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12 Years a Slave The Oscar winning movie 12 Years a Slave is based on a memoir by a black man who was born free but kept as a slave for twelve years. In the 2014 Academy Awards, it was awarded the prize for Best Picture along with prizes for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress.You may watch the entire film and work with assignments related to it on this site. Alice Munro Canadian author, Alice Munro, is a master of the short story. She won the Nobel Prize in Literature 2013 as the first Canadian. How the People Shaped Canada’s History The history of Canada was influenced by its different inhabitants’ encounter with the enormous riches of this vast, cold land. Varieties of English - Soundmap English comes in many variants all over the world.

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Deconstructing History: Mayflower Video - The Mayflower My TV provider is not listed. Why not? We are currently working on adding more TV providers. Please check back frequently to see if your TV provider has been added. Träna mera – länktips Links to improve your skills in English Vocabulary Vocabulary for learners of English Lyricstraining 5 TED-Ed Lessons for book lovers When did novels stop being novel? Do comic books belong in school? How do you make a pop-up book, anyway? If you love books, then this playlist is for you.

926 FREE Speaking Worksheets Learning to speak a new language is definitely a challenge. It’s very difficult for your students to do if they don’t practice on a regular basis. Luckily, you need to look no further because has the tools to help your students practice their speaking - and want to do it, too! Let’s face it, students aren’t always jumping for joy at the opportunity to speak a language they aren’t 100 percent comfortable with. Students can be hesitant to speak for a wide variety of reasons - fear of mistakes, peer pressure, or lack of self-confidence are some of the main factors.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The Ultimate EdTech Chart for Tea... February 7, 2017 Below is a chart we have been working on during the last few weeks. It features a number of key websites and online resources arranged into different categories. We did not cover all school subjects but we will be adding more resources to the list in the future. Our purpose is to provide teachers and educators (and students) with a repository of EdTech websites that can potentially help them with the teaching of their content areas. The great thing about this work is that it is curated by teachers for teachers. Learning a second language isn't just good for your brain—it's good for democracy, too — Quartz Now that mobile is maturing and its growth is slowing, everyone in tech is turning to thinking about what the Next Big Thing will be. It’s easy to say that “machine learning is the new mobile” (and everyone does), but there are other things going on, too. On one hand, we have a set of profound changes coming as a result of new primary technology. Electric and autonomous cars will change cities, virtual and mixed reality will change the entire computing experience, and machine learning is changing the kind of questions that computers can answer. But each of these is also just beginning, especially relative to their potential—they are at the bottom of the S-curve where smartphones are now getting towards the top.

Pernilla's English Classroom: Templates and posters Here I have gathered some templates and posters that you are free to use. :) All templates designed by me. Oxford City Council praised for introducing gender neutral 'MX' title on paperwork One of the country’s biggest councils has been praised for introducing gender neutral titles on forms. Oxford City Council told The Independent it has approved plans to include ‘Mx’ as an option on paperwork, alongside traditional terms such as Miss, Ms, Mrs and Mr. The change was made following recommendations from the council’s Equality and Diversity Group as a means of making the council more trans-inclusive; including non-binary people who can prefer the ‘Mx’ title as it does not denote a gender. Councillor Tom Haynes, Vice-Chair of Oxford City Council Scrutiny Committee told The Independent: “The council’s workforce has been changing to look more like the diverse communities that it serves. Good policies have helped to bring this about and tackle discrimination but further improvements are possible. LGBT advocates have welcomed the move and say they hope it helps encourage other councils and institutions to embrace the ‘Mx’ title.

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