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Träna mera – länktips

Träna mera – länktips
Links to improve your skills in English Vocabulary Vocabulary for learners of English Lyricstraining BaBaDum Vocabulary English Online A Word a Day Phrase of the Day LearningChocolate Listening Randall´s ESL Listen a Minute Elllo News in levels Podcasts RongChang Lingual DescribingPeople EnglishTestStore BritishCouncil LearnEnglishTeens LearnEnglishTV LearnEnglish Learn English feel good TimeforEnglish ManyThings Radio Sweden EFLnet Listen to English Reading Readtheory StudyZone the Local GrammarBank BreakingNewsEnglish Englishteststore AgendaWeb ESLBits Teen Ink Cdlponline Grammar English exercises StudyZone English for You Grammar Quizzes UsingEnglish EnglishHilfen The Grammar Aquarium OneStopEnglish NonStopEnglish ChompChomp Writing Writing Exercises and Prompts A+papers VariousGenres TheStoryStarter StoryIt Dictionaries Tyda Thesaurus Collins WordHippo Lingro Forvo Visual Dictionaries MerriamWebster SnappyWords Speaking EngVid Oral Presentation från Nadla Rachel´s English The Day in Photos BBC Learning Enlish English Club All skills LearnEnglish Teen

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Inference Riddle Game by Phil and David Tulga Inference Riddles- having fun with inference and prediction - Welcome to my page on inference riddles. It includes my free Inference Riddle Game that you can play right now on your computer. You will also find information on my expanded activity featuring 101 Inference Riddles . If you already have access to the expanded activity, please click here!

Elementary Reading Read the following text, then do the exercise below. On Sunday, Tom gets up at 10 o'clock. Then he reads his newspaper in the kitchen. He has breakfast at 11.30 and then he telephones his mother in Scotland. ESL Reading Worksheets - Short Stories - Free Arbor Day - Marla and Tio plant a tree in the yard. Breakfast - Jack has high cholesterol and has to stop eating donuts. Bus Driver - Adan wants to retire next year when he turns sixty-two. Camping - Bears take over a campsite! Car Accident - Oh, no! Bob had a car accident, but he's okay. Pernilla's English Classroom: Templates and posters Here I have gathered some templates and posters that you are free to use. :) All templates designed by me. Robin Hood: Facts and Information Here are some facts about Robin Hood. Robin Hood was an outlaw who, according to legend, lived in Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham. He regularly fought against his enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham.Robin is known for dressing in green, for being a skillful archer and for robbing the rich to give to the poor. His band of Merry Men included Friar Tuck, Little John and Will Scarlet.He was probably based on a real person, although if that is so, nobody knows for sure who he was. He may have been a Yorkshireman called Robin of Loxley.Robin Hood has been portrayed in over 100 films and many books.

Teach 9 irregular verbs in one lesson It is much more memorable to teach or learn irregular verbs in a story. The verbs, especially their meaning, are easier to remember and retrieve from memory. Moreover, teaching verbs in a story is fun. 10 Funny English Expressions & Their Literal Meanings – Bored Teachers Ever think about the literal meaning of some of the English expressions we use every day? Check out these awesome illustrations by artist Roisin Hahessy, who came up with the idea while teaching English as a foreign language in Brazil! 1. ...and "bob's your uncle!" 2. That test was a "piece o' cake!"

10 Outstanding Websites for English Teachers - WeAreTeachers As a high school English teacher, I’m always utilizing outside websites and resources. After all, if it helps my students and gets them excited about English, then I’m happy to try it. These are my top 10 go-to sites. Francis short film & analysis - Filmnosis This short film is an interesting case of adaptation from the written media to the visual one. Adapted from a short story by novelist and screenwriter Dave Eggars, the idea for the film was originally conceived when radio host Ira Glass, from the radio show “This American Life”, asked a number of writers to create a short story about “Adventure”. The story premiered first on the radio and was later turned into a short film.

10 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Chromebook Owner Should Know Do You Know These? So you own a Chromebook — but do you know how to use it like a pro? Just like Windows and Mac OS X, Chrome OS supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts. Some of these reveal extra functionality, some simply speed up repetitive tasks. In the rundown below you’ll find ten shortcuts we think are worth knowing about.