with the counsellors who are in turn in close communication with the patient," Associate Professor Amor said.

'Avatar therapy' aims to help those who hear voices - CNN She's not referring to where food is cooked. The term "kitchen," she said, is how many black women describe the nape of the neck "where our hair is curly and wavy; some people might use the term 'kinky.'" "The hair might look very pretty on top, but underneath, it could be a frizzy mess -- and that's where the voices reside," she said. Electric Weather The following excerpts come from a report that appeared in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) magazine, SPECTRUM, for April. The report demonstrates that when science has lost its way, engineers must use their intuition to make progress. Electric Rainmaking Technology Gets Mexico’s BlessingBut for now, doubters prevail north of the border.From at least the early 1940′s to the end of the 20th century, it always rained more in the state of Jalisco, in central Mexico, than in its neighbor Aguascalientes. But in 2000, on a patch of parched pasture in Aguascalientes, workers from Mexico City-based Electrificación Local de la Atmósfera Terrestre SA (ELAT) erected a peculiar field of interconnected metal poles and wires somewhat resembling the skeleton of a carnival tent.

audio et texte en anglais sur le tabac (laura et philippe) Tobacco by Claire Powell and Dave Collett What’s in a cigarette? What’s in a puff? Photographers Legal Guide to Copyright, Contracts & Release Forms Last updated: 19 March 2019 Legal Guide for Photographers and Photography Businesses – This step-by-step guide outlines everything you need to know from an Australian legal standpoint about taking photographs and starting a photography business. We cover: Your shooting rightsProtecting your imagesLicensing your images, andSelling your photography services Whether you’re a freelance or professional photographer (or videographer), doing things right will help avoid legal issues and protect you and your business from lawsuits. ABC News 'I'm Scottish': Gutted Lambie to quit Senate in latest citizenship shock Jacqui Lambie broke down in a radio interview this morning as she confirmed she will resign from the Senate because she holds British citizenship, telling listeners she always thought she was "Australian as they bloody come". How your MP will vote if Australia says Yes to same-sex marriage We've asked every federal politician what they intend to do if same-sex marriage gets to a vote in Parliament. On the numbers we've gathered, both houses would pass a bill to change the law. Check out what your local member will do.

Teenage suicide is extremely difficult to predict. That’s why some experts are turning to machines for help. Researchers from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center are testing an app in schools that analyzes language to determine whether teens are at risk for suicide. They call it Spreading Activation Mobile or “SAM.” (John Pestian) In any given week, Ben Crotte, a behavioral health therapist at Children’s Home of Cincinnati, speaks to dozens of students in need of an outlet. Their challenges run the adolescent gamut, from minor stress about an upcoming test to severe depression, social isolation and bullying. Amid the flood of conversations, meetings and paperwork, the challenge for Crotte — and mental health professionals everywhere — is separating hopeless expressions of pain and suffering from crucial warning signs that suggest a student is at risk for committing suicide.

Matrix mechanics Matrix mechanics is a formulation of quantum mechanics created by Werner Heisenberg, Max Born, and Pascual Jordan in 1925. Matrix mechanics was the first conceptually autonomous and logically consistent formulation of quantum mechanics. It extended the Bohr Model by describing how the quantum jumps occur. It did so by interpreting the physical properties of particles as matrices that evolve in time. It is equivalent to the Schrödinger wave formulation of quantum mechanics, and is the basis of Dirac's bra-ket notation for the wave function. 1ère ES/L : Food Preservation Methods: Canning, Freezing, and Drying (Nico&Camille) You can preserve foods inexpensively by using canning, freezing, or drying techniques. Modern-day food preservation methods, such as water-bath canning, help you can and preserve with ease. After you understand the basic procedures for a food preservation method, you'll just need to concentrate on preparing your recipe. About canning food Canning is the process of applying heat to food that’s sealed in a jar in order to destroy any microorganisms that can cause food spoilage.

How to Use Multiple User Profiles in Microsoft Edge Using a web browser means building up a profile with your own settings and bookmarks. You can create multiple user profiles in the new Microsoft Edge browser, letting you share it with other users or separate work and play. Thanks to the new Chromium engine, using a new user profile in Microsoft Edge is as simple as using user profiles in other browsers like Google Chrome. To start, you’ll need to install the new Microsoft Edge. Creating Multiple User Profiles in Microsoft Edge

10 Emerging Ethical Dilemmas in Science and Technology The John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values at the University of Notre Dame has released its annual list of emerging ethical dilemmas and policy issues in science and technology for 2015. This marks the third year the Center has released a list. The Reilly Center explores conceptual, ethical, and policy issues where science and technology intersect with society from different disciplinary perspectives. Its goal is to promote the advancement of science and technology for the common good. The Center generates its annual list of emerging ethical dilemmas and policy issues in science and technology with the help of Reilly fellows, other Notre Dame experts, and friends of the center.

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