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Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly Be passionate. Be courageous. Be your best. On January 8, 2011, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot in the head while meeting constituents in her home town of Tucson, Arizona. Her husband, the astronaut Mark Kelly, immediately flew to be by her side.

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Links for translators The resources on this page are all available free (or in free versions) on the Internet. General Dictionaries Cambridge The suite of Cambridge dictionaries are possibly the best online English-English dictionaries available (and with nearly 2m searches a month, among the most popular). Catalan Catalan dictionary from the Enciclopèdia Catalana. Apart from the good results from its dictionary, the site also provides a lot of other resources (other language dictionaries, thesarus, style guides, links...). Merriam-Webster Not the full Merriam-Webster but useful nevertheless. Aboriginal Australia Information Deficit Syndrome (AAIDS) Are you suffering from the Aboriginal Australia Information Deficit Syndrome? Take the following simple test to find out. Aboriginal Australia Information Deficit Syndrome Test Name 5 to 10 American Indian nations (tribes):

Dan Pink: How Teachers Can Sell Love of Learning to Students By Jennie Rose In his new book To Sell is Human, author Daniel Pink reports that education is one of the fastest growing job categories in the country. And with this growth comes the opportunity to change the way educators envision their roles and their classrooms. Guided by findings in educational research and neuroscience, the emphasis on cognitive skills like computation and memorization is evolving to include less tangible, non-cognitive skills, like collaboration and improvisation. Jobs in education, Pink said in a recent interview, are all about moving other people, changing their behavior, like getting kids to pay attention in class; getting teens to understand they need to look at their future and to therefore study harder. At the center of all this persuasion is selling: educators are sellers of ideas.

How To YouTube Your Classroom How To YouTube Your Classroom by Terry Heick Ed note: This post has been updated from a crazy old post we forgot we published and nobody read anyway because we were only weeks old and had zero traffic so yeah. YouTube is popular. How popular? More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each monthOver 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

Story Map The Story Map interactive includes a set of graphic organizers designed to assist teachers and students in prewriting and postreading activities. The organizers are intended to focus on the key elements of character, setting, conflict, and resolution development. Students can develop multiple characters, for example, in preparation for writing their own fiction, or they may reflect on and further develop characters from stories they have read. After completing individual sections or the entire organizer, students have the ability to print out their final versions for feedback and assessment. The versatility of this tool allows it to be used in multiple contexts.

it's NOT about what the teacher does with technology Bruce Springsteen: "When we kiss…" Not just going through the motions! You could probably say I've had four different though overlapping careers — in language teaching, language teacher training, technology and ELT management. The first of those I retired from (after 35+ years) a few months ago, though the number of contact hours I was doing was limited; teacher training I'm retiring from at the end of this month; management I got fired from (to the relief of all involved!) many years ago; which leaves only another 10 or so years in technology to do (I'm only (?) 57, so it ain't over yet!).

Mabo - a timeline Posted It has been 20 years today since High Court handed down its decision on Mabo v Queensland (No 2), the landmark case known as Mabo, which paved the way for recognition of native title in Australia. News Online takes a look at the lead-up to the decision and how it changed the face of Australian society: Torres Strait Islander Eddie Koiki Mabo, who is at the time working as a gardener at James Cook University in Townsville, finds out he does not own the land back on Murray Island where he grew up. 197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know About 197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know About If you don’t have a YouTube channel as an education provider, there’s a good chance you’re behind the times. Nearly every major educational institution in the world now hosts its own collection of videos featuring news, lectures, tutorials, and open courseware. Just as many individuals have their own channel, curating their expertise in a series of broadcasted lessons. These channels allow instructors to share information and blend media in unprecedented and exciting new ways.

yes. I agree. Check out the speaker Brene Brown. (Oui. Je suis d'accord. Consultez le haut-parleur Brene Brown.) by ebbead Feb 5

My blog is close to being ready. I have still to polish it up a bit by jeggsey Oct 17

Lander7 - thinkonyouown is fantastic. I love it. Love your work. Namaste Jeggsey by jeggsey Aug 17

Is there a Pintrest board with a Theme similar to or supportive of Ted? If so, lets Pearl it! by idlehands Jun 9

this pearltree littletreegirl is not moving everything to Pinterest, we like it here by littletreegirl Jun 9

Hi , Thanks for sharing. I have had a look at Pinterest too, but not sure what is the best use for it? What is about this that you want to move everything to Pinterest. by mandanap Jun 9

jeggsey here again. In my last post there was a typo. I mentioned that I am building a board in Ointerest. This word is missplelt and shoud read Pinterest. I love Pinterest. I should cleanup my pearltrees. More work, egad ! Love to you Greg by jeggsey Jun 2

I do not know how to contribute as a speaker for TED. I do know that they have a certain protocol to follow, but I am Australian so there is very little chance of me chipping in with some interest ideas worth sharing. For me, I have started to build a board in Ointerest, and am preparing a blog. When I have completed some of my work I will udate pearltrees with some helpful links. I wish you all the best with your ideas, and I feel sure you will find a good avenue to express yourself. My internet name is Jeggsey, and my given name is Gregory. Namaste Greg by jeggsey Jun 2

No offense honey, just be aware that they will check all your activities on the net. Have a friend suggest you: - you can also suggest yourself. by _aynat May 25

hi, and thank for your reply, I do agree with you but where do you send the stuff after you have made the video.??? for the English I can speak english as I lived in London for 8 years and in NZ for 12... thank you again for you reply I really appreciate your help by pwe01 May 25

thank you, for the english no problem as I am french + new zelander and I do know TED for the past 8 years also I do anderstand the principal of Ted and that is why I would like to be part of it. BIG THANK YOU AGAIN TO TRY TO HELP ME SO... sandrine by pwe01 May 25

after the English is perfect(ish) ask yourself why TED. There are tons of different formats at options to talk about what your passioned about. Why do you want to be on a TED stage? If/when you can answer that find out if there are any TEDx events where you can do this. Get in contact with them. Tell them your story. And always remember, you are invited to speak at a TED or TEDx event. Treat it like that. by jpckuiper May 25

Start with good English. Seriously, it doesn't make the best impression. And then drop them a few lines. Perhaps with a short video showing what you do (Youtube, Vimeo). by _aynat May 25

I want to speak at TED about positive work environment label for business , any idea how to get on TED by pwe01 May 25

TED talks are among the best presentations I've found. Within TED, you can research by playlists or topic. Their inventory is extensive. by mark57g May 2

/= gerhardabromeit =\ You know what ? I really need to push forward my German training program ;-) by mamada Apr 26

/= gerhardabromeit =\ Yes, very useful for business trips (flights and airport stress absorbers). by mamada Apr 26

/= philipdugay =\ I've bought it ;-) It looks easy & user friendly. Thanks for the advice. Appreciated. by mamada Apr 26

Mamada , in app store , app called "instatube" , it should answer some of your needs. It has the word "tube "in a red oblong box on front under a brownish square that has music symbols in it, it may be free , i do not remember sorry by philipduguay Apr 23

Thanks Geraldo. I'll have a look. What I'm interested in right now, is a tool to grab some of the the content on my iPhone/iPad for listening during commute. Any suggestion on interesting & useful tools ? by mamada Apr 22

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