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Impression 3d

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16 Fidget Spinners by Liamriddell. The Last Spinner Cap by Zigian. Créez une lithophanie avec votre imprimante 3D - - 3D Printer Filament Finder. SNAKEZ by muzz64. Snakez are a super bendy flexible fun print-in-place design.

SNAKEZ by muzz64

They should be ready to wriggle straight off the build plate (as soon as the raft is removed). No support required and they don't use much filament. People can't believe he range of movement in these prints. Snakez can be twisted and turned in all directions... even curled up in the palm of your hand. This one piece print will amaze people at what you can do with a 3D printer and clever design. In addition to being super bendy and flexible Snakez also feature retracting fangs. But most of all Snakez are fun... Five .stl's have been provided. The last option is the 'Circle Tight' version which is made to print on very small build plates. Euro Spinner by WKC. Venus Box by Prot0typ1cal. Original design as a challenge to develop a unique opening box.

Venus Box by Prot0typ1cal

When done, resembled one of Bender's eyes. A co-worker said it looked like a Venus Fly trap, so named it "Venus Box". A cam actuates 4 doors by rotating the spherical cover (or base). Remains securely open or closed. 4 inch diameter, the whole thing snaps together, and prints without supports. Print Cam at 0.3 or lower, with 2 shells and 20% infill, no raft. NOTE: Trim the triangular nuggets off the door hinges, they're only there to help the build. Slide the doors together, posts go into the hooked holes, don't snap these together. Squishy Turtle by jakejake. This 3d printed turtle uses the same flex concept from my Mini Monster Truck to create legs that allow the toy to bounce and scurry around when tapped.

Squishy Turtle by jakejake

The head can also retract into the shell. Check out my process for designing this thing here The model assembles with the printed H-Clips and needs no glue. The parts print without the need for supports. I had some fun designing the various shell patterns that can be printed. If you are interested in my design process and latest 3d printing experiments, check out my website and my Twitter. refer to the video to see the assembly process. Here is a list of updates since posting: -bridge added to connect parts of the bottom piece to prevent print failure -all stls have been adjusted to the proper print orientation.

Spinning Tops Orbital Series by YSoft_be3D. Fidget Spinner(1x608 skateboard bearing + 6x0.05 euro cents as weights) by iD0NTREGR3T. Hi This is my first Fidget Spinner published to thingiverse.

Fidget Spinner(1x608 skateboard bearing + 6x0.05 euro cents as weights) by iD0NTREGR3T

I tried to make something different because everyone has at least 1 bearing laying around. And in europe almost everyon uses euros so everyone has a couple of 0.05 euro cents laying around. It is printed in 2 halves to insert the 0.05 cents. Feel free to ask anything. Bugz by muzz64. Bugz are fun little things that are probably the smallest biting 3D print available... the mouth is springy, opens and closes... and they have teeth.

Bugz by muzz64

Printed with PLA and at least 25% infill should result in a surprisingly strong bite for such a small creature. At standard scale Bugz are only 25mm in length, 8mm wide and 11mm tall. Tri Fidget Spinner Toy by 2ROBOTGUY. 2/17/17: Check out my Esty Store 2/17/17: Finger Pad V2 Twisted Pins Added 2/16/17: Free contest to Win these Fidget Spinners 12/15/2016: By request 2D drawings have been added 11/112015 Version 2 released : Smoother edges 10/20/2016 Added a ready to print stl with all 3 parts.

Tri Fidget Spinner Toy by 2ROBOTGUY

Do you like this design and want more great projects? Donate a dollar or two to help order future supplies :-) Want to mail me something? Coin Top by 3DBROOKLYN. NEW FILE 6/9: "Coin Top Threeway" A+B feature 3 slots for different sized coins.

Coin Top by 3DBROOKLYN

Each slot in Version B has slightly thicker than those Version A so that any printer preferences and coins should be able to work some way. The $30 3D scanner V3 updates by daveyclk. This 3D printed design will turn your iPhone into a cheap portable 3D scanner utilising the AWESOME Autodesk Remake software The idea is that you use your phones onboard camera to take the pictures while the turn table rotates.

The $30 3D scanner V3 updates by daveyclk

This is acheived by using the headphones that were supplied new in the box The volume controllers trigger the camera remotely, taking 55 pictures for every complete rotation of the turntable. Full project tutorial available here Assembly Exploded Video Brilliant Walkthrough tutorial for an Opensource Photogrammerty Workflow What files do i need to use to print the scanner? Nouveau à Caen. Une boutique consacrée à l'univers 3D. The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer. An affordable and revolutionary smartphone 3D printer has just raised 1 million dollars in 5 days on Kickstarter and there’s still 24 days to go.

The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer

The company is called Olo 3D and the founders want to make 3D printing accessible to everyone on the planet. In order to do this, they have successfully removed the two barriers that currently prevent 3D printing from being adopted by the masses: the high cost of hardware and the technical skills necessary to operate it. Olo also harnesses the massive computing power of that little addictive electronic device in your pocket, the smartphone. Olo only costs US$99 and it just might revolutionize the entire 3D printing world. OLO made its debut in New York in October 2015, when it won the World Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Award. OLO : Un kickstarter pour cette imprimante 3D mobile à 99 $ RepRap printDoctor — Wiki LOGre. Happy 3D ・ Télécharger des modèles pour imprimante 3D. Customizable Lofty Container by wstein. I needed a prettier container for a gift.

Customizable Lofty Container by wstein

As I already have a well working and nice cap. I only make this new jar. Cute Octopus Says Hello by MakerBot. 'Cute Octopus Says Hello' is MakerBot's inaugural #WeekendMake series. Click on the Instructions tab for print instructions and read MakerBot's blog post to be ready for the next challenge. Enjoy! Designed by Jason Printing Instructions For MakerBot Mini ============================= If connected via WI-FI: On the Thing page, click on Thing Files to see available files. Customizable Container with Knurled Lid by wstein. Containers are so useful - I got a lot of them. Here is my container with a knurled lid and cylindrical jar.

Use the Customizer to create a proper container for your needs, it is fully parameterized. The User jonaslorander implemented a new option to divide the jar into compartments. Many thanks to him for providing the code and making it! I like it very much! Les logiciels de modélisation et les imprimantes 3D sont de plus en plus accessibles. Hand Held String Winder by remoprint2013. Diamond kite center connector (parametric) by mangtronix.

Mark II - sNi Mod by Snille. Applications de modélisation 3D pour tablette. Modio c'est la nouvelle application qui vous permet de concevoir et de personnaliser des créatures incroyables et de les transformer en jouets utilisant une imprimante de bureau 3D. Bricole it Yourself : 6 impressions 3D (vraiment) utiles pour le bureau. GCode Printr: l'appli androïd pour votre imprimante 3D. Simplify3D - Logiciel d'impression 3D polyvalent. Prusa Mendel/fr. Makey_Makey case (Snap together) by ResRobin. Filament PLA - E-Crew Vis. Comparatif : 10 filaments PLA passés au banc d'essai. Solidoodle. Autodesk 123D - Free 3D Modeling Software, 3D Models, DIY Projects, Personal Fabrication Tools.

Bs3 ・ Cults. Créez de la 3D en ligne gratuitement à la portée de tous.