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Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer The Movie (1998) Do a rain deer. S-A-N-T-A from Super Simple Songs. Mr Bean Merry Christmas [2/2] Santa Yourself - Turn yourself into a dancing Santa.


Snowflakes. E-cards. Best of Christmas 6-9. Background What’s Christmas Really About A mix of movie clips (Year 6-9)The History Of Christmas – Part 1, Over an hour long, old video about everything you ever need to know about the history of X-mas and Part 2 The History of Santa Claus Warm-up Santa’s Elves Dogs and Cats with Human Hands Making Toys2015 Johnson Family Dubstep Christmas Light Show (11:04) Beware of the music, not everybody’s cup of tea.

Best of Christmas 6-9

Resource Christmas 0. December Holiday Lesson Plans and Activities - Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and More. December is a month full of special days.

December Holiday Lesson Plans and Activities - Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and More

Education World offers resources to help educators teach about all those special days. The resources below include holiday lesson plans; holiday art and gift projects; and additional holiday resources. December: A Month of Multicultural Holiday Celebrations Do your students celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Three Kings Day? Maybe they celebrate St. Lucia Day or Ramadan. Holiday Projects: Classroom Decorating and Gift-Making Ideas Are you tired of doing the same holiday art project year after year? Classroom Lessons Deliver Holiday Presence Capitalize on students excitement about the December holidays. Christmas Traditions Worldwide - Christmas. An Englishman named John Calcott Horsley helped to popularize the tradition of sending Christmas greeting cards when he began producing small cards featuring festive scenes and a pre-written holiday greeting in the late 1830s.

Christmas Traditions Worldwide - Christmas

Newly efficient post offices in England and the United States made the cards nearly overnight sensations. At about the same time, similar cards were being made by R.H. Pease, the first American card maker, in Albany, New York, and Louis Prang, a German who immigrated to America in 1850. Celtic and Teutonic peoples had long considered mistletoe to have magic powers. It was said to have the ability to heal wounds and increase fertility. Plum pudding is an English dish dating back to the Middle Ages. Caroling also began in England.

Who is Santa Claus? English (ESL) Lesson - Facts about Christmas & Santa Claus. Christmas crafts: How to make Christmas crackers. A Brief History of Christmas Traditions from Around the World. A Social Network Christmas. Mr. Christmas - a short documentary. Christmas Karaoke - Christmas Songs. Christmas material package 2010. Infographic: “Christmas Dinners Around The World” Winter Holidays. Sainsbury's ad- Christmas Truce 1914. The Christmas truce. The Christmas Truce of 1914 is widely seen as one of the very few uplifting moments in the futility of the First World War.

The Christmas truce

In this lesson, students will learn about the truce through listening to a podcast of the stories of soldiers who experienced it. After listening to this podcast, students will focus on the speakers’ use of narrative tenses and will go on to write a diary entry from the perspective of a WWI soldier. At Christmas 1914, there were a series of unofficial truces in no-man’s land. soldiers met between the trenches, talked, exchanged souvenirs and even played football. This is a photo of soldiers from the Royal Warwickshire Regiment talking happily with men from the 134th Saxon Regiment on Boxing Day. © IWM (HU 35801) You can access the podcast by clicking on the link below:

The Christmas Truce. Christmas Videos - Free Online Videos for Kids. Alfred Molina shares A Visit from St.

Christmas Videos - Free Online Videos for Kids

Nicholas. There's no party like a Reindeer Party with the Imagination Movers! Video for the song "Santa, Where Are You? " by Super Simple Songs. Little Snowflake from Super Simple Songs tells a short story of a snowman brought to life by the magic and beauty of snowfall. CeeLo Green Featuring The Muppets. 50 holiday activities for Teaching English. We have loads of holiday related materials.

50 holiday activities for Teaching English

Get a start on our Christmas page or in our resources. Also some nice full lessons in our Lessons In A Can or purchase hundreds of resources for the holidays in our store. Also you can subscribe to Digital Resources for one lifetime fee to get hundreds of thousands of lesson materials/ideas. However, since I'm busy making Christmas lists, thought I'd make a nice one to share with fellow teachers and inspire with a few things in my brain for teaching lessons related to Christmas. So here is my brain purge. Get all the 50 lists. 50 Holiday Activities for. Christmas Day in the UK. December is here and many people are starting to think about Christmas.

Christmas Day in the UK

In some places preparations for Christmas such as displays in shops and lights in the streets start as early as October! I am living in Spain at the moment, last year I spent Christmas in Finland and this year I will be spending Christmas with my family in the UK. It is very interesting to experience the different traditions in different countries during Christmas time. In my family, we usually get up very early on Christmas day and open our presents.

My mother likes French food, so we have a French style breakfast with bread, croissants and lots of different cheeses. How to Have a British Christmas - Anglophenia Ep 20. The EFL SMARTblog: Merry Christmas Mr Bean. Teacher's note; The activities in the worksheet at the bottom of this post are based on the full episode available on DVD or on cannot be embedded here).

The EFL SMARTblog: Merry Christmas Mr Bean

This post contains some exercises based on the embeddable youtube clips. The answers are in the worksheet. DVD availablehere. Advent Calendar - AdventMyFriend. Christmas Karaoke - Sing along to Christmas Carols and Songs!

Learn English With Christmas Songs - Listening Quizzes and Lessons. Christmas – Learn English with videos. Children's animation.

Christmas – Learn English with videos

A brother and sister deal with topics that affect their everyday lives. Lola is excited because Christmas is coming, and she and Charlie are taking turns to open the advent calendar. Winter/ Christmas. Christmas Resources for Primary Teachers. Christmas Traditions, Christmas History, Christmas Around the World, The Christmas Story and Christmas Fun and Games! - whychristmas?com. Twas the Night Before Christmas - Full Video.

Christmas cryptogram. Christmas criss cross puzzle. Christmas scrambler. Puzzler. Cryptogram 2. Xmas decs. Quack. Puzzler2. Kopia av Christmas is here ny[1] Kopia av Crossword Christmas[1] The Best Places To Learn About Christmas, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa. Check out my New York Times post: Ideas for English Language Learners | Celebrate the Holidays ELLs learn about tamales, holiday food traditions and Three Kings Day at my latest holiday-related New York Times Learning Network post.

The Best Places To Learn About Christmas, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa

It includes a student interactive and teaching ideas. Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa are all coming-up, and I thought it would be timely to create a “The Best…” list focusing on those holidays. Obviously, there are a lot more materials about Christmas out there accessible to English Language Learners than there are for the other two events, but I have found some for all of them. You can also find these links, and many more, under Holidays on my website.

Christmas. Tell Me about Christmas - Part 1. Mulled Wine So every Boxing Day, we hold a mulled wine party for friends and family in our house. What we do – you go and buy these little sachets of spices you can get in supermarkets, and then in the morning, just get loads and loads of cheap cheap cheap red wine, the cheapest red wine that you can get; and put it in a massive massive sort of soup pot. Put some fruit juice in there, put some chopped-up fruits in there, and then add these spices and add some sugar, and just let it bubble away, let it simmer away over a few hours. And so in the afternoon, when all the friends come round, we serve it up and it’s a lovely warm drink for a cold December afternoon - very spicy, very Christmasy, and very alcoholic. Mince Pie Hello! But now, well actually up from Victorian era, they were changed to be a dessert. Tell Me about Christmas - Part 2.

Advent Calendar Hi, I’m gonna tell you about our advent calendar. This has got all the days until Christmas Day on. And what happens is today’s the 14th of December, so we find the window with the 14th on. And then the lucky person whose turn it is, that’s me, can open the window, and then, ready, inside, there’s a picture of some kind of treat or toys. So this is a picture of a toy soldier. And when I was a child we’d have these, and in the family, each child would take it in turns, different day, to open the window and would be very excited about it. A Christmas card from England. Christmas in Other Countries. Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25 . It is a joyous holiday where families get together, give each other presents, decorate houses, sing traditional songs and go to mass .

The word Christmas comes from the old English “Christes Maesse” , which means Christ’s mass . Although Christians believe that Jesus was born in the small town of Bethlehem, we don’t know the exact date of birth because stories about Jesus Christ were written down much later. By the 4th century Christians were divided into two churches: the eastern church was in Constantinople, today’s Istanbul, and the western church was based in Rome. Christmas.