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Frivolité celtique. Riet's SSSR Dragonfly. Body: Split ring first half 10DS; leave ring partially open Another split ring first half 10 DS; leave ring partially open Tat normal ring of 10 DS and close ring completely.

Riet's SSSR Dragonfly

Wrap second half of second split ring (in the manner of a split chain using a crochet hook to assist.) LE COSE DELLA ANTO: ZUCCA DI HALLOWEEN - TUTORIAL CHIACCHIERINO AD AGO PER REALIZZARE ORECCHINI, CIONDOLI E ADDOBBI - NEEDLE TATTING. Pinterest. IT'S TIME TO TAT! (Tatted Owls Earrings) Fil Lizbeth taille 20 - Perles & Co. Bracelet2. CelticWreath. A Celtic Style Picot Demonstration - ©1998-2009, Paradise Treasures. Simple Practice Edging using Clovers Fan Motif using SCMR Ring with Celtic Knotted Picots in the second ring of the Cloveror add 3 Celtic Knotted Picots to the same True Ring For larger diagram to print, click on diagrams Ready, Set, Go Enjoy!

a Celtic Style Picot Demonstration - ©1998-2009, Paradise Treasures

:) Email Bina Chat with Bina live on Yahoo! About topics related to this lesson or website. Tat-a-Renda: That pesky final ring! I have been practising, all of two days in fact, to understand the movements of the interlocking rings.

Tat-a-Renda: That pesky final ring!

My main issue was to get the rings to overlap in the same directions throughout, but all I was getting was this kind of imperfections. I know there is a way to get it, but it just did not come to me. After many tries, I had no problem following the video for the other rings, but that last ring is not getting it. Finally, I have it and the picture here proves it, Notice how the rings are all overlapping in the same directions through out. After much trial and mistakes and re-opening of rings, I realised that it is how the thread is wrapped round the fingers for the last ring that determines the final ring's overlap position.

Celtic_5_Point_Motif. Sue's 5 point Celtic Motif - Sue Hanson ©1999 ©2001 ©2005This motif is made in three steps, two separate motifs are worked, and posted through each other, then a final round is worked to tie it all together.Example worked in No 20 Coats Mercerised Crochet thread First Section Ball & shuttle, two colours joined. * RA: 5 - 5 -5 -5 -5 - 5 clr RW Ch: 18 RW Repeat from* 4 more times joining 2nd p of R’s to 4th p prev R’s + (last Ch to base of 1st R) T & C Note: this will come out slightly cupped & does not lay flat but it will be fine when the motif is assembled Second Section Ball & shuttle, two colours joined. ** RB: 7 – 7 clr RW Ch: 4 - 8 - 4 RW join p on subsequent repeats Repeat ** 4 more times + (last Ch to base 1st R) Take care not to twist the chain.


T & C Now lay section one on top of section two then post the "legs" up & through rings A as shown Adjust motif to shape. Remember that if you hide the ends the motif becomes reversible. Tatted False Plait with Beads by Gina Brummet. For the butterfly slide necklace, I put about 8 yards on each shuttle but 10 would be better.

Tatted False Plait with Beads by Gina Brummet

I wasn’t sure how much it would hold with the beads strung. I threaded 100 beads for each set and put 50 beads on each shuttle. Pendants celtiques / Celtic pendants. J’aime beaucoup l’aspect des entrelacs, aussi j’ai tout de suite été attirée par le pendant celtique créé par Ruth Perry.

Pendants celtiques / Celtic pendants

Le double-nœud équilibré (Balanced Double Stitch = BDS en Anglais) n’a pas été difficile à apprendre grâce à cette vidéo, toujours par Ruth Perry. Cela m’a tellement plu que j’ai fait plusieurs pendants celtiques à la suite (voir photo ci-dessous). Fils Lizbeth, ‘Niagara falls’ et ‘Falling leaves’, en taille 20. Si vous avez essayé des motifs celtiques, quels sont vos préférés ? I always liked the Celtic interlacing, so the Celtic Knot Snowflake by Ruth Perry immediately caught my attention.

The Balanced Double Stitch (BDS) was easy to learn, thanks to this video, by Ruth Perry too. I liked this pattern so much that I just couldn’t stop after the first one. If you have tried Celtic tatting, which are your favorite patterns? TAT-MAN.NET. The Online Tatting Class 52 Earrings Project. The Online Tatting Class is working a project to create 52 earrings, a pair for each week of the year.

The Online Tatting Class 52 Earrings Project

Here is the list so far. Newest patterns listed first. July 15,2015 45. Claire Perrin shares a a bright and beautiful earring wth us. June 8, 2015 44. No pattern page.Karey says to string 2' of beads, tat one ring to attach the thread to the earringfinding, then tat self closing mock ring with picots of varying lengths with the beads. June 1, 2015 41. 42. revised May 11, 2015 39. May 4, 2015 38. April 27, 2015 37. April 13, 2015 36. 35. March 16,2015 34. Feb.23, 2015 33.