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Hobo Shoulder Bag ~ DIY Tutorial Ideas! Fast & Easy Hobo Bag Sewing Tutorial with Color Photos, Step by step, Make it Yourself.

Hobo Shoulder Bag ~ DIY Tutorial Ideas!

Stop Telemarketing Calls Dead. So How Does This “Best Call Blocker” Work?

Stop Telemarketing Calls Dead

The concept is fairly simple. First, you’ll need to have Caller-ID at your home and it requires a landline (or a VOIP service that has a standard phone cord output to a regular landline phone – such as Ooma). When someone calls your house, the system checks its “Black-List” and “White-List” to see if the phone number has called your house before. If the number has been “blacklisted”, then the call blocker simply hangs-up on them – no matter how frequently they call. Your phone will never ring and unless you check the system’s caller-ID, you’ll never know the call was blocked.

If the phone number is on the “White List”, then the call blocker allows the call through and the caller never knows you have the system installed on your phone line. If the phone number isn’t on either list, then the call blocker reads this statement: Reporting Calls to FTC. Se connecter à Facebook. Free Quilt Patterns & Tutorials. There’s no better source for free quilt patterns than the free eBooks from Quilting Daily.

Free Quilt Patterns & Tutorials

With hundreds of quilting project ideas, tutorials, tips, and techniques, these collections represent some of the best and brightest quilters today. Appliqué Quilts Whether you’re a traditional quilter who enjoys hand-stitched appliqué, or a contemporary quilter who opts for machine-stitched appliqué, you’ll want to explore the techniques and designs presented in this free eBook. Read More . . . Freaky Fast (Mock) Cathedral Window Quilt. When I first purchased my AccuQuilt Studio™ Fabric Cutter, circle dies were among my first purchases.

Freaky Fast (Mock) Cathedral Window Quilt

In fact, my very first die purchase was a custom circle with a pinked edge. I have tried just about every circle cutting template, ruler, and tool on the market, and there simply isn’t anything else that will cut circles as quickly or as accurately. TUTORIAL - Liberty Print Baby Comfort Blanket - Behind the Hedgerow. I’ve had the idea for this tutorial longer than I’ve had a blog!

TUTORIAL - Liberty Print Baby Comfort Blanket - Behind the Hedgerow

I simply can’t believe how fast time has gone and that I am only now putting it together to share. In my opinion, all newborns, boys and girls, should be given one of these upon arriving into the world! There are bucket loads of tutorials for similar ‘taggie’ blankets out there on the web but here are three reasons why I think this one is particularly special: Liberty print. Star quilts, diamond chain quilts, lone star quilts, stack and whack.

Patient Portal. 8 Poison-Free Ways to Get Rid of Mice. Mice are cute little critters, but that doesn’t mean we want them sharing our homes with us.

8 Poison-Free Ways to Get Rid of Mice

As adorable as their tiny whiskery faces are, the disease they spread via urine (which they communicate with, and therefore leave a lot of lying around) and feces-not to mention the extensive damage they can do when they put their teeth to something-is no joke. But a lot of us (myself included) don’t want to turn to traditional snap traps (have you ever seen one go wrong? It’s not pretty) or rodenticides that pose serious risk to children, pets, other wildlife, and the environment. Being naturally nocturnal, voracious nibblers, and rapid reproducers (starting at the tender age of 6 weeks) how does one go about dealing with mice without turning to mainstream methods? Enter a fun little idea called integrated pest management (IPM.)

Combine an IPM program with a few of these DIY deterrents and repellents, and you can come up with a successful comprehensive plan to get rid of mice naturally. Suzy's Quilting Room: It's Here!!! I got my custom FQ die today from Accuquilt!

Suzy's Quilting Room: It's Here!!!

I am so pumped! Yes, I've tested it out. I would have taken a video, but it's just little ol' me (if you don't count my Dad visiting for the winter who is totally techno challenged) and, of course, I need my hands free to crank. DIY-ing the Emmys: The Bow Tie and Pocket Square. By Haley Pierson-Cox Black tie is all about the details.

DIY-ing the Emmys: The Bow Tie and Pocket Square

Once you’ve gotten the tux and shoes sorted out, if you’re really planning to get your dapper on, you’d better make darn sure that your bow tie and pocket square are up to snuff. So, when my husband Jeremy was nominated for an Emmy this year, he asked me to make just one thing: a custom fixed-size bow tie to go with the hand-sewn pocket square that I made for him last year.

Before I got started, I wanted to make sure that I understood the ins and outs of bow tie etiquette, so I read up on bow tie history, shapes and proper fitting on The Black Tie Guide. There, I learned the key to making a good bow tie: no matter if you’re wearing a pre-tied, self-tie, fixed size, or adjustable tie, the bow must be proportional to the face of the person wearing it. Handy Purse Organizer {free sewing pattern} Business Tips Archives. Simple and clever crafts, sewing patterns, printables and DIY tutorials. I made this toy travel blanket for Elise’s first plane flight.

Simple and clever crafts, sewing patterns, printables and DIY tutorials

We were flying to Maine and I wanted any toys she dropped to stay in our seats rather than fall into the filthy abyss of the airplane floor. Check out the Snag Free VELCRO loops on the blanket border to attach toys. Instead of using traditional VELCRO fasteners that come in two pieces, I used just *one* piece of VELCRO Snag Free Sew On Tape that I found when I went to buy VELCRO. All you do is close it and it sticks to itself like so… So clean. I added some recycled ribbons and vintage ric rac to keep Elise occupied while confined in her window seat …she loves to pick at things with her fingers and the different ribbons – sheer/solid, grosgrain/satin, tulle/ric rac – lets her experience different textures.

Pillowcase Dress Tutorial. Hello!! My name is Melissa Mortenson and I am proud to be one of BERNINA’s Brand Ambassadors! Most days you can find me stitching away in my sewing room creating projects for my blog the Polka Dot Chair, I’m also a fabric designer for Riley Blake Designs. I’ve been blogging for 8 years now and am passionate about getting the world to sew! My kids are now all teenagers, so long gone are the days of me sewing them adorable little dresses for Easter. Wisconsin Public Television. Wisconsin Public Television. Grandmother's One-Patch Quilts, Part 1. How to Make a Custom Apron for Collecting Fresh Eggs. Butterfly Wings Pattern Wife-made PDF par TheWifemadeEmporium. The Paper Pieced Pineapple Pincushion Tutorial. I’m desperately trying to spread my addiction of paper pieced pineapple blocks to the masses.

The Paper Pieced Pineapple Pincushion Tutorial

What better way than to encourage you with a free tutorial? This is a great block to learn paper piecing on and use up scraps at the same time! Pineapple Blossom pf. Quilt, 'Log Cabin' Pattern, 'Pineapple' variation. An ancient and wide spread art form, quilting was first a utilitarian act. As a cooperative task, it gave women in small communities a respite from their frequently solitary labors.... An ancient and wide spread art form, quilting was first a utilitarian act. As a cooperative task, it gave women in small communities a respite from their frequently solitary labors. Origami Flower Bag. Сумка из цветов оригами ~ DIY Tutorial Ideas! Lady Joyceley. Westalee Ruler Foot Starter Set (Choice of 4 versions)

This ruler foot from Westalee allows you to safely use rulers with your domestic machine, even if your machine's brand doesn't have a ruler foot available. One half inch in diameter, this round, 1/4 inch high foot fits nearly all sewing machines and the screw attachment point is adjustable for the thickness of your project. Member Login. How To Pay Yourself In Your Creative Business - The Formula. Photos5. Bodypaint.Me at Philly Naked Bike Ride 2015 -

Our message of cycling advocacy and body positivity was heard loud and clear in the streets and in the news all over the world! Philly Naked Bike Ride 2015 went viral in a huge way and we couldn’t be more grateful. We generated headlining news from the Daily Mail in the UK, the New York Post, Huffington Post, Business Insider, our cover story in Philly Weekly and even

This is just the tip of the iceberg of glistening bodypainted press from 2015! China, Japan, Nigeria and countless other countries wrote about our ride! As always, we painted hundreds of riders at the pre-ride festivities at our Jackson Pollock inspired bodypaint station. 20 Minute Basic Band Skirt Tutorial.

Join the cool kids and never miss what's new with our weekly newsletter. Enter your name and email. Delicious Reads: DIY: Make Your Own Luggage Tags (link to PDF pattern!) My friends were planning a party for a group of young women. Please sign in. Layered Almond Carrot Cake – KATE STOLTZ NYC. This delicious layered almond carrot cake can be altered, but this is my personal favorite version of my carrot cake recipe. PACountryCrafts: Baby Clothes Memory Bear Pattern and Tutorial.

OK. Trieuse de lessive : Lessive jamais regardé si par AnnaBaileying. Wall beds, Murphy beds, and folding beds for custom, space-saving, multi-purpose rooms ... from the Hoosier Wall Bed Company. - Soft Flannel Fabrics. Tulle 1Set. PRQC-2 Fabric Applique Quilt Patterns from Pacific Rim Quilt Company. Tiny QUILT CHALLENGE results. The Professional Association of Appraisers - Quilted Textiles.

Tips For Sewing Denim. Denim is a very popular fabric these days and is synonymous with jeans. Today term “jeans” usually refers to a specific style of pants, called Blue Jeans. TeresaDownUnder projects 2012. Royal Bridesmaid Dress Pattern for 18 Inch Dolls. Royal Bridesmaid Dress Pattern for 18 Inch Dolls by Susan Kramerinspired by the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate On the left is Gotz 18 inch doll, Emily, Frozen's Anna Dress Patterns for 18 Inch Dolls.

The Katie Dress Pattern. October 7, 2010. Tutorials - Avery Lane Sewing. Sweater Tights for Dolls - Avery Lane Sewing. Video sewing tutorials. More videos on my Youtube channel. Subscribe to my channel to be notified when I release a new video. TeresaDownUnder projects 2012. Do Our Pets Visit Us After Death? Wonderful DIY Upcycled Denim Teddy Bears. Wonderful DIY Upcycled Denim Teddy Bears. Basic Curled Feathers - Pantograph / Border & Corner by Jessica Jones Gamez JJGPANTO0002BNC. Moist Chocolate-Beet Cake. It’s interesting reading some of the talk regarding if the internet is ready to replace cookbooks. Sure, there are people furiously clicking around wherever they can for a chocolate cake recipe. And there are hundreds of thousands of chocolate cake recipes that you can find using a search engine. But to me, that’s not enough.

When I want to spend my precious time and funds making something to eat, I don’t want to merely find a recipe. There’s nothing compelling about a downloadable list of ingredients. I want to know why someone chose that recipe, what twists they gave it, what made the cake or casserole they were making so special to them that they wanted to share it. 10th Day of Christmas: Sock Snowmen — Darkroom and Dearly. Special Purchases : Leather - Springfield Leather Company. DIY Cozy Home. Fastcoexist.

How to sew stars with perfect intersections. Accuquilt Go! Handle Replacement. Oz's 100 Favorite Smoothies for Weight Loss. Sewing Parts Online: Customer Login. Amy's Quilting Adventures. Table Stand Quilt – White on White. Mini Quilt Tutorial. Cigar Box Doll Bed and Postage Stamp Quilt. Learn How to Paper Piece a Log Cabin Quilt Block. Amazon. How to Fussy Cut with No Waste. Awesome Mason Jar Salads Recipes. - Kids Quilts - Bugsy Pattern - Quilting by the Bay in Panama City, Florida featuring Quilting Fabric, Quilt Books, Quilt Patterns and Quilt supplies. 5 Ingredient Energy Bites - Thirty Handmade Days. Crockpot Freezer Cooking - 7 Meals in 30 Minutes - Thirty Handmade Days. How to Cut Fabric PERFECTLY STRAIGHT...and Square It Up! Sock Dragon. Fbjumpstart.amyporterfield. Blocks and Bonus Projects – The Splendid Sampler™ Download Printable Alphabet Patterns for crafts, applique, quilting, posters, bulletin boards, banners, woodwork and more.

Stitches and Craft. Secret Quilt Binding Tricks Every Quilter Needs! 3 Great Videos - Keeping u n Stitches Quilting. Have A Heart Baby Quilt. APQS - Win a complete Millie longarm quilting system. Betty Boop machine embroidery collection. Colorful Pen Cups & Grip Grass. Secret Quilt Binding Tricks Every Quilter Needs! 3 Great Videos - Page 2 of 4 - Keeping u n Stitches Quilting. How to Pin Baste a Quilt. The ultimate color combinations cheat sheet. Modern Hexies: A Tutorial. Share Your Bonus Block and/or Block Station project! – The Splendid Sampler™ Gmail – La messagerie avec espace de stockage gratuit de Google. 18" Little House On The Prairie Laura Ingalls Doll.

Hummingbird Highway — Mini Scrap Grid How-to. Security Check Required. Security Check Required. How to Monogram a Baseball Cap: Embroidery Machine “Workaround”