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Maths starters - Maths starters Algebra Key Words Angle Estimator Meme Generator The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet. Easily add text to images or memes. erase Draw Add Image Add Scumbag Hat Algebra Tiles- from counting to completing the square I have become increasingly interested in visual models recently as a way of introducing topics. Visual models have the power to illustrate concepts in their rawest, simplest form without the misleading associations that words and abstract notation can introduce. I’m convinced concrete/visual model introductions should form an increased part of my practice, but the question that interests me is which visual models should I use? There are obviously many considerations, but one is how comprehensively they cover the syllabus.

Sharp calculators - Learning Materials PC-Simulator Sharp's Emulation Software has been specifically written to be a powerful aid to support your teaching. A stylised, clear and easy to read image of the calculator keyboard and display is presented on the PC screen. 1.1 Base Machines OPENING COMMENT: The entire text to this Exploding Dots course appears in the COMPANION GUIDE to the course. Plus ALL THE SOLUTIONS to the questions asked throughout this course, and some additional material, appear in it too. Check out the “Guides and Solutions” section at the home page. Here is a story that isn’t true. When I was a young child I invented a machine. Math Survey – Students I am taking Justin Lanier’s call to action from his talk “Beyond Beauty” at the Global Math Department. I posted over the weekend about the results of my survey of teachers and staff at my school. Today, I gave it to my students.

Resourceaholic: Introducing Algebra Building a solid conceptual understanding of algebra is absolutely fundamental. As with fractions, it's essential that we get it right because it underpins so much of what follows. But, as with fractions, pupils can really struggle here. Sometimes good teaching resources inspire us when we're looking for ways to structure and deliver our teaching. This post contains some recommendations that may give you food for thought when you’re planning your lessons.

Plane developments of geometric bodies (3): Cylinders Hilbert and Cohn-Vossen wrote about the cylinder: "The circular cylinder is the simplest curved surface. It can be obtained from the simplest curves -the straight line and the circle- by moving a straight line around the circunference of a circle while keeping it perpendicular to the plane of the circle. Another way to get the cylinder is by rotating a straight line about an axis parallel to it.