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CoffeeShop ShadowHouse Blog Header 1! I was really inspired by Jerry's ShadowHouse Creations Creative Layer Masks so I decided to make one of them into clipping masks and put together a little blog header.

CoffeeShop ShadowHouse Blog Header 1!

It is 1000px by 300px (make sure to resize it so it fits your blog) and it is a .psd image file (not an action!) CoffeeShop CutOuts 2: Decorative Digital Brads! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

CoffeeShop CutOuts 2: Decorative Digital Brads!

We had a great time celebrating with our family in our newly decorated (if not completely finished) dining and living rooms. I will post photos later on our updated look. I love how it has turned out and can't wait to finish both rooms. I also wanted to mention that Sassy Designs is having an 80% off sale this weekend.

You can pick up some beautiful digital papers. I am in the process of changing internet providers, so my internet time will be hit or miss the next day or two. CoffeeShop CutOuts 3! The CoffeeShop Blog. CoffeeShop CutOuts 4! Would you believe our heater just died?

CoffeeShop CutOuts 4!

The other day I smelled something burning in the back of the house, but I thought it was the boys playing with the bathroom heater. When you turn it on the first time in the winter it always smells. It hasn't been very cold the last days so I had the heater turned off and didn't realize there was a problem. However, yesterday the night temperature was predicted to be in the mid-20's, which is cold for this part of Texas. I went to turn on the heat and nothing happened.

So I am sitting here freezing (well, it is 59F in the house, not really freezing) and decided to offer a freebie, a new cutout. CoffeeShop CutOuts 5! CoffeeShop CutOuts 6: Digital Tags! I wanted to make some digital tags that could be used on storyboards, cards, websites, buttons, etc so I designed this new set.

CoffeeShop CutOuts 6: Digital Tags!

I realize I now I named two different designs CutOuts 6, but I am too lazy to make the name change. ;-) There are 5 .png files with both plain and vintage paper designs and one layered .psd tag where you can change the color of the tag and the border or add images/textures via clipping masks using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. I used this beautiful vintage floral texture on one of the tags; thank you Brooke! And I also used a gorgeous paper texture from Shadowhouse; thank you Jerry! You can add text/images/textures to these tags and use them all over. CoffeeShop CutOuts 7: Brackets! I had fun designing digital brackets and I wanted to share them with you.

CoffeeShop CutOuts 7: Brackets!

This set includes a layered .psd bracket where you can add textures/colors using adjustment layers and/or clipping masks and also a selection of transparent background .png ornamental brackets. I used textures from Sassy Designs, Inc. on the ornamental brackets. Please check out that website, they have a huge selection of affordable digital designs and papers and great sales! You can use these on cards, storyboards, web design, etc. If you want the space between the brackets to be larger, use the rectangular marquee tool (M) to select the left bracket, then grab the move tool (V) and drag it to your design. CoffeeShop Blog Headers Pack 1! I have wanted to design some custom blog headers for some time and I finally took the plunge!

CoffeeShop Blog Headers Pack 1!

CoffeeShop Blog Headers Pack 1 includes 5 adjustable blog headers with bracket photoframes. The designs in the headers are from free brushes/patterns from Pixels & Ice Cream. The matching textures can be found in the CoffeeShop Texture Pack 1 and the upcoming CoffeeShop Texture Pack 2. Each header is 1024 px by 400 px which fit nicely in the free Photoblogs from Our Blogger Templates. If you want to use these in the classic Blogger Templates you will have to make sure they are "shrunk to fit" as you upload them, or just change their size in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

CoffeeShop CutOuts 8: Hearts! CoffeeShop CutOuts 9: Double Border and Blog Background! Often when I make digital frames or cards I like to have a pretty border on the bottom.

CoffeeShop CutOuts 9: Double Border and Blog Background!

I decided to create a few that I could share with you. This one is a layered .psd file and is fully adjustable. You can adjust the colors or add textured paper (as seen above, digital paper from Sassy Designs and not included with the download) or resize to fit your own design elements. You can see a screenshot of the download below. To change the colors simply click on the Color Fill layers. If you want to add digital textured paper, simply turn off or delete the Color Fill Layers and drag a texture above the layer, group it, and Ctrl-T it to fit. Don't be afraid to play! CoffeeShop CutOuts 10: Double Border! CoffeeShop Frames 10. Thank you so much for entering the Chasing Dreams texture giveaway!

CoffeeShop Frames 10

The winner is 156, Arminda Dozier (picked by, and I have emailed you. Congratulations! And those of you who didn't win this time, don't forget the 25% off coupon code good until the end of this month. Now for a new freebie! This is a layered adjustable frame you can print or post on the web.

If you want to add an image simply drag it over the clipping mask layer (delete the color fill layer) and group it, following this tutorial. You can also add your favorite digital paper or texture (I used a beautiful texture from Flora Bella on the sample below).