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How to enjoy coffee. Select high-quality beans.

How to enjoy coffee

Say goodbye to the large canisters and bags of preground coffee that line the grocery store shelves. You won’t find quality there. I recommend seeking out independent local roasteries, or looking online if there isn’t one nearby. If you can, try to talk to the roasters personally about their coffee, either at their café or over email. In my experience, the more information they’re able to give you about the beans, the more likely that their business values quality and transparency. Japanese-Style Iced Coffee Recipe. [Photographs: Daniel Gritzer] Want some good news?

Japanese-Style Iced Coffee Recipe

The easiest way to make iced coffee also turns out to be the best. At least, that's what our panel of blind tasters agreed when we pitted Japanese-style iced coffee against cold brew and leftover hot-brewed coffee. More specifically, the tasters preferred Japanese-style iced coffee when drinking it black (cold brew came out on top when mixed with milk). Of course coffee is a complicated concoction with a ridiculous number of variables, from bean type and roast level to grind size, brewing method, water temperature, and more—which is to say, this is not a topic that can be reduced to an easy set of answers. Cold Brew Coffee Sucks. Here's Why. Welcome to Counterpoint, a series in which we challenge commonly held ideas about well-known products.

Cold Brew Coffee Sucks. Here's Why

This time: cold-brew coffee. George Howell, specialty coffee’s patron saint and owner-operator of the Boston-based roastery that bears his name, really wishes you’d order iced coffee — or anything, really — instead of cold brew. “If you’re into the flavors of coffee, you’re not into cold brew. It’s as simple as that,” Howell says. Cold brew is made by mixing coffee grounds and water, letting them mingle at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours and running the resulting concentrate through a filter. (1) Mulholland Dr. (3/10) Movie CLIP - Bad Coffee (2001) HD. FINE COFFEE AND STUFF. Addison Coffee Roasters. The Best Extra-Dark Supermarket Chocolate Bars for Baking. You’ve tried ‘meatless’ sausage, but would you go for ‘beanless’ coffee? The 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America. What does it take to be one of the best coffee roasters in America?

The 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America

To some critics, it’s innovation — the willingness to throw “rules” by the wayside and the skill to revolutionize new roasting practices, all in the name of better coffee. For others, it’s taste, perhaps best exemplified in a roaster’s selectiveness when hunting for the finest green coffees in the world. And sometimes, a roaster’s greatness is born by bringing troubling social issues to the forefront, putting life and well-being on the line to solve them. The Best Grocery Store Coffee. As Americans become more sophisticated about their morning cup of joe, the coffee aisle at the grocery store is expanding.

The Best Grocery Store Coffee

Now there are single-varietal beans alongside those tubs and cans your grandparents drank, but with all that choice comes the dilemma of what to buy. To help you zero in on your perfect cup, we sampled 15 of the most readily available coffees usually found at supermarkets nationwide and ranked them. How We Picked and Brewed the Coffee There are a lot of brands, and a lot of variety even within those brands, so we narrowed the playing field by choosing only dark roast beans, and pre-ground whenever possible for consistency.

How I Learned to Make the Perfect Espresso at Home. After a few sips of a perfectly prepared espresso, I knew I couldn’t keeping lying to myself.

How I Learned to Make the Perfect Espresso at Home

Since moving to an old farm in rural Virginia, I had convinced myself that the lack of a good local cup of coffee wasn’t a big deal. (Yes, there’s coffee about 45 minutes away, but that’s hardly local.) I have fields to walk and fences to mend, enough to fill my heart and satisfy my soul. This-country-drinks-more-coffee-than-any-other?email=puhnner@hotmail. In Helsinki’s 60-year old Café Succès, I watched a couple old Finnish women chatting over coffee and pastries by the window.


Beside them, an anxious businessman checked his phone as he sipped an espresso. Two tables over, a construction crew, still in hardhats and fluorescent vests, quaffed big cups of coffee and munched on the cafés famously massive korvapussiti “ear slap” cinnamon rolls. Does Darker Coffee Have More Caffeine? Anybody who's ever pulled an all-nighter knows all too well the feeling of throwing back cups of stomach-scorching, extra-extra-dark coffee just to get through the night—after all, the dark roast has more caffeine, right?

Does Darker Coffee Have More Caffeine?

RELATED Behold the Strongest Cup of Coffee in the World » Well, it's actually a contentious debate. Many casual java sippers assume darker beans' richer, more intense flavor means an extra buzz, while Chemex-faithful connoisseurs argue lighter beans are the way to go when you need a wake-up call. How to Make and Serve Turkish Coffee. When people hear I grew up in Turkey, they often ask about Turkish coffee.

How to Make and Serve Turkish Coffee

It's either because they love it and want to learn how to make it or are concerned that enjoying a thick, espresso-like drink will make it difficult to sleep if they mistakenly take a sip before bedtime. Either way, it's always a fun conversation starter. Turkey is known as the heart of the world where ancient traditions of diverse people blend with the modern, and learning to correctly prepare coffee in the Turkish style will bring a bit of this classic custom into your own home. Best Chocolate in the U.S. Australian Coffee Drink Has 80 Times the Caffeine - Adelaide Ass-Kicker at Viscous Coffee.

Does a cup of coffee just not provide the jolt you need in the morning?

Australian Coffee Drink Has 80 Times the Caffeine - Adelaide Ass-Kicker at Viscous Coffee

How about 80 cups instead? Andytown Coffee Roasters. Why Canned Coffee Is Everywhere This Summer. Every year, iced coffee figures out how to get a little bit cooler. Last year, fizzy nitro swept the country. Cold Brew Versus Iced Coffee: Which Is Actually Better? Cold brew, they told us. Cold brew is better than iced coffee. It cropped up in coffee shops, on blogs, in grocery stores, and in DIYs on sites like this one. Google searches for both "cold brew" and "cold brew coffee" both peaked in July 2015.

The buzz was palpable. Guide to Coffee Bean Roasts. From the coffee drinker’s side of the counter, brewing receives the majority of the credit, or blame, for how coffee tastes. Drip, pour over, siphon, French press, etc. — making a cup at work, the average drinker can only choose the method by which water interacts with coffee grounds, and maybe how the whole beans are ground; these are the factors on which things like acidity, sweetness and body are blamed. But roasting, the process that transforms beans from green and soft off the branch to brown and brittle in the bag, is the true genesis of these flavors, upon which brewing can only tinker. To understand how roasting impacts the taste in your cup, we spoke to Scott Rao, the author of multiple books on coffee, including The Professional Barista’s Handbook, Espresso Extraction: Measurement and Mastery and Everything but Espresso.

From The Coffee Roaster’s Companion Notes on Roast from Scott Rao. A Guide to Coffee Cupping. Order Coffee Around the World: Flat White, Shakerato and More. This October, Tasting Table is getting away from it all. Come away with us as we explore the world of travel. Maybe it was the airport that closed all the bars at 9 p.m. Maybe it was the unreasonably suspicious customs guy who made you so nervous you almost told him the wrong last name. Or maybe it was the luggage carousel of despair that failed to produce, well, anybody's luggage. Whatever your travel woes, one thing's for sure: When you finally get to that unicorn of a destination, you need a big, comforting cup of nature's happy water (otherwise known as coffee). What Coffee Culture Is Like in Cuba — Smart Coffee for Regular Joes.

Coffee came to Cuba in the mid-1700s, and soon thereafter Cuba became a large coffee producer and exporter. In fact, coffee production has had such an impact on the Cuban landscape that the first coffee plantations now have a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. As coffee production grew, the drink became part of the national identity; it's no surprise that even those of us who have never been to Cuba have probably at least once or twice heard mention of a café cubano. Interview: Craig Miller of Miller's Coffee. Miller’s Coffee exists in a time warp back to the ’80s — back before ‘Bucks was on every corner; back before coffee shops were laptop charging stations; back before people spent $2k on espresso machines. Coffee grounds recycled as carbon capture material. Coffee grounds are not exactly noxious despoilers of the environment, but many millions of tons of them are generated every year and simply disposed of with other vegetable matter and food waste.

Now, researchers have devised a way to utilize this innocuous waste product to get rid of a much more dangerous one. By modifying used coffee grounds into a carbon capture material, the new product may provide a simple, inexpensive way to remove a prolific and harmful greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. Working at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea to develop the new material, researchers steeped used coffee grounds (100 percent Colombian coffee, dark roast, fine ground) in a potassium hydroxide solution and heated the resulting mixture to 65 °C (149 °F) and stirred it for 24 hours. "We were sitting around drinking coffee and I looked at the coffee grounds and thought ‘I wonder if we can use this for methane storage? '" says Kemp. Hurricane Sandy Decimates Cuban Coffee Crop.

The Surprisingly Manly History of Hot Cocoa. ‘Tis the season for hot cocoa. At least it is for red-cheeked children who are looking to warm up after coming in from a well-spent snow day. And for lady folk curled up in a blanket watching The Shop Around the Corner. Coffee And Tea Taste Trumps Convenience And Price, Recent Harris Poll Finds. Just because a coffee shop is conveniently located doesn't mean people will flock to it, a recent poll suggests. How An Ethiopian Bean Became The Cinderella Of Coffee : The Salt.

Hide captionThe village of Boto in the Ethiopian highlands was selling some of the cheapest coffee in Ethiopia, the notorious "Jimma 5. " Now it's selling a bean coveted by specialty U.S. roasters, and has built a road with some of the proceeds. Gregory Warner/NPR. Roasted Cocoa Nib Bark. Best Coffee Roasters in America - Ranking and Reviews. Golden State Joe: California Makes A Play For Coffee's Future. As Espresso Rises, Will 'Greek Coffee' Be Left To The Turks? Delicate Little Man Kept Awake All Night By Having Coffee After Four O’Clock. GRAND RAPIDS, MI—Tossing and turning way past his beddy-bye, delicate little man Jeremy Palazola was reportedly unable to sleep Tuesday night because he drank a teensy bit of coffee after four o’clock.

“I’ll have a cup in the morning sometimes, but that’s usually it,” said the precious flower, who tried and tried to keep his eyes closed but remained wide awake from the itty-bitty beverage he had 10 hours earlier. “I knew I shouldn’t have had any during the afternoon meeting, but I was just feeling so out of it.” At press time—oh no! —the darling little angel was getting a big tummy ache. Delicate Little Man Kept Awake All Night By Having Coffee After Four O’Clock.