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Tea Cup SlingsHOT. Long Plate. La marque italienne Long Plate nous propose une série d’assiettes au design charmant, inspirée de la forme des disques vinyles.

Long Plate

Visuellement très réussis, ces objets de 28 centimètres de diamètre sont vendus 20 euros l’unité. Les déclinaisons sont à découvrir en images dans la suite de l’article. Perelman Pencils. Inspiré notamment par le mathématicien Grigory Perelman qui a résolu la conjecture de Poincaré, The Bold Studio a imaginé un boîte de crayons à son effigie au design coloré et très réussi avec une illustration signée Jules Julien.

Perelman Pencils

Un rendu à découvrir en images et en vidéo dans la suite de l’article. 971025_10151769799784841_749107680_n.jpg (582×720) Tuesday Total Textures 98. By paul0v2 Tue, 11/22/2011 - 13:35 Tuesday Total Textures is post series that will bring a new life to your Tuesdays.

Tuesday Total Textures 98

Every week I'll be posting some free hi resolution textures that you can download to use in your projects. Check out this week's free textures, download the ones you like and start making your texture collection. For more texture visit Suggestions What type of textures would you like to see next week? About the author of this post. Logo, Illustration and Package Design. By paul0v2 Thu, 11/24/2011 - 15:35 Today we are going to review some amazing work for DrNo Effects; a vintage guitar effect pedal company.

Logo, Illustration and Package Design

We are going to take a look at DrNo Effects logo, packaging and the awesome guitar pedals they have. The entire line was designed by the Dutch designer Eric Van Der Boom. Eye Clock. IE-TAG : ecolo. AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad: Home & Garden. 12 Unique Coffee and Tea Mugs. Collection of unusual, weird, and the most creative tea and coffee mugs.

12 Unique Coffee and Tea Mugs

Golf Mug Get your morning started off with a coffee and a quick hole in one. [link] Square Mug. Lost in Sofa. The Brunch. 'The Brunch is a series of consumer products that celebrates the mundane.' The Brunch is a series of consumer products that celebrate the mundane.

The Brunch

Bread Slicer facilitates even, uniform, precision - cuts. Toaster brings knowledge, skill and anticipation to the toasting of a slice of bread, set angle and force to exactly hit your plate. Cutlery perfectly aligned on Placemat is rendered invisible, the Holy Grail of table placement. Teapot records the height one is able to pour tea from. “Neuroses can be explained as fake-meaning creation. A well known theory in psychology states that neurosis are a result of the lack of real dangers that result from the high level of well-being in our western society.

Sports racket mirror by velvet ribbon. 15 Amazing Chair Designs. Creative and unusual chairs made by the world’s most talented designers.

15 Amazing Chair Designs

Laundry Chair Multifunctional chair with integrated laundry bag for your clothing. [link] Blumen Light. Voici la collection Blumen qui propose des luminaires alliant nature et sobriété.

Blumen Light

Matteo Bianchi. Jory Brigham. Wineglass by Julian King. James Plumb. Un mobilier bien vintage que l’on doit au designer anglais James Plumb.

James Plumb

Cay Sofa. Cool - Shay Carmon. Voici un grille-pain qui n’a pas peur d’en faire trop.

Cool - Shay Carmon

Cool - SMSlingshot by VR/Urban. Le SMSlingshot est une fronde des temps modernes destinée à créer des réalités numériquement augmentées dans l’espace urbain. Le principe est simple: taper son message via le téléphone mobile intégré et le shooter sur une façade à l’aide d’un laser. Un projet conçu par nos amis berlinois de chez VR/Urban, groupe d’intervention de militants numériques. 15 Unusual and Creative Watches. Collection of the most creative, innovative, and unusual watch designs.

Faceless Watch Eye of the Storm is a watch without a face. When a button is pressed, the time is displayed on the black outer frame. 12 Cool and Useful Cooking Tools. Collection of useful kitchen tools and creative products designed to simplify and improve your cooking process. Burger Grilling Basket Perfect for family barbecues, this grilling basket can hold 12 burgers. [link] Herb Scissors The unusual blade design features a set of five sharp blades that allow you to cut, chop, or mince your favorite herbs.

Hedgehog Grater Hedgehog inspired cheese grater will look great in your kitchen. Bottle Cap Punch. AAKKOSET by Kayiwa. 12 Innovative and Creative Forks. Collection of the most unusual modern forks and innovative fork designs from all over the world. Spork Spoon-fork-knife combo brings a bit of civilization to the wild and a bit of the wild to civilization. [link] NyFork Pizza Fork. Unique and Creative Wall Hooks. The most unusual coat hangers and creative modern wall hooks designed to hold your towels, keys, clothing and handbags. Hand Hook Easily wall mountable cast of the designers hand acts as a modern coat hanger or key holder. 14 Useful Tools for your Kitchen.

Collection of useful kitchen tools, inventions, products and gadgets that promise to simplify your cooking experience and make it more fun. Digital BBQ Tongs Sensors in the tip measure the internal temperature of the meat and sound an alarm when it is cooked. Creative Products for your Kitchen. Collection of useful gadgets, products, tools and inventions that will make a great addition to any modern kitchen. Wine Pourer Stylish wine pourer, designed by Rochelle Wellhausen, allows you to pour wine without spills. Design - Christophe Robillard Victor Bike. Le Victor Bike est un concept créé par le designer Christophe Robillard de Montréal. Dadahack. Pouring Light Lamp by Yeongwoo Kim. Pour Me Some Light Human actions play such a significant role in design; it’s either evident in the form or in the function.

In the Pouring Light, the action is evident in the form and is delightfully executed as well! With the motive of giving off “an emotional flow of light”, the lights linger on with a mesmerizing effect thanks to the use of phosphorescence in the “water” part. Yeongwoo suggests the use of LED lights to conserve energy, and my suggestion to him: get this in the market ASAP! Cool and Innovative Door Handles. Unusual and creative door handles that will help you open and close doors. Disappearing Door Handle Clever door handle system hides the knob when the door is locked. Creative Post-it Notes. Modern sticky notes come in all shapes and sizes. This post showcases the most unusual and creative sticky note designs. Wooden Block Sticky Notes.

Creative Motorcycle Helmets. Series of unusual and creative motorcycle helmets designed by GOOD. Tennis Ball Helmet Walnut Helmet Globe Helmet Golf Ball Helmet. Join Cutlery. Hex iPod nano Watch Band.