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Place - Product Management. Jeremylv : Don’t buy something unless... Product Management. Customers Don't Want More Features - Donald Reinertsen and Stefan Thomke. By Donald Reinertsen and Stefan Thomke | 8:59 AM June 4, 2012 There is a common myth about product development: the more features we put into a product, the more customers will like it.

Customers Don't Want More Features - Donald Reinertsen and Stefan Thomke

Product-development teams seem to believe that adding features creates value for customers and subtracting them destroys it. This attitude explains why products are so complicated: Remote controls seem impossible to use, computers take hours to set up, cars have so many switches and knobs that they resemble airplane cockpits, and even the humble toaster now comes with a manual and LCD displays. Companies that challenge the belief that more is better create products that are elegant in their simplicity. Why you’ll always think your product is shit. Lobby of the Pixar offices in Emeryville, CA “My product isn’t quite there yet.”

Why you’ll always think your product is shit

You’ve said this before. We all have. Anyone working on getting their first product out to market will often have the feeling that their product isn’t quite ready. Screw the Power Users. I designed HomeSite and TopStyle for power users.

Screw the Power Users

Only power users would want to edit HTML & CSS by hand, so I made sure to cater to them. Those products were filled with features and tool buttons, and their settings dialogs contained dozens of geeky options. Customers liked them that way. Good-product-manager.pdf. Tenth Grade Tech Trends — Product Design. A few months ago, my fifteen-year-old sister told me that Snapchat was going to be the next Instagram.

Tenth Grade Tech Trends — Product Design

Many months before that she told me that Instagram was being used by her peers as much as Facebook. Both times I snickered. Learning from past mistakes, I took some time over the holiday break to ask my sister many, many questions about how she and her friends are using technology. Below I’ve shared some of the more interesting observations about Instragram, Facebook, Instant Messaging, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, and FaceTime. The 3 Skillsets that Make Successful Product Managers.

“When a project goes well, the engineering team was brilliant.

The 3 Skillsets that Make Successful Product Managers

When it fails, that meddlesome PM sabotaged everything… ”- An anon sr. engineer at Google Being a Product Manager is tough. Succeeding is even harder. Over the last year, as I’ve taken on the responsibilities of managing a team of PMs I’ve been forced to think deeply about the skills that make successful PMs. It’s a tough question and no doubt I’ll refine my thinking in years to come but here is my framework to date. At a high level, success as a PM comes down to passing a hurdle in each of the the categories below and typically indexing very highly in at least 1 category.

Successful PMs excel at 3 core skill sets: Setting a visionGetting stuff doneGenerating insights. Cognitive Overhead, Or Why Your Product Isn’t As Simple As You Think. Editor’s Note: David Lieb is co-founder and CEO of Bump, creators of the popular app that lets people share contact information, photos, and other content by bumping their phones together.

Cognitive Overhead, Or Why Your Product Isn’t As Simple As You Think

Bump has been downloaded more than 130 million times. It’s been hard to ignore the massive shift in the last decade toward simple products. The minimalist design aesthetic pioneered by Dieter Rams in the 1960s on alarm clocks and toasters was popularized by Apple and Google in the 2000s on iPods and search boxes. Stripe: What are some of the techniques Stripe used aggressively for early user acquisition. Is The New Snapchat Brilliant Or Totally Boneheaded? Snapchat quietly released a major update to the popular photo and video messaging app Friday night, with the following additions described in its release notes: 3Reactions Smart Filters - Add data overlays to your Snaps!

Is The New Snapchat Brilliant Or Totally Boneheaded?

3Reactions Visual Filters17Reactions Replay3Reactions Special Text4Reactions Front-Facing Flash3Reactions Up to 7 Best Friends4Reactions As a Snapchat fan and FOMO victim, I quickly downloaded the update and poked around. Almost immediately I began to wonder if the Snapchat team had made a momentous error. I sat on my couch searching the app for the filters, special text, and other features promised in the release notes, but they were nowhere to be found. "What am I doing wrong? " Steve Jobs’ Parable of the Stones. [See Update at end of post.]

Steve Jobs’ Parable of the Stones

This post is not about investing. [***] In fact, let’s get that out of the way: Sell your Apple stock and quit worrying about it. Or buy it and quit worrying about it. Just stop worrying about Apple, the stock. Better yet, just stop worrying, period. The First App You Open In The Morning. You wake up.

The First App You Open In The Morning

You grab your phone. What’s the first app you open? This sounds like a silly question — or worse, an insulting one.1 But I find it’s a rather enlightening question. Depending on when the question is asked, the answer can either be telling about the current state of apps or the current state of you. Personally, right now, the first app I open in the morning is Twitter.