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EngelskaFB6-9 – Google Drive. Gamla NP-prov – Google Drive. Traditions. Recept. In the town. Emilia och Ida. EngVid. EngVid. Book Creator - the simple way to create beautiful ebooks. Snowmen on the doorstep. Question time!

Snowmen on the doorstep

If snowmen could talk, what would they say? If snowmen ruled the world, what changes would you see? When do you think the first snowman was built? If you make a snowman out of a material other than snow, is he a snowman? Story starter! On Christmas Eve they came… She had first seen them through the sitting room window, as she peeked out cautiously through a gap in the curtains. Opening the front door, the little girl took a sharp intake of breath as thousands upon thousands of snowmen stared at her. They must have travelled from all over the world to be here, on this special night of the year. Can you continue the story about the mysterious gathering of snowmen? Sentence challenge! Insert the missing inverted commas in the sentence below. This is extremely odd, said the girl. Exempel NP.

Favorite things and important people

How to learn English for free: 50 websites for free English lessons – Espress... Videos & YouTube channels: – More than 1000 videos from various teachers.

How to learn English for free: 50 websites for free English lessons – Espress...

Sort by level or topicTED talks – Good for more advanced learners; use the captions or transcripts.Rachel’s English – Great videos on pronunciation, slang, & moreJenniferESL – More than 10 years of English-teaching videosGo Natural English – Fun and energetic American English teacherEnglish Anyone – Conversations, advanced listening, beginners’ course & moremmmEnglish – Australian English teacherEnglish with Lucy – British English teacherSpeak English with Vanessa – Natural expressions, pronunciation, phrasal verbsFluency MC – Teaches English through rhythm and rapPapa Teach Me – British English pronunciation, prepositions, vocabularyEnglishClass101 – 400+ videos on many different topics.


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Crime and punishment. Skolstart. The Future. 5 missar lärare gör – enligt senaste hjärnforskningen. Annika Nilsson och Lena Winqvist undervisar i svenska på Einar Hansen-gymnasiet i Malmö.

5 missar lärare gör – enligt senaste hjärnforskningen

What makes a good life? - Google Slides. Love and Friendship. Bra citat, bilder och videor - olika ämnen. Bokklubbsmiddag.

Stockholm 7/4-17

Virtual reality. Engelska - tidigare nationella prov, läxhjälp mm. Vocabulary. Good & Evil. St Patrick's Day. 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Chromebook Owner Should Know. Do You Know These?

10 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Chromebook Owner Should Know

So you own a Chromebook — but do you know how to use it like a pro? Just like Windows and Mac OS X, Chrome OS supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts. Some of these reveal extra functionality, some simply speed up repetitive tasks. In the rundown below you’ll find ten shortcuts we think are worth knowing about. If you like what you see do give this article a share! 10. To take a screenshot of the entire screen press the Ctrl key and the Switcher key at the same time: Just need a bit of the screen? 9. Opening the file manager in Chrome OS is easy using a trackpad or mouse (especially if you pin it to the app shelf) but keyboard aficionados aren’t left out: just tap the following pairing. 8. Is Chrome suddenly running slow? 7. Applications pinned to the Shelf (the bar at the bottom of the screen in Chrome OS) can be opened using a keyboard shortcut. The first app in from the left – count the Chrome icon as 0 – is 1, the next 2, and so on until you reach 8. 6. 5. 4. 3.

10 Funny English Expressions & Their Literal Meanings – Bored Teachers. Ever think about the literal meaning of some of the English expressions we use every day?

10 Funny English Expressions & Their Literal Meanings – Bored Teachers

Check out these awesome illustrations by artist Roisin Hahessy, who came up with the idea while teaching English as a foreign language in Brazil! 1. ...and "bob's your uncle! " 2. That test was a "piece o' cake! " 3.


The Literacy Shed - Home. Mentorstid. Bedömning. Tema: The Wedding Trip. Hej Många frågar hur vi planerade temat till The Wedding Trip och här kommer en sammanställning!

Tema: The Wedding Trip

Mina kollegor, Maria Ekelund och Marie Hansson, och jag har allihop 9or i år. Vi bestämde oss för att göra ett större projekt där alla eleverna var inblandade. På vår skola har vi nivågruppering och de elever som behöver mycket tydlig struktur och som fokuserar på att nå målen i engelska deltog inte. Totalt hade vi 65 elever med i projektet. Syftet var att vi skulle kunna bedöma alla elever och hjälpas åt med de kunskapskrav vi kopplat till detta.

Vi har 2 x 60 minuter engelska per vecka. Engelsk. Tillägg till Chrome som underlättar ditt lärarjobb. Jag hoppas att du har övergett webbläsaren (det du klickar på när du öppnar internet) Internet Explorer och nu använder en modernare webbläsare.

Tillägg till Chrome som underlättar ditt lärarjobb

Tyvärr envisas de flesta IT-avdelningar med att Internet Explorer är det som ska vara förinstallerat. Personligen använder jag nästan alltid Chrome. Träna mera – länktips.

Digital läsförståelse

English speaking countries. Film. Sports. Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement. Pernilla's English Classroom: Templates and posters. Here I have gathered some templates and posters that you are free to use. :) All templates designed by me.

Pernilla's English Classroom: Templates and posters

EXIT and ENTRY TICKETS: Gratis bilder. Christmas year 6. Listening. United Kingdom and Ireland.


Reading. Grammar. Hur sätter lärare betyg? Online games. Writing. Worksheets. Franska. US Presidential Election. Horror, ghosts and Halloween. Speaking.