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Bialetti Venus 2 Cup Stainless Steel Espresso Maker: Kitchen & Home Frequently Bought Together Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought Special Offers and Product Promotions Product Description Product Description The stainless steel espresso maker with harmonious, smooth lines is a seduction. The Venus is a modern and stylish stove top espresso maker. What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item? 3.9 out of 5 stars Most Helpful Customer Reviews 47 of 47 people found the following review helpful Amazon Verified Purchase I have this and the 4-cup Venus too. But the 2 cup always seemed to brew a slightly harsher cup of espresso despite taking the same care when grinding my coffee just before the brew. I finally sussed out why.Because this is a smaller unit compared to the 4 cup (and others I'm sure), the coffee basket sits just that bit closer to the heat source.So I cut the heat used by 50-60% and it's now making the smoothest, richest cups of Jo. Ironically it's just as hot to drink a before and it takes pretty much the same amount of time to brew.

Bialetti Moka Express 1 cup Espresso Maker: Kitchen & Home Frequently Bought Together Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought Special Offers and Product Promotions Product Description Product Description Bialetti is one of the top names in Italian housewares and has been manufacturing stove-top espresso makers since the 1930s. The Moka Express, made by Bialetti in Italy, is the original stove top coffee maker. What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item? 4.6 out of 5 stars Most Helpful Customer Reviews 19 of 19 people found the following review helpful Far beyond expectation!! Having been left espresso-less for a couple of weeks due to a meltdown of my former moka (a smaller, stainless-steel machine) and being utterly unable to find a shop selling anything like that in town (I am Italian but live in the UK), I was verging towards irreversible frantic insanity when an illumination stroke me like a kick you-know-where: why not buy on-line?? So I did and I do not regret it! Was this review helpful to you? Amazon Verified Purchase

Bialetti 1284 Mini Express 2 Cup Espresso Maker Aluminium: Kitchen & Home I purchased this brewer at a local shop in Brazil about 4 months ago, and brewed nearly daily on it. My first brews were uneven and made a mess on my stove. After quite a few bad brews and almost giving up on it, I began to understand what was going on. I usually brewed finely-ground coffee and got mediocre results. I would, usually, fill the basket up to the top, tapping it just a little bit, and let it heat. Coffee would begin to brew unevenly, leaving me with a tiny extra-strong cup and a large extra-weak one. If you run a test brew with no coffee grounds in it, only water, you'll see it comes out perfectly even on both cups. Learning from that, I realized that I couldn't fill the basket up to the top with finely-ground and tap it. Nowadays, I usually fill the basket leaving about 2-3mm free space at the top of the basket when using finely ground coffee and progressively less free space the coarser my grounds are. That's a peculiarity of its unique design.

Bialetti Brikka Espresso Maker,2 cup: Kitchen & Home Let me start off by making it clear that I am no coffee-making expert, and that the information I attempt to provide here is a product of many other people's advice and experience. Moka pots are a completely new thing for me, but I wanted to try a method of making coffee that would allow me to travel wherever I wanted with it, without the restriction of a mains socket. I also quite liked the primal appeal of doing everything manually. So this is a meticulously engineered piece of kit, without a shadow of a doubt. For me, it has proven to be well worth the £40, considering decent espresso machines arguably start at around 10 times that. Bialetti really have left no stone unturned, but then I guess they did invent the moka pot, and are Italian, purveyors of the finest coffee in the world. That was until a thought occurred to me and I discovered the issue. Nevertheless, all this isn't to say that espresso made in moka pots isn't "real" espresso.

Bialetti Brikka coffee maker espresso pot - how to fix, clean and repair. A guide to save your coffee by Avi Brikka is the brand name of a Coffee maker / Coffee pot / stove pot / Macchinetta / Caffettiera made by Bialetti from Italy. Brikka produces great espresso (actually, espresso-like) with rich crema, much better than any other coffee pot. If you use the Brikka, Brikka2, Brikka-Elite coffee pot and use it correctly (*), you can trust it will serve you for long time without any needed maintenance out of washing it after each use. (*) Correct use means: 1. Over the years Bialetti introduced several models of the Brikka coffee maker. After extensive usage or due to use of wrong ground coffee and/or scale water, your Brikka might get clogged, release pressure through the valve or between parts, use only part of the water etc. The reasons might be one or few of the following: 1. WARNING: The following fix might void Bialetti warranty. First, let’s examine and get familiar with Brikka parts:

La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Espresso Machine, Chrome Base: Kitchen & Home You either love it or you hate it. I love mine; others obviously hate theirs. I spent the first two years (yes, two whole years!) I had progressed from a very cheap pseudo-machine, via an automatic pumped one to this gloriously vain peacock of an espresso-maker. The continental inefficiency of the machine was brought home when I first unpacked it - there were no video instructions, as were promised; no paper instructions, as were promised - just a beautiful machine with a little patch of damaged chrome under the drip tray - already a failing in the world of time and motion and efficiency that we currently inhabit. However, this machine is so simple in its construction, just a boiler, a thermostat and a portafilter, that I have finally realised it does exactly what you want it to do!

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