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NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein

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In graphics: Iran, sanctions and the nuclear deal: Iran’s nuclear deal becomes a reality SOMETIME in the next few days Iran’s “Implementation Day” is almost certain to be declared. That is the moment when Iran is deemed to have complied with all its obligations in dismantling those parts of its nuclear programme that would soon have put it weeks away from being able to build a bomb. All nuclear-related sanctions, including the freezing of $100bn of Iranian assets, will be lifted. At the same time, Iran will apply the Additional Protocol of its safeguards agreement (subject to ratification by its parliament, the Majlis) with the International Atomic Energy Agency, a measure which gives the agency’s inspectors access to materials and sites beyond declared nuclear facilities. The deal itself, signed after weeks of wrangling in July 2015, adheres closely to a framework agreed on in Lausanne last April, while resolving a number of tricky issues, any one of which could have scuppered the enterprise. One obvious consequence of the deal will be economic.

Carbon map infographic: a new way to see the Earth move How can you map the world to show global data in an immediately clear way? How can you show two datasets at once to see how they compare? Kiln, a partnership of Guardian writer Duncan Clark and developer Robin Houston has come up with this beautiful new take on the globe. Watch the animated intro or click on the topics and see the map move before your eyes. Adding shading lets you compare two datasets to see how they relate – so you can see clearly how poorest countries have the fastest growing populations but the lowest emissions • The map works best in newest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari• Who made this graphic?

How India and China explain the Holocaust to school kids Indian school history textbooks don’t use the word “holocaust” while teaching world history and the second World War. In one instance, where a government-prescribed textbook was published during the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) previous reign at the centre, even the details of the genocide are completely glossed over. These revelations were made in a study titled “International Status of Education About the Holocaust,” conducted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation and the George Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research. The study aimed to compare how the holocaust is taught in countries around the world and find out whether the dissemination of information about the holocaust is fragmented or distorted in any way to serve political ends. In surveying five prescribed textbooks in India, the study found that none of them makes a mention of the term “holocaust” or its Hebrew equivalent “shoah.”

Move over eBay - this is the police Get amazing bargains on property, cars, computers ... buy top-quality stolen bikes for £10 at official police auctions ... discover the secrets of government auctions ... fantastic prices on army surplus ... ridiculously low clearance prices from government departments. These claims are plastered over internet adverts. But do these secret stashes of bargain goods really exist? European think tank says Russian brinksmanship at Cold War levels This photo shows a Russian Tu-95 Tupolev bomber (Reuters/File) A report from a European think tank has identified more than 40 dangerous incidents involving forces from Russia and those of NATO member states over the past eight months. The report, released Monday by the London-based European Leadership Network (ELN), specified three incidents in the past year that could have sparked open conflict between Russia and the West. "We believe [the incidents] are a very serious development, not necessarily because they indicate a desire on the part of Russia to start a war but because they show a dangerous game of brinkmanship is being played, with the potential for unintended escalation in what is now the most serious security crisis in Europe since the cold war," the report's authors wrote.

EU migrant crisis: What we know about Syrian refugee boys Aylan and Galip Kurdi The Turkish smuggler who owned the boat is believed to have abandoned it when the sea became rough, leaving the passengers struggling to control it for an hour before it overturned. The boys’ father, Abdullah, was one of the few survivors. He was in the sea for three hours before he was rescued by the Greek coastguard. He tried to hold onto his family but one by one they were washed from his grasp. Where had they come from?

Wind Map: Historical An invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us—energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future. This map shows you a historical snapshot of the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US. See the live map for current winds. Beware Of Japanese Balloon Bombs : NPR History Dept. The Japanese balloon bomb, in all its terrible splendor. US Army hide caption itoggle caption US Army

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