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Sharing the Wealth: Little Boy Tie Tutorial. Last week I learned how to make little boy ties and thought I'd share what I learned.

Sharing the Wealth: Little Boy Tie Tutorial

They are so easy and so cute! Plus, it's one of the few crafts I can make for my little guy on the way. Iris Folding @ Triangle Template. Iris Folding @ Letter Patterns. Iris Folding @ Letter Patterns. Iris Folding @ Letter Patterns. Truth See-kers - Hmmm.... Merkaba ? Merkabah, also... Flower of Life The Flower of... - Things they don't want You to know. Skill Builder BOM 2014 – Pile O' Fabric. Fancy Feathers — P&B. Make Your Own Grocery Bags. Just when you think you're the reigning 'Queen of Green' – reusing and recycling your way through the day, someone rains on your parade.

Make Your Own Grocery Bags

Two stories hit the media recently about everyone's favorite green choice: the reusable grocery bag. Turns out we should be washing these things after each use or they can become a breeding ground for bacteria. I tried washing the ones I got at my market and they fell apart. Great. Then, another story pops up that shows many of these same bags are coming from overseas and contain potentially unsafe levels of lead. You want a substantial fabric for this project, a canvas, heavy cotton duck or an outdoor fabric. Our thanks to our friends at for originally providing the great outdoor fabrics. We also did a Nature Brights Kitchen series, which would be great to add into the mix. If you want to read more about scary store bags, check out: The bacteria article from the Denver 7 News The lead article from the NY Times Create and attach the straps.

Free Pattern Friday – Weighted Blanket. What is a weighted blanket?

Free Pattern Friday – Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is often used by children and adults with autism and other sensory-related disorders; including restless-leg syndrome. It helps a person to relax and to find comfort in a similar way deep pressure works. Serotonin is released through the pressure – which converts to melatonin which helps our bodies to relax. The general rule of thumb to determine an appropriate weight for a blanket is 10% of the intended persons body weight plus 1 pound. So a 70-pound child would need a blanket weighing 7+1, or 8 pounds. Weighted blankets are also reported to help the elderly, cancer patients, babies and toddlers, and those with insomnia. These blankets can cost a small fortune online but crafty parents and caregivers have come up with several tutorials on how to make your own!

Flannel and cotton seem to be the materials of choice but I have also seen blankets made using minky or chenille. ThreeHighChairs sur Etsy - Avis sur la boutique. Welcome to Abbi Mays Fabric Shop - Fabric for Quilters, quilt patterns and quilt kits + Same day shipping + 10% Instant Savings. P & B Textiles - Welcome to The Quilt Place Secure Online Quilt Shop. The Quilt Place 575 Barton Blvd.

P & B Textiles - Welcome to The Quilt Place Secure Online Quilt Shop

Rockledge, Fl 32955 Ph:321-632-3344 Email Us Store Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm EST We Gratefully Accept. VIP Plastics - Custom Cut To Size Acrylic / Plexiglass Sheets. We Ship USA & Canada. Fancy Feathers quilt by Kim Gann KG Art Studio #pbtextiles #kgartstudio. Small DIY Weighted Blanket. Start-up Requirements For All Tennessee Businesses - Starting your own business can be a daunting experience.

Start-up Requirements For All Tennessee Businesses -

In addition to planning your business activities, you need to be in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations related to your business. The following serves as a starting point to understand the various requirements governments have for small businesses and how to comply. Federal Employer Identification Number You must obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) if you have one or more employees, or if you operate as a trust, estate, corporation, partnership, or a similar non-individual organization (whether you have employees or not). There is no cost to obtain an EIN. Alternative methods of obtaining an EIN include Tennessee Employer Number (SUTA) You must obtain a Tennessee Employer Identification Number if You employ one or more persons during twenty different calendar weeks in a calendar yearYou paid $1,500 in gross wages during any calendar quarterYou are liable under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, Sew Kind Of Wonderful: Finished Sharon's Quilt! I couldn't wait to share these pictures with you!

Sew Kind Of Wonderful: Finished Sharon's Quilt!

Sharon's quilt turned out sooo amazing! Did I mention before how I love the texture on this quilt! The colors and fabrics are so much fun! I used double warm and white batting and medium gray thread through out the whole quilt. The Shades of Pink - Blog: Teddy Bear Cowl I. **Please note: All patterns are untested unless otherwise stated.

The Shades of Pink - Blog: Teddy Bear Cowl I

Feedback is appreciatedRecently a friend texted me and asked if I could make a Teddy Bear Cowl for her daughter, I quickly went to work searching out a pattern and found some really adorable ones, in fact there is a SUPER popular one floating around the internet that I thought I could probably make.This is my first incarnation.And the reason this is attempt #1 is because the cabling is running left to right rather than front to back, forming more of a dome or fitted hat rather than a loose cowl. It's still cute, but I am sure I'll be buying the pattern for the uber-popular one and making it.I just noticed that someone commented on Ravelry that this turned out adult sized. Either I crochet tight (I do) or I planned on it being more loose (I did). Anyway, adjust size as necessary to make this fit in a manner which you prefer. Custom Bean Bags. BESbswyBESbswy Receive Weekly Updates On Everything Creative Powered by OptinMonster.

Custom Bean Bags

Quilt Along Week 7 How to Bind a Quilt. Dude.

Quilt Along Week 7 How to Bind a Quilt

I must apologize in advance. You are about to encounter an obnoxious number of photos. Bear with me as I'm about to cover trimming and squaring up your quilt, making the binding, sewing the binding on the front of your quilt, and hand sewing it onto the back. Make an Origami Bag for the Best Mom's Day Ever! - The TipToe Fairy. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.

Make an Origami Bag for the Best Mom's Day Ever! - The TipToe Fairy

All opinions are mine alone. #BestMomsDayEver #CollectiveBias. Tutorial: Travel Toothbrush Holder. Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial - Ellison Lane. You ask and I deliver! Here is the tutorial my patchwork sewing machine cover. It’s easy-peasy and would make a great gift! Materials: 42 fabric scraps at least 2″ x 2″ assorted fabric for the letters SEW and the heart solid fabric for front and back (Half Yard-two pieces: each one 17″ x 33″) ribbon (1.75 yards- cut into 4 pieces 14″ each) batting (17″ x 33″) Quarter Yard for binding (3 strips cut 2.5″ x WOF) Heat & Bond Lite fusible stabilizer scissors sewing machine template (CLICK HERE for template) The finished cover measures 17″ x 32.”

My machine is a Pfaff and is 16″ wide x 7.5″ deep, and 12″ high. Doll Ruffle Romper. Frog_Blanket_Pattern.pdf. HowJoyfulBear.pdf. Free Cloth Diaper Patterns - Cloth Diaper Patterns. Free Cloth Diaper Patterns - Cloth Diaper Patterns Our free cloth diaper pattern links will help you make almost everything you need to cloth diaper your child. Do you know of free cloth diaper patterns not included here? Need help making your own stash?

Please contact us, we love sharing our tips and tricks for sewing cloth diapers! Pocket Diaper with Hidden Adjustable Elastic Pocket Diaper with Hidden Adjustable Elastic Pocket Diaper with Hidden Adjustable Elastic Pocket Diaper with Hidden Adjustable Elastic Pocket Diaper with Hidden Adjustable Elastic Pocket Diaper with Hidden Adjustable Elastic Pocket Diaper with Hidden Adjustable Elastic Pocket Diaper with Hidden Adjustable Elastic Untitled. How to make a Puffy Rag Quilt. 00130.pdf. Untitled. Center%20fuscus%20quilt1.pdf. Start Quilting 3 - Practice Paper Piecing.

Easy Doll & Baby Pieced Basket Quilt Patterns from the 1930s. "Baskets _ new ones, old ones, perfectly gorgeous ones, absolutely original ones _ all a joy to behold. Baskets have always been a favorite pattern and there are many varieties from the simple pieced ones to the more elaborate appliqued flower baskets…" "The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt" 1 The Historic Charm of Basket Quilts The above quote is from the book, "The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt", first published in 1935.

It reflects the romanticism of the Colonial Revival that blossomed in the 1920s and 30s. Women wanted to make the quilts that were made in earlier times and baskets brought to mind images of charming Colonial women in bonnets carrying bread or flowers in a basket. Many of the quilts during this period were pieced and quilted by hand. Depression Era Reproduction Fabric Although the quilt patterns used were typical of the 1800s the fabrics were new. The solid fabrics were slightly different tones than we find today. Baby and Doll Basket Quilt Pattern A Basket Like Border. How to Make a Tutu. Moda's Half Moon Modern Sewing Room: Serger Cover. Home Sweet Home Quilt Tutorial - Quilting In The Rain.

Mother%20Goose%20Old%20Lady%20in%20Shoe%20Brochure.pdf. Diamond4-patchtemp.gif (GIF Image, 626 × 434 pixels)