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Engrain Tactile Keyboard by Michael A. Roopenian. Stick POP Portable Printer by Jihun Kang, Youngho Lee, Jieun Lee & Changsu Lee. Printouts In A Jiffy, Anywhere It was about time that someone came up with this, I mean we are in the portable era!

Stick POP Portable Printer by Jihun Kang, Youngho Lee, Jieun Lee & Changsu Lee

Stick POP is a portable printer that can handle a small amount of load. Red Dot Award: Design Concept. Design, photography and fun. Universal wrapping paper. Amendolara Design. Line Block Cable by Junbeom So, Lee Ji Eun, Yi-Seo Hyeon, Heo-Hyeoksu & Jeong Minhui. Line Up The Tangles The problem addressed in the Line Block Cable is so true to home, it’s the one most of us face when we hook up too many gadgets in one area.

Line Block Cable by Junbeom So, Lee Ji Eun, Yi-Seo Hyeon, Heo-Hyeoksu & Jeong Minhui

Not that we can help it, it’s ideal to have the TV, CD player and the music housed together. 24 Modern Mugs and Creative Mug Designs. Modern mugs and creative mug designs from all over the world.

24 Modern Mugs and Creative Mug Designs

Punch Coffee Mug This coffee cup reminds you that getting up is hard, you need strong coffee and a good punch in the face to get going. 20 Unusual Modern LED Watches. Every year you’re looking for present for your friends and relatives.

20 Unusual Modern LED Watches

Sometimes it’s a really hard task. But have you ever thought that watch could be a very good present? 10 Futuristic Cell Phone Concepts. Collection of the most creative and interesting cell phone concepts designed by talented people from all over the globe.

10 Futuristic Cell Phone Concepts

Weather Cell Phone Concept. Mushroom lamp. 10 Creative and Unusual T-Shirts. Today, we can’t imagine our lives without the T-Shirt, however “t-shirt” didn’t even exist in English dictionary until the 1920′s, and only in 1960′s it became stylish and entered the mainstream fashion.

10 Creative and Unusual T-Shirts

It may be hard to believe, but up until the 1950’s, t-shirts were still considered underwear until Marlon Brando, John Wayne, and James Dean shocked Americans by wearing their “underwear” on television.[1] Reactive Paint. Shi Yuan has created a way to turn normally passive things into something with a life of its own.

Reactive Paint

Like this wallpaper that reacts to heat, the painting that react when you touch it, or the daily calendar that fades away during the day. It is made using heat sensitive paint - and it is incredible. Heat Sensitive Wallpaper. Letout Outlet - Wall electric socket. x5. Project info Type:Personal, ConceptField:Industrial design, product designDate:Jan, 2009Phase:Initial design, conceptShare: twitter facebook delicious digg stumbleupon friendfeed tumblr Awards / Publications:2009 - reddot design award winner 20092009 - Engadget2009 - DesigneastInfo / Description:Keep your electric outlets organized and safe while removing unnecessary clutter.

Letout Outlet - Wall electric socket. x5.

Never have to search for an outlet multiplier again. Keep it simple, with only one push.… more By pressing the top of the outlet you release the rest of it's body and the remaining outlets that were hidden inside the wall. Thrift Toothpaste Package Design by GUO Lili. In Case Of Emergency Cut Toothpaste!

Thrift Toothpaste Package Design by GUO Lili

I thought I was being a miser, but in all honesty I cut open the end of my toothpaste tube to get to the last wee bit of paste. Call it conservation or being stingy but that’s what I do. So I totally identify with the Thrift Toothpaste package design and hope someone like Colagte or Crest adopt it! Arthur bodolec: jack. Apr 29, 2010 arthur bodolec: jack arthur bodolec with his ‘jack’ chair french product designer arthur bodolec has created ‘jack’, a stool that can be brought to ‘life’ through a simple touch. imagining a world where objects can be woken up, given life and take form to express themselves, ‘jack’ is the first in a series of designs that transforms from an inert stool to a full functioning chair.

arthur bodolec: jack

‘jack’ in stool mode applying pressure to the center of the stool allows the surrounding panels to raise. Light Wood, Literally: Glow-in-the-Dark Outdoor Furniture. Not light as in weight nor as in the tone of the wood, this furniture is literally alight from within – bands of bright orange, purple, blue and white layered between slices of wood to create a remarkable look. The stylistic result sits somewhere between high-end craft and luxury contemporary design. Designed to work as small stools, ottomans, or coffee tables, just imagine turning out the lights and letting these objects be the sole source of illumination for a room – perfect for parties, though perhaps a bit strange and/or overly colorful on a day-to-day basis unless kept to a outdoor garden, porch or patio space that could use some additional nighttime lighting.

The so-called Bright Woods collection from Gruppo Avanzini employs stripes of various kinds of wood with resin infill between each layer. Most are more uniform in color, darkness and grain to give equal weight to both the wooden and artificial elements. Kaylene Kau's Prosthetic tentacle. 1 + 1 = 1 Pencil Connector by Hoyoung Lee, Youngwoo Park & Jinyoung Park.

Don’t Give Up The Stub Unless you are one of those twisted minds that create art out of pencil stubs, the normal routine would be to discard them. But from now on, you can become a pencil stub collector. The 1 + 1 = 1 is no mathematical error, but applied to this equation: 1 pencil stub + 1 pencil stub = 1 long pencil. Really functional and awesome! Second Life Mobile Phone Concept by Cho Sinhyung & Jeon Jungjae. I Can See Through Your Juice The Second Life Mobile Phone Concept works on the premise that we often forget about the battery life of our mobile phones, hence run out of juice, just at the wrong time. As a remedy (rather power-saver-option) the phone incorporates a double display. When in active use the AMOLED screen powers up in all glory and in standby mode the E-ink display gets active. This essentially means that the E-ink uses very little energy and the degree of transparency of the display shows how much battery is remaining.

» Cheers To Finger Power! Future technology. Mind you, this is not a “Green” concept and neither does it claim to be “Eco Friendly”. Appree: ginkgo + leaf it bookmark memo pads. Aug 10, 2010. Honda air concept. Nov 10, 2010 honda air concept the honda air is a new vehicle concept designed by honda’s advanced design studio in pasadena, california. the concept was created for the 1000 pound car design challenge put on by the la auto show. the vehicle takes its lightweight inspiration from skydiving and roller coasters, using compressed air to powered its pneumatic regulator system. This system ‘utilizes turbo vacuums and external air-flow to regenerate tank pressure for extended range and increased boost for an estimated 100 miles’. to keep the car lightweight, all components are mounted directly to the chassis, eliminating unnecessary structures. the exterior is made from vegetable based plastic wrapped around the body with an open-air style. the concept is estimated to weigh only 800 pounds.

One Glass for Every Drink by Sven MILCENT & Utopik Design Lab. One Perfect Cup. C water by chao gao iida awards 2010. Oct 05, 2010. IF-battery by Qian Jiang & Yiying Wu. Multifunctional Is The Key Word Today. Pouring Light Lamp by Yeongwoo Kim. Pour Me Some Light Human actions play such a significant role in design; it’s either evident in the form or in the function. Rules of Thumb: Ingenious Hand-Held Digital Tape Measure.

The history of measurement has come full circle, from body-based units to abstracted quantifiers … and now back again to the basics. Clever and Creative Tea Packaging. Clever tea packaging and creative tea bag designs from all over the world. Cigarette Tea Bags. Creative Salt and Pepper Shakers. December 21, 2009 by Thomas Hardy Salt & Pepper Cigarettes Source. Watches Design & Concept Have Never Been This Interesting.

Creative Scan-and-Draw Color-Changing Pen Design. Usbcell - revolutionary rechargeable usb battery that can charge from any USB ports. Modular chair. 20 Beautiful and Inspiring Food Package Designs. Nova DSLR camera concept. Alarming Ring by Meng Fandi. Linos Portable LP Player by Charles Pyott. Kitchens And Appliances Of The Future - Announcing The Top 25 Entries of Electrolux Design Lab 2010.

Panasonic Note packaging. Single-Serving Wine Glass is a Perfect Picnic or Party Ware.


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