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REACT is one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai delivering the best results in SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Audio & Video Production, Animation, Web Design & Development and Branding. We deliver outstanding results and help you to grow your business.

Email Marketing Can Produce Great Results. The digital marketing landscape is diverse and growing.

Email Marketing Can Produce Great Results

You can be extremely creative with your strategies, and respond to data in real-time; there is nothing quite like it. Email marketing is a great tool within your digital marketing strategy, and can produce great results, as long as you stick with it. The statistics and feedback you receive from a well executed email marketing campaign can provide your business with real value, and we're not even talking about return on investment from sales. Getting to know your audience through their digital behaviors is key to staying competitive in the new world, and a nicely developed email campaign will provide you with good insight. Once you receive data from a completed email campaign, you can see when your target audiences are active and engaged with their email and web use, and what content they are most interested in.

Understanding customer behavioral patterns goes beyond email open and click-through rates. Download Now. How To Add Humor To Video Marketing. You have a corporate video project in Dubai.

How To Add Humor To Video Marketing

You’re racking your brain on how to make it relevant but interesting at the same time, respecting your brand and maybe even a very conservative board. But just because you have a corporate video doesn’t mean that you can’t use humor. Humor, used tastefully, can do wonders for video engagement. Here are some helpful tips to add humor to your corporate video from a video production company in Dubai: Consider animation Let’s face it. Use your customers' pain points Turning a situation your customer can identify with to a humorous bit can draw a lot of attention and empathy from your audience.

Add a funny sidekick Sometimes humor is in the unexpected. Make fun of yourself This might not be for everyone, but research shows that making fun of yourself can humanize your company and demonstrate confidence. Why You MUST Include Video in Your Marketing Strategy. If an image can say 1,000 words, how much more do you think can communicate with a video?

Why You MUST Include Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Video used to be expensive, complicated. A luxury that took a lot of time and resources: From production time to a complex editing process, it is no wonder why many companies shied away from video production in the past. But times are changing and now it is possible to get quality video production in Dubai. In the digital marketing era of decreasing attention spans, video is the single most important thing you can do for marketing success. Why? Here are some other reasons why the use of video is important for marketing: Video is easy to understand – People aren't interested in spending a lot of time understanding your products and/or services.

Website Design & Development Company in Dubai. Web Design for Agencies: Outsourcing Versus In-house Design. Weighing the advantages of outsourcing versus using in-house resources is a process that requires you to carefully consider your existing resources and your customer demands.

Web Design for Agencies: Outsourcing Versus In-house Design

Below are three things marketing agencies must keep in mind when deciding whether to outsource web design to a specialist agency or complete web design in-house. 1) Your agency is facing rigid time constraints. Whether you have a five-star customer demanding 24-hour turnaround on a critical design project or a first-time client you wish to impress with quality and speed, your agency is likely no stranger to time constraints. If your in-house resources are already stretched beyond capacity, outsourcing 2) Your customer presents you with a rare or unique design request. 3) An overload of existing projects prevents you from taking on new business. Clearly, professional web design agencies offer a host of advantages to marketing firms.

Download our free e-book: How to choose your website Partner Agency Download Now. Do You Need a New Website Design? Does it seem like the number of your online leads stopped growing?

Do You Need a New Website Design?

Your website has worked fine for years, and nothing has changed. The cause must be something else, right? Website design is an ever changing landscape. If you haven't updated your website's look, feel, and functionality in a few years, you have probably seen user engagement drop and bounce rates increase. Your website is a reflection of your business and professionalism. New Website Design Checklist Your site is still using Flash,It does not have a responsive design,Elements are not consistent across the site,Photos are stock or show outdated equipment or location,You are not showing up in organic search results.Page load times exceed 2 seconds,The number of new visitors is shrinking,Conversion rates have fallen,Bounce rates have increased over time,Time-on-site is shrinking, orYour site has not been redesigned in the last 4 years.

Next, examine your site to ensure all features are being used and are functioning. SEO Agency in Dubai - Best SEO Services in Dubai, UAE. Social Media Agency in Dubai, UAE. Top Digital Marketing & Production Company in Dubai, UAE.