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Drip Coffee Maker and Pot. Brew yourself flavor-rich coffee with this elegant drip coffee maker and pot.

Drip Coffee Maker and Pot

Featuring a stainless steel filter with ultra-fine holes, it is able to extract more coffee oil. The result is coffee richer in taste and aroma. No paper filter necessary. Source: IPPINKA Spread your love! Google. Design. First Look: Workshop Holborn Coffeebar London’s Workshop Coffee Co. first opened its doors in 2011 as the European cousin to Australia’s St.Ali—sharing the same name.


But in April 2012 the company rebranded (full disclosure: I worked with them on their rebrand) and they’ve since become a household name in London’s specialty coffee scene. The first two Workshop locations were always high on my list of recommended places to visit in London and their wholesale accounts have grown considerably since my last time here. Last week, Workshop’s third retail location opened at Holborn in the bottom of the new Amazon headquarter building and it’s quite an amazing coffee bar.

When you arrive, large front doors open to a bright and spacious area with ample room to place an order or form a queue once Amazon is fully staffed with their employees. The front and back bars are both outfitted with La Marzocco Linea PBs, Mazzer grinders and Uber Boilers. Vintage 1960 Inland Instate 8 Cups Coffee Maker. HARIO V60-01 GLASS COFFEE DRIPPER with Red BASE VDG-01 NEW IN BOX. Hario V60 Glass Black. Dr. Drip Coffee Review. Rating: If there’s one thing I like in this world, it’s a good cup of coffee.

Dr. Drip Coffee Review

I’m not talking about the swill they try to pass off as coffee at some fast food places, or various restaurants – I’m talking about the kind of coffee that you just sit there, smell, and be transported somewhere other than where you are. When I first was told about Dr. Drip Coffee, I assumed it was a new kind of coffee maker; something aiken to a Mr. Coffee. Dr. After that, all you have to do is pour some hot water into the center of the hexagonal shape, and get ready to enjoy a truly fantastic cup of coffee. The biggest negative about Dr. Dr Drip Coffee comes in four varieties: “The Decaf Energizer”, “The Organic Tonic” (100% USDA Certified organic), “The Double Daily Remedy”, and “The Ultimate Pick Me Up”. The portability, the smell, the taste, and having no negative footprint – all of these factors contributes to my score of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Free Food Friday: Dr. Drip Coffee- ENDED. This week, we’ve got the perfect giveaway for all of you coffee lovers!

Free Food Friday: Dr. Drip Coffee- ENDED

A freshly brewed cup of coffee can be at you fingertips no matter where you are with Dr. Drip Coffee. It takes your ordinary mug and turns it into a coffee machine- no more flavorless instant coffee for you! Keep reading to learn more and enter the giveaway! Here’s some more info about Dr. “With convenience and portability top of mind, Dr. Each package contains all natural, fair-trade and organically grown coffee specially selected from some of the world’s best growing regions. The Prize: 1 winner will receive two 5-pack boxes of Dr. Timeline: This giveaway will run until August 11th, 2011 at 11:59pm CDT. How to Enter: Coffee filters on Behance. Draw Coffee. May 20, 2013 Bucket, a design and build studio out of Portland, Oregon is throwing their hat into the ring of beautifully designed coffee equipment.

Draw Coffee

Basing their design around a mason jar and natural elements, they recently released a Crowd Supply campaign to fund their latest creation, “The Portland Press.” The Portland Press is essentially a French Press that screws onto the top of a mason jar, and features a design buildout of wood, wool, and steel. Besides the beautiful aesthetic these elements combine for, they also give the traditional French Press and plunger a unique, exciting and sturdy design.

Plus, the mason jar itself gives the Portland Press an added level of durability rarely found in a traditional French Press—no need to worry about shattering your French Press and then buying a new one or finding a new carafe online—if you break your mason jar, just pick up any other mason jar for a couple bucks. Check out the video and their Crowd Supply page and decide for yourself. Perfect Coffee at Home - The Definitive Guide on How to Make Coffee! Draw Coffee. July 16, 2013 If you’re on Twitter, you know that there was a bit of a firestorm over espresso and glassware and whether or not it was pretentious or innovative—everyone seemed to have something to say about it.

Draw Coffee

Sprudge even chimed in with their own list of “12 More Painfully Elitist, Hipstery, Put-Offish Espresso Vessels.” I don’t have a ton to say on the matter, other than I think it’s really cool that coffee is at a stage where these conversations can be held, and at the end of the day the industry is moving forward in really cool ways. Today’s doodle is a shout out not to glassware or demitasses, but to my favorite time of the year in coffee—the time when all the roasters bust out their Kenyas. While the conversations about pushing the coffee industry forward happen online this summer, I’m going to sit back and enjoy them with a nice cup of coffee from my favorite producing country. July 11, 2013 1. We first became friends in college at Washington University in St. 2. 3. 4. Draw Coffee. January 31, 2012 It’s been a month since I started this project, and I’m still going strong.

Draw Coffee

At least a doodle each day, documenting my exploration of everything coffee. I’ve had so much fun and been humbled by the amount of collaborations and projects I’ve been offered. It’s been a real joy to learn more about coffee, and there are tons to thank. I’ve had so much good coffee. Here are my doodles from this month: Less of a coffee doodle today, and more of a shout out to the recently crowned champion of the Northwest Barista Competition and the Brewer’s Cup: Devin Chapman. Devin Chapman is with Coava Coffee. January 30, 2012. Google. © 2021 - Privacy - Terms.