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Ruby Araiza

Food lover who continuously learn to cook and prepare nutritious and healthy but delicious dishes for my family. Other interests include personal finance blogging.

Our Food Staff’s 21 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes. Cooking something new for Thanksgiving is always a risk.

Our Food Staff’s 21 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

An uncle might complain. An aunt might forbid it. The recipe could take longer than expected. Chaos ensues. Straying from tradition can feel emotionally loaded, but it might be worth it. Here are 21 beloved dishes recommended by members of The New York Times Food department. Two potato dishes are high priority, and I always make them both: the crispy-topped, cheesy Hasselback potatoes, adapted by Emily Weinstein from J. Some people might give a side eye to salads at Thanksgiving. Recipe: Lemon-Garlic Kale Salad I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually made this. Our family matriarch died before I was old enough to get her recipe for sticky rice stuffing.

Recipe: Mochi Rice Stuffing. What You Need to Know About Cooking and Baking with Sugar Alternatives, Including Agave, Honey, and Stevia. If you're looking to cut down on your refined sugar intake, these products could be a smart swap.

What You Need to Know About Cooking and Baking with Sugar Alternatives, Including Agave, Honey, and Stevia

As the old song goes, just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Although refined sugar can certainly put a skip in your step—and add sweetness to cakes, cookies, and your morning cup of coffee—the granules add up. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that women consume no more than six teaspoons (25 grams) of added sugar per day and nine teaspoons (38 grams) for men. However, the average American consumes 17 teaspoons (71.14 grams) every day, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Agave It's five o'clock somewhere—many people associate agave, which comes from the agave plant native to the southern United States and Latin America, with tequila.

Looking for Comfort? Turn to This Beef Stew. A few weeks ago, as the temperature decreased and my pandemic fatigue increased, I did something I hadn’t done in years: I simmered up a homey beef stew.

Looking for Comfort? Turn to This Beef Stew

I’d forgotten all about beef stew, seduced by the likes of wine-braised short ribs and fancy Bourguignon. But while braises and Bourguignons may be more impressively company-worthy than stew, they’re not apropos to our current national mood — or my personal one, at least. Far more in sync with the moment is a pot bubbling slowly on the stove, its belly loaded with tender chunks of beef, nuggets of carrots and slivers of onions and herbs.

From frozen toasties to emergency cookies: a beginner’s guide to batch cooking. We should all be batch cooking.

From frozen toasties to emergency cookies: a beginner’s guide to batch cooking

It’s a cheap and environmentally conscious way to feed yourself and, in these days of tightened belts and less frequent supermarket visits, it just seems sensible. Personal Finance: Wealth Planning in an Insecure World. What food should I toss if there’s a power outage at my house? “When in doubt, throw it out.”

What food should I toss if there’s a power outage at my house?

That’s the recommendation made by both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when it comes to handling refrigerated food in the event of a long-lasting power outage. According to the FDA and CDC, refrigerators will keep food safe for only up to four hours after a power outage — if the door is kept closed as much as possible. If the temperature inside your fridge rises above 40°F for more than two hours, they say you should discard all refrigerated perishable food, including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and leftovers.

Frozen foods are a different story. You should also throw out any food with an unusual odor, color or texture, the CDC advises. The CDC offers a few tips on what can be done prior to an expected power outage: 5 Online Personal Finance Communities to Help You with Money. In moments of financial volatility, like the current economic downturn, it's natural to start thinking more carefully about how you manage your money.

5 Online Personal Finance Communities to Help You with Money

Where once you may have felt financially secure, now you could be having second thoughts about how you're planning for the future and saving money for unexpected events. Whether you're just learning how to budget, starting to save for an emergency fund or trying to make a plan to pay down your debt, sometimes it's helpful to get support so you can meet your goals.

Luckily, there are free online platforms and communities designed for people in every kind of financial situation. These groups and pages can be easily found, followed and/or joined via social media platforms and on the web. To help you get started, CNBC Select rounded up five free online communities where you can connect with others who are facing similar challenges and/or goals. How Are You Fighting Quarantine Cooking Fatigue? When my city first started to close up back in March, I went to the restaurant supply store and loaded up on pasta, canned tomatoes, eggs, onions, several non-perishable staples and lots of hot sauce.

How Are You Fighting Quarantine Cooking Fatigue?

I thought we were looking at a month or so of staying inside and I fully planned to avoid the grocery store the entire time. Obviously, that is not how things worked out. Disney+ Kills Off Its Free Trial — Is it a Sign of Things to Come? Remember when Netflix introduced something called “Netflix Instant” where users could stream films right to their computer instead of waiting to get their DVDs in the mail?

Disney+ Kills Off Its Free Trial — Is it a Sign of Things to Come?

What a quaint time it was, as now every media brand on the face of the earth has decided to stop letting Netflix eat their lunch and, instead, build their own platforms in hopes of selling their services to consumers. Of course, with the list of streamers growing, Americans are starting to wise-up to the mounting costs that come with subscribing to two, three, four, or five different options. To entice these skeptical viewers, most services offer some version of a free trial — be it one week, two weeks, or a month. However, in a surprising move, today Disney+ dropped its seven-day free trial, meaning that new users will need to either pay up or stay out. A Fail-Proof Method for Cooking Fish Deliciously.

{QUICK TIP} Apple Card Adds 0% Financing for Macs and More. Which Weird Food Combinations Are Actually Good? Public library - rubyaraizac74 - Diigo. How to grow herbs indoors to spice up your cooking. CORVALLIS – Cooking and gardening have taken the country by storm and easy-to-grow herbs act as a bridge between the two, adding flavor to our food and confidence to our gardening.

How to grow herbs indoors to spice up your cooking

Growing them inside gives everyone the opportunity to spice up their homegrown food, said Brooke Edmunds, horticulturist for Oregon State University Extension Service. “People are entertaining themselves during the pandemic by trying out new recipes and finding things to learn to cook,” she said. “We’re being creative and herbs can help a lot with that.” There are other reasons to grow herbs, including the simple joy of growing your own and knowing where your food comes from.

And, of course, there’s the price tag. “It’s more cost effective to grow herbs for yourself,” Edmunds said. Three Ways to Support a Healthy Food System During the COVID-19 Pandemic. By Paolo Mutia As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the globe, it has exposed and exacerbated how the corporate, industrialized food system is harming people and our planet.

Three Ways to Support a Healthy Food System During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Family farmers across the country, many already on the brink, have lost markets and are struggling to survive. Why the New iPhone SE is Probably My Next Phone. This week, without much of the pomp and circumstance Apple is typically known for, the company unveiled its latest iPhone: the iPhone SE. Now, if you’re like me, this is slightly confusing because there already is an iPhone SE — I know, because it’s what I currently own and use (then again, the iPhone numbering system has been more confusing than the Fast and Furious franchise’s naming scheme since about the iPhone 4 or so).

In any case, the new phone essentially promises the fast internals of late-model phones inside an older frame, helping it achieve a more affordable price point. Enter: my interest. As I mentioned, I’ve been using my iPhone SE for several years now and it’s showing its age in a few ways — such as the battery precipitously dropping when forced to do such innocuous tasks as sending a text message. Thus, could this be the phone that gets me to upgrade? Reason #1: Starts at $399 Reason #2: Touch ID (not Face ID) Reason #3: Same build as my wife’s phone.

How coronavirus has changed the way we shop for food. A Reassuring Approach to Cooking, Three Ingredients at a Time. Eu.usatoday. Here are the pros and cons of merging money when you get married. Buzz60 After the wedding cake is eaten and the thank you notes are written, it’s time to focus on the actual marriage. For many newlyweds, merging finances is the first big decision, one that involves unpacking emotional baggage about money and figuring out what works best for them as a couple. Traditional rhetoric promotes banking together in marriage. Why You Should Max Out Your IRA Contribution. Last year, for the first time, my wife and I managed to max out our IRA — something we saw as a major money milestone for us. While I’d love to say that this move was motivated purely by wanting to be prepared for retirement (which of course we do), the truth is that the then-impending tax return deadline had a lot to do with that decision.

Why? Because, in many cases, contributing to your retirement account can have a positive impact on your tax bill. Couples + Money: The Couple Who Make $250k With a Personal Finance Blog. Welcome to Couples + Money, where we break through the confines of polite conversation. Forget questions about your sex life. We're getting even more personal. Let's talk about what you and your partner are doing—and not doing—with your paychecks. Every other Thursday, a couple will get candid with about how they split their finances.

We’ll break down what each person pays for individually, what they split, and all the gritty details—from who picks up the bill in restaurants to who picks fights over bank statements. This week, we're talking with Brittany Kline, 29, and her husband, Kelan, 29, who work on a personal finance blog together and pay themselves $65,500 per year ($5,500 per month). With 'Batch Cooking,' you'll get meals on the table in record time. Yahoo fait désormais partie dâVerizon Media. These are the retirement numbers you need to know for 2020. Guido Mieth | DigitalVision | Getty Images. These are the most common cooking fails in the United States. From leaving the oven on overnight to forgetting a crucial ingredient in a meal or using salt instead of sugar, more than six in 10 Americans have experienced a cooking catastrophe. Where to Find a Personal Finance Community Online. Carvana Review: My Online Car-Buying Experience and Vending Machine Pick-Up.

Cooking With No Gas, No Power. Who’s eating meatless fast-food burgers? Not vegans. How to Keep Your Money Safe Online. What is Turo?: How to Make Money Renting Out Your Car. Home Cooking: quick and easy pastas for spring and summer. Last Saturday I had the pleasure of joining the High Country Conservation employees and volunteers in putting the plastic roof covers over the greenhouses that will soon house the summer vegetables for the community-supported agriculture shares. Our Best Recipes for Climate-Friendly Cooking. Things chefs won't cook with. How Does Life Insurance Work? — 3 Things to Know About Life Insurance Policies. 19 food predictions for 2019. Food is always a reaction. Cooking survey says Americans prefer to find recipes on social media rather than cookbooks.

A fifth said they share pictures of their home-cooked meals on social media, too. What is Global Entry?: Four Things You Need to Know. Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The Best European Cooking Vacations. Consent Form. Our species is pretty good at wasting food. Apeel Sciences is combating food waste with plant-derived second peels. 29 common claims and bogus 'facts' about food that are false or very misleading. Personal Finance 101: Young People Need to Learn About Money. ‘This Is How Much of the World Eats’: Readers React to Food Sharing at Restaurants. If You Know Nothing About Personal Finance, You Need to Read This Book. Mexico and Hungary tried junk food taxes — and they seem to be working. Article_17c59537-8456-565c-ac24-8e366fb39b95. Five unpopular personal finance truths.

'Healthy' foods can have as much sugar as junk food - INSIDER. 20 Essential Tips to Make You a Better Cook. Has the way to ensure a healthy financial future changed? Startup Marketing: How to Get Your First 1000 Customers. Basic Cooking Skills & Tips to Know (Recipes, Sides, How-Tos) How Does Financial Planning Work? Montereyherald. Oregon Food Bank Worried Immigrants Not Seeking Food Assistance. Let’s get cooking. Is Whole Foods Junk Food? - Stocks to Watch. Personal Finance: Deficits, debt and ceilings explained. 12 Great Books (And The Perfect Kind Of Mood To Read Them In) Knitting together a financial plan for your life. Food Banks Are Not the Solution to Food Poverty. Forbes Welcome.'s Top 20 Most-Saved Healthy Recipes. The Ultimate Personal Finance Guide for 2017.

14 Kid-Friendly Meals That Can Really, Truly Be Ready in 30 Minutes or Less - Recipes from NYT Cooking. 11 Christmas Food Traditions You'll Wish We Had in the US. Thanksgiving leftover recipes: biscuits, Buffalo turkey dip. 10 hacks for a stress-free Thanksgiving. Ways to Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays. Best New Snacks 2016. Autumn Treats With A Healthy Spin. Explicit cookie consent. 20 Frightfully Spooktacular Vegan Halloween Recipes. Vegan Recipes by Angela Liddon. Healthy Snacks: Time to Revamp the Way We SnackJM Nutrition. Vegan Middle Eastern Food. 19 Creative Ways to Cook with Coffee.